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Tech Issues On The Main Forum

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Hi guys I just thought I would come here to vent instead of doing this on the FFT board.


The slowness on the forum has gotten crazy. Either invest in better software or newer or more hardware or just... I don't know, maybe risk losing customers. I love the site, I have been coming here a long time. I enjoy the advice, the knowledge and the reading and the smrtazzes this site attracts, but the board is so, so, so very slow that I often can barely take it and just move on.


Please do something. Don't archive old threads, because those are great and technically I don't think that's necessary, but do something.


Also it's about time you guys get an app. It would be nice to just click on my phone and get your content easily, but that's not possible either right now. You need to move into this decade on that score.


As always I enjoy your site but I really hope someone takes this to heart because this site has a lot going for it, Fel free to forward to management.


- Thanks - SID

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I paid for this site and draft buddies,,,how do i import my custom players to draftbuddies? So far i cant do anything on draftbuddies,,,,what a scam!

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