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  1. SaintsInDome2006

    Travis Kelce, Tyreek Hill off the Covid list - Week 17

    My question is if Hill &-or Kelce get cleared are they going to get their full slate of snaps?
  2. SaintsInDome2006

    Week 16 All-Out Blitz ...

    Doug's weekly artcile (All Out Blitz) is typically posted at the site late morning, early afternoon on Thursday's. We're live now! All Out Blitz: Life Goes On I just read the article... & what was the answer? Start Gage?
  3. SaintsInDome2006

    Browns at Ravens: SNF Discussion

    Mayfield is so bad. Stefanski can’t be committed to this.
  4. SaintsInDome2006

    Browns at Ravens: SNF Discussion

    Cleveland appears to be clueless in their playcalling.
  5. SaintsInDome2006

    Pittman or E. Moore ROS?

    Do Zach Wilson at your own risk. Carter, Moore etc with White or Flacco had promise because they could run the offense professionally.
  6. SaintsInDome2006

    A.J. Brown lands on IR

    So, hopefully back by week 15 & not droppable. This week was a bad start vs NE, then a bye, so IMO this is really a 1 week loss. Hopefully.
  7. SaintsInDome2006

    Kyler Murray / DeAndre Hopkins Watch

    This might be a thing this week. I think Hop is a buy low right now. I doubt Murray is but the Murray owner is probably desperate for a backup if you throw a good offer.
  8. SaintsInDome2006

    2nd half breakout

    Michael Carter, folks.
  9. SaintsInDome2006

    2nd half breakout

    Fwiw he was with the Saints in the preseason & I thought he looked fine. They could’ve kept him instead of Tony Jones.
  10. SaintsInDome2006

    Top Bust of 21

    Thing with ARob is drafters should’ve always looked at that QB situation & stayed away. Overdrafting does not = bust.
  11. SaintsInDome2006

    Top Bust of 21

    Diggs? I agree injuries don’t count but so does overdrafting. I’m fine with Diggs, he’s played well. The dynamic has changed with Buf that’s true but Diggs is not a bust. If anything he’s due for upwards regression.
  12. SaintsInDome2006

    Instant Fantasy Analysis - WR Kadarius Toney, Giants

    Toney was on his way to a huge game. He'll get rested for a couple weeks and he will have massive upside when he's healthy.
  13. SaintsInDome2006

    Rondale Moore

    Eh too much, I agree. Claypool did have a 4 TD game in there IIRC. Pretty sure Moore has gotten close to the GL at least twice last 3 games. But he will have a big breakout game down the line.
  14. SaintsInDome2006

    Ertz traded to Arizona (per Schefter)

    I feel bad for Philly phans, crummy season.
  15. SaintsInDome2006

    Rondale Moore

    I think Moore will have a season like Claypool last year, up & down with at least 1 very big game.