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Found 9 results

  1. dats007

    MJD is active, now what?

    I was planning on starting Jordan Todman versus the 23rd ranked Titans run defense in the absence of MJD, but news that Mo-Jo will play has me thinking otherwise. My options: Zac Stacy vs. the 15th ranked Tampa Bay rush defense. Steven Jackson @ 6th ranked San Francisco. Danny Woodhead vs. 9th ranked Oakland. Standard decimal scoring. No PPR. All TDs = 6 pts.
  2. It's round 2 of the playoffs and I want my A-Team in... RB1, Lesean McCoy is a no brainer start I need to pick one of these three for my RB2 Steven Jackson vs Was Le'Veon Bell vs Cin MJD vs Buffalo I can almost justify any of these guys in that spot. Give me the guy who is going to take me to the promised land. Send me yours.
  3. Lesman

    Pick 2 RBs

    Need to pick 2 of these 4: Zac Stacey @ Indy MJD @ Ten LeVeon Bell vs. Bills Mike James vs. Miami Stacey has the worst matchup (Indy #4 vs Fantasy RBs), but I'm thinking he's a must start right now. He's had big weeks against both Seattle and Carolina as of late. MJD has a great matchup (Ten-25th against fantasy RBs) but... The Jags... 'nuff said. The Bills have been decent against the run (#6 vs fantasy RBs), but I like Steelers in general at home this week. James has a dream matchup (Miami dead last vs. Fantasy Backs), but is probably still the 4th best option here. I'm leaning Stacy and Bell, but if I go on matchups alone, then MJD & James have to be strong considerations. Leave your thoughts and you link. Thanks!
  4. JBSteinle


    Would you guys drop MJD to pickup Willis McGahee?
  5. MammothHog

    McCoy Trade?

    I've been asked to trade McCoy. I'm 0-3 thanks to Kaepernick so I'm feeling a little desperate. The offer is Megatron and MJD for McCoy and whomever else. Should I stand pat or make a move? My roster: Bench: Kaepernick. Lamar Miller McCoy. R White Spiller. Leveon Bell Ridley Eric Decker Olsen D Richardson J Nelson Emm Sanders Cruz McCoy has been my constant bright spot but some of these other guys have to get better right?
  6. My team starts Graham at TE and I have MJD as one of my 2 starting RBs. I hate having a marginal RB every week and I want to get McCoy. I have Cameron on the bench (no flex) just collecting dust. The McCoy owner has Fleener and F. Davis as his TEs...so he could use a little help. The Charles owner has Gonzo and Myers as his TEs...Gonzo is off to a bad start. Any chance the McCoy or Charles owner downgrades to MJD in order to upgrade to Cameron at TE? Would I be stupid to offer Graham and MJD for McCoy or Charles? Leave a link to yours.
  7. rory_mcdowell

    Flex Help - .5pg

    Need some flex help here. Standard scoring, .5ppr I'm already starting VJax and SJax at the WR & RB spots respectively. Please help me with what you think I should do at the 2 available flex spots: Eddie Lacy - Philly RB's tore up the Wash D on the ground, and he looked OK vs. 49ers last week. MJD - Very disappointing last wee, Raiders were just OK vs. Indy last week Colston - They fling it, but will Revis Island shut him down? Bowe - I want to love him, and do, but man - 4-30 sucks. Dallas allowed 3 100yd receivers last week! PLEASE HIT ME WITH YOUR TWO Leave a link!
  8. JBSteinle

    Would you start MJD this week?

    MJD was pretty bad last week and don't think he will be much better this week. Would you start Steve Smith, Miles Austin or Julius Thomas instead of MJD?
  9. The FOOT

    Don't miss the boat on MJD!

    I hear a lot of regular joes (no pun) and also an extreme amount of experts especially guys in the limelight, ie guys on NFL network, cbssports etc. They are all saying to stay away from MJD. This new guy running the show is going to run screens and A LOT of them and he also loves to run an up tempo offense. I don't think it's just gonna be MJD off tackle for 4 yards and then bang. MJD has one of the best set of pass catching hands in the business and this coach will utilize them to get MJD out in space where all he will need to do is break a tackle from a ss or corner and see you later (a walk in the park) for the 200 and change pound king kong size bowling ball. It all boils down to the foot and I will say players seem to be dropping like flies this year so keep an eye on that foot (no pun) and if he is still standing by your draft trust that the foot is good! Double meaning, haha!