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  1. donhaas

    Bears at Packers: In-Game Discussion

    haha...... FFToday still exactly the same
  2. Congratulations, brother! Enjoy it. Send my best to Yoda The Pug
  3. donhaas

    Divisional Playoff: Green Bay v. Dallas

    My bad, Hardcore Troubador.... Who's Recliner Pilot now then??
  4. donhaas

    Divisional Playoff: Green Bay v. Dallas

    I've missed so much 49er shitt!ness, too! hahahaha
  5. donhaas

    Divisional Playoff: Green Bay v. Dallas

    HAHAHAHAHA.... There's literally 40 stillshots of Cowboy holds that weren't called on Skip Bayless's Twitter page... A couple where the Dallas player is literally undressing the Packer player.... Glad to see you are still uncontrollably and enjoying your 90s music from the last time the Cowboys were relevant Enjoy watching figure skating next week
  6. donhaas

    Kap - Does anyone think he's good?

    Looks like somebody at FFToday is having a Reality check
  7. donhaas

    Kap - Does anyone think he's good?

  8. donhaas

    Kap - Does anyone think he's good?

    Yes, you do!
  9. donhaas

    Dion Lewis Active

    edjrLogic™ determines that the pass interference call on Gronk that allowed Edelman to be open for the touchdown shouldn't have been called because Patriots Actually, Edelman should have had 9 touchdowns but the refs only let the Patriots play 60 minutes /edjrLogic™ Love Lewis.... great pick-up by me
  10. donhaas

    Kap - Does anyone think he's good?

    You didn't evaluate my other points I think those hit home too hard You signed a sh!tty quarterback to a $126 million contract. How much he has gotten out of the contract and how much he will get is really rats a$$ for me.... Your franchise is screwed either way... Enjoy your VHS tapes and watching the good football teams with the good quarterbacks play the rest of the way ETA: and you didn't glance through my post... you read every word
  11. donhaas

    Kap - Does anyone think he's good?

    HAHAHAHAHA! Glory Days! I guess congrats on unleashing a gimmick on the Packers and the Packers and the rest of the league taking a little bit to figure out the gimmick... ....but they and everybody else did But here's where we sit today *Kaepernick 160 total passing yards (including a garbagetime long pass long after being dominated the whole game) 0 TDs, 1 INT, 3 TOTAL OFFENSIVE POINTS in getting embarrassed by the Pack at home * Kaepernick now one of the sh!ttiest QBs in the league * 49ers stuck paying Kaepernick $128 million to suck it up for now and the future because SF believed in the gimmick that's been exposed by the whole league *SF got rid of their best QB in the last 2 decades because of the gimmick... He's not that good compared to Packer QBs, but he's the best they've had in ages. * Packers currently 6-0, Super Bowl contenders every year and every year in the future... Have best quarterback in the universe Have fun with Gimmick Guy and 3-13.... Maybe SF can be sh!tty for another decade to draft enough talent which you can completely ruin with a NEW GIMMICK GUY Enjoy your VHS tapes and glory days!
  12. donhaas

    Green Bay, are we convinced they are for real?

    truth hurts, edwardo
  13. donhaas

    Green Bay, are we convinced they are for real?

    The reality is that the NFL ebbs and flows. When Favre and the Packers were at their best, they had to deal with two extreme powerhouse NFL teams -- Dallas and SF (and you could argue Denver later). Both Dallas and SF completely annihilated the AFC Champions in the Super Bowls. If the Patriots had to go through the Packers, Cowboys, and San Fran every year, they would have never sniffed a Super Bowl berth no less championships. The Patriots barely barely barely beat 3 crappy teams (all of them has LOSING records the next year).... Looks like Seattle is following suit this year Jake DelHomme is not Steve Young. Congrats to the Pats for being above average during a weak time in the NFL Rodgers' injuries and dropped onside kicks don't help, but Rodgers still has about 8-10 years left to make his mark. Let's just wait and see
  14. donhaas

    Green Bay, are we convinced they are for real?

    Yeah... Brady won a Super Bowl throwing for 140 yards and a TD... a terrible half for Rodgers. Congrats, I guess. Great accomplishment! All dat guy does is win, guy! Defenses, coaches, running backs, kickers.... many things win Super Bowls.... Is Steve Kerr the greatest NBA player of all time (5 rings, baby!) Is Luc Longley? Probably in your book .... but not the rest of us. How many times do we have to rehash this stupid argument? Rodgers >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Brady Brady has been a member of better teams.... as has John Paxson
  15. donhaas

    Green Bay, are we convinced they are for real?

    Haha... you can only watch so many 49er VHS tapes from the '80s before you get bored enough to troll other teams Just wish the trollin' was better