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  1. SaintsInDome2006

    Interesting note on the Tampa schedule

    Sucks for their fans.
  2. SaintsInDome2006

    Rams @ Saints NFC Championship Thread

    Its really awesome to be here, thats how Saints fans feel.
  3. SaintsInDome2006

    Merry Christmas FFToday

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!
  4. SaintsInDome2006

    what players will be sitting week 17?

    Brees may start but he may just play a couple series. Saints RBs may play a half. Same with Thomas.
  5. SaintsInDome2006

    Dak Prescott: Rushing Trend to Continue?

    Its an interesting point but I think it has more to do with the opponents hes faced.
  6. SaintsInDome2006

    Why doesn’t anyone wanna trade?

    Biggest factor is really differing ideas of worth. People want what they thought they would be getting not what a player is really worth now.
  7. SaintsInDome2006

    How did FF leagues work before the internet?

    And a pork chop was a nickel.
  8. SaintsInDome2006

    Bold Predictions

    MVS goes 100 yards & 2 TDs vs Pats.
  9. SaintsInDome2006

    Demaryius Thomas headed to Houston?

    I agree. DT is going to clear out space big time. Its good for Miller & Hop too.
  10. SaintsInDome2006

    Flex Play Week 9 - whatcha got?

    Any bright ideas based on trends & matchups? Heres what Im looking at: Coutee MVS Allison DJ Moore David Moore Parker Amendola Ty Williams Etc.....
  11. SaintsInDome2006

    its over.. kaput.. dead on the side of the road

    Breida was a good pick to start. Losing Garropollo and then the weird ankle injury has been bad luck.
  12. SaintsInDome2006


    I actually like him tomorrow. If and when the Pats get up big on the Bills I could see B.B. lean on him.
  13. SaintsInDome2006

    Giants trade Eli

    Good trade for the Saints.
  14. SaintsInDome2006

    Rams D incorrect score on CBS?

    Fwiw I faced the Rams Sunday so I followed them, though I did have Indy so it worked out ok on the other side.
  15. SaintsInDome2006

    Rams D incorrect score on CBS?

    This is hard to check since scoring may vary. What stats do you show?