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  1. SaintsInDome2006

    Steelers/Ravens Game Postponed Until Wednesday....GAME ON!

    I’m annoyed at myself for benching Claypool, the Steelers offense will probably light it up against a depleted Ravens squad.
  2. SaintsInDome2006

    Instant Fantasy Analysis - Round 5

    Amazing that Higgins is practically speaking the last man standing in FF from this group.
  3. SaintsInDome2006


    I’d say it was a run but....
  4. SaintsInDome2006

    Seahawks at Eagles: MNF Discussion

    Refs are FOS. LOS my ass.
  5. SaintsInDome2006

    Seahawks at Eagles: MNF Discussion

    Quite the barn burner.
  6. SaintsInDome2006

    Confidence in Brian Hill?

    Ito Smith should’ve been mentioned. I don’t beat myself up over this stuff, there were RZ chances and there was a goal line opportunity at the end of the game and that’s all you can ask for. Hill just failed to covert is all, Ito came in and got one of them. Options like Gore & Breida didn’t do much better.
  7. Yes I think so, especially after Lindsey went out, but I don’t think it was many. My guess is 1-5 snaps.
  8. SaintsInDome2006

    David Montgomery: Buy Low ?

    Nagy might rival Gase for former players who perform once they escape his clutches. Montgomery will find success elsewhere. Still crazy that the heirs of Halas are this clueless about football.
  9. Absolute kudos to Hinton. Tough damn situation he walked into. As of Friday night he was just planning to be in street clothes today, he came in with only 2 games experience as a freshman QB at Wake freakin Forest and stood up amidst a ton of pressure. Hellofa performance today even if it wasn’t anything in FF.
  10. SaintsInDome2006

    Buy Low: Cam Akers

    He’s starting to outproduce the others, so he could take over. He’s also got the closer role. Henderson has fallen off a cliff since his injury.
  11. SaintsInDome2006

    Bears at Packers: SNF Discussion

    Shoulda gone fer 2.
  12. 1974 - the last time a team completed 0 passes. ::ALMOST:: - Hinton found Fant on an inside slant. Unfortunately. Saints defensive record for fewest yards passing was 4 yards allowed vs the Cards in 1987, a game they lost.
  13. That.... was one of the more interesting games I’ve watched. Den: 1/9/13/2/0, sk 1-1, 12 TYP.
  14. SaintsInDome2006

    Steelers/Ravens Game Postponed Until Wednesday....GAME ON!

    Check out what the Steelers did to Griffin last year.
  15. SaintsInDome2006

    Steelers/Ravens Game Postponed Until Wednesday....GAME ON!

    I’m benching my Steelers, even for inferior options. Payoff could be huge if they play - Bal is so badly depleted - but there must be a 25-50% chance this game gets cancelled.