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  1. SaintsInDome2006

    NFL screws over Pittsburgh/Oakland

    I guess tv is the reason but really yeah KC should be playing the Chargers at 325 CT. I guess I’ll also point out that west coast teams on the road didn’t get the automatic 300 CT times this year, and I’m not sure if that’s brand new.
  2. SaintsInDome2006

    NFL screws over Pittsburgh/Oakland

    What does Oakland need? I’m not sure if something besides just HOU winning & PIT losing is needed?
  3. SaintsInDome2006

    NFL screws over Pittsburgh/Oakland

    Espn playoff machine.
  4. SaintsInDome2006

    Can the Chiefs Do the Impossible?

    Lol, what???
  5. SaintsInDome2006

    Raiders Chiefs

    Chiefs D was a great start.
  6. SaintsInDome2006

    Do you know who David Blough is?

    Beat Ohio State at no. 2. Wore Drew Brees’ number at Purdue. First Lion QB to make his debut on Thanksgiving Day. Threw for 131 yards in the first half of the first quarter of his debut. If anything the Lions coaching staff let him down by getting too conservative, not the other way around.
  7. SaintsInDome2006

    Damian Williams injury update?

    It’s ribs. Ribs ain’t good.
  8. SaintsInDome2006

    Wow. Bears got hosed on a 60 yard pass play

    Saints has a couple really questionable off PI calls on Cook & MT killing a couple big plays. Just seems like the refs try to generate close ballgames.
  9. SaintsInDome2006

    Shepard still out?

    I still like Slayton.
  10. SaintsInDome2006

    Damian Williams injury update?

    I agree. It’s screwed up and I’m thinking Damien is facing a more serious issue.
  11. SaintsInDome2006

    Shepard still out?

    He’s already been practicing.
  12. SaintsInDome2006

    Week 8 Scoop and Play WR

    Devante Parker. AJ Brown. Diontae Johnson.
  13. SaintsInDome2006

    Week 8 streaming TE options

    If this was me - and it will be next week - I’d be thinking Jonnu, Hill & RSJ, in that order. I do think Jonnu & RSJ might have additional value moving forward rest of year also. I’m really interested in what’s going on with RSJ in Cleveland but NE is suffocating offenses right now.
  14. SaintsInDome2006

    Robby Anderson

    I don't get it either but apparently they were trying to do it last year as well. Apparently home run hitter WRs are a valuable commodity in the NFL.
  15. SaintsInDome2006

    The A.J. Green Soap Opera

    If he comes back week 10 I'll be happy. I may wait a week, I may not. Cin has Mia week 16, which sounds good to me.