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Drafting this week, looking for opinions on 3rd Round

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Drafting a little early this year, 12 team league, 6pts all TDs, 0.5 PPR.


1 QB, 1 RB, 2 WR, 1 RB/WR, 1 RB/WR/TE, 1 TE


After keepers and first round pick looks like I'll be starting with Demaryius Thomas and Brandon Marshall...

So, for my 2nd pick, pretty much the 3rd rounder... I'll be looking at :


Go RB?

Toby Gerhart - Polarizing, lots of love in the rankings, not so much on the message boards, has a shot at being the workhorse and goal line back, not many of those in the league anymore.

Demarco Murray - Had him last year, pretty consistent, only a couple really big games, but also only a couple duds, finally played atleast 14 games last year, always same story, good if he's healthy.

Leveon Bell - I think he's the guy I like best on this list, workhorse, seems like he can atleast give me steady numbers each week if nothing spectacular. Maybe the safest "RB1" of this tier.

Montee Ball - Again, had him last year, frustrating when I tried to use him. Moreno is gone so can he handle to full workload? He would get 12-15 touches a game last year, will they give him 20-25 this year?


Stack another top WR?

Jordy Nelson - had him last year, could never depend on him after rodgers went down, getting lots of love, Im hoping someone surprises me and takes him so Jeffery or Brown falls to me.

Randall Cobb - I like him better than Nelson, would you grab him over Jeffery or Antonio Brown if they fell?


TE :

Gronk - even if he isn't full go early in the season, if he's healthy wks 14-16 he's gotta be worth this 3rd round pick, I think.



Thoughts? Opinions?


Thanks for reading.

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I think you have to go with Ball or Murray here. With no more Moreno in Denver, Ball should be able to put up some very good numbers in that offense. Same for Murray in Dallas. Both clear #1's on good offenses.


i wouldnt stack up too much on one position early, because then you're weak elsewhere. if you've picked all your WRs early in the draft , then you're pretty much locked into other positions for the rest of the draft, regardless of where the value is.

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Whose your QB. If its a 3rd rounder maybe Tolbert he is unproven and hip flexor don't inspire confidence. I like him out of all the backups in new places.


You can look at a top 5 QB if available. Jordy is good value at 3rd round and Brown ideal with Jeffery due to Brandon... I call them fantasy WR handcuff if main guys go down you reap rewards and you get a consistent rec TD per game.


You got good thinking as a 3rd rounder or if he is on your board TE Gronk makes a lot of sense the drop off is profound if you want safe TE Davis but TE Gronk is a beast if starting basically only TD guy in NE since, Welker left. But injury is worrisome your taking a gamble and I'd take him after surer options.


Sneaky RBs like Ellington and Stacy if you miss on top guys. Your set at WR so going for quality RBs or those might explode. As far as TE Bennett fight cost his draft stock but in the schemes of things it didn't matter. If you miss on the sure fire top 4 guys getting Bennett at later rounds makes sense, so if he vultures Marshall a TD you get the points and consistently one of the last TE available.


QBs if top 3 guys aren't there I'd go RB or top WR. It is pretty deep and even later rounds you can get top QB. Your scoring system favors QB so having to top one is key. If you don't like the 2nd tier guys over QB Luck draft him early or whoever is in your top 5.


Just go off your draft board move up RBs a slot and WR down one. Take what your draft opponents give you.

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