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  1. SaintsInDome2006

    Josh Gordon Buy Low?

    That’s not quite a 1000 yard season, & 6 TDs, over 16 games. I mean realllyyy that’s not bad for a WR3/4. People just want 1600 yard, 15 TD Flash, that’s all.
  2. SaintsInDome2006

    Josh Gordon Buy Low?

    I really think Gordon is fine, even great potentially. Problem is focusing on skill players not named Brady or unlikely to succeed elsewhere is not how NE rolls.
  3. SaintsInDome2006

    Anybody reading the Miam RB Tea Leaves?

    Drake being traded might make him an interesting trade target.
  4. SaintsInDome2006

    What would it take to trade away Pats D

    I’ve been offered A.J. Green & Bears D
  5. SaintsInDome2006

    With Darnold back who u like better?

  6. SaintsInDome2006

    Parity is gone.

    I'm not sure about loss of parity - see how many teams are in the hunt for the final 2-4 playoff spots the last 2 weeks. But I do think there has been a plethora of bad head coaching cropping up. There are teams with talent who are not ready to play on Sunday and post game the head coaches seem completely dazed before the press.
  7. SaintsInDome2006

    Sterling Shepard to miss games

    I was going to sit SS Vs NE anyway. I could sit him a game after that too, though that’s the Cards which is too bad. But I’m pretty enthusiastic about his potential with Jones. Hopefully it’s not more than 1-2 games.
  8. SaintsInDome2006

    AJ Green

    Fwiw I traded for Green and added Ross. I'm not moving on to Tate, the offense has gotten worse and I'm genuinely surprised. 3-1. With Hill I added Robinson in one league, 1-3, but I've done some dumb things there. In another I added Hardman and I'm 3-1 but I was lucky to survive last week. Moving on from Hardman.
  9. 0.5 PPR Standard after that largely, 1/2/2/1/1 etc. *********************** My Team: L. Jackson L. McCoy D. Johnson S. Michel(R) A. Jones(R) WR M. Hardman J. Ross J. Gordon A. Green(R) T. Hill(R) T. McLaurin(R) J. Brown(R) TE D. Walker *********************** Offering Team: R. Wilson B. Mayfield(R) RB M. Sanders D. Cook D. Singletary(R) J. Wilkins(R) W. Gallman D. Williams(R) WR S. Shepard M. Evans D. Chark(R) TE W. Dissly V. McDonald(R)
  10. SaintsInDome2006

    Cowboys at Saints: In-Game Discussion

    Thanks. The Cowboys fans were great at the game.
  11. SaintsInDome2006

    Cowboys at Saints: In-Game Discussion

    It’s out of control and a bit like pro wrestling. Cowboys fans go after Saints fans who go after Rams fans who will just attack some bad call they get soon enough, and the reality is everyone is getting screwed in a billion dollar business. The refs think their job is to keep the game entertaining.
  12. SaintsInDome2006

    LeSean McCoy Released - Signed by KC

    Great game today, though McCoy has to leave in the 4th again due to the ankle.
  13. SaintsInDome2006

    Terry McLaurin

    Watson is super mobile but he’s also taking massive amounts of sacks.
  14. SaintsInDome2006

    Terry McLaurin

    Actually Teddy Bridgewater isn’t very mobile either. James Harris wasn’t mobile, neither was Doug Williams. Not was Aaron Brooks. So that’s 7 right there.
  15. SaintsInDome2006

    Terry McLaurin

    True dat.