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Farmer Bernie (10-3) now has a game up on Blitzen for the top seed. He has clinched the division and I think he's got the top seed taken care of on account of being waaaay ahead of Blitzen for both points against and points for.


Blitzen is now 9-4. He's a game up on Orgazmo so the division title isn't for certain.


Pale Rider is 8-5 and a game up for the division title. Both Pale Rider and Longhorn are 4-2 in division and Pale has about 55 more points scored against.


Three of us are tied at 8-5 for the wildcard.

> Hog Chow plays Orgazmo next week and the winner is in since,

> whoisjgalt plays Farmer Bernie next week :rolleyes:

> since either HC or O will win, the teams that are a game back are eliminated

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And Dan has a one game lead on Rurb in the Reggie Bush sweepstakes.

Sweet, time for Jerry Rice to get his first start of the year!! :mad:

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