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Old School

2018 Buddy Failure- For ME

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OK- . So before I cite the problem last year, let me say I work a full time day job and a part time night job. Not a lot of time for research and compiling lists on my own these days-SO- I've used this Draft Buddy for 3 or 4 years. First few years, this thing rocked

2018- sat down on draft day and...nothing happened. I could see the overall rankings customized for my league, but once the draft started- I was toast. My Draft Buddy was not synced to my MFL league and was not tracking draft picks from my league. midway through the second round, it was basically worthless. Ir's a live draft and moving fast so I couldn't keep up. I was toast.

My question- What did I do wrong when setting up my 2018 version???

How can I make sure it's synced with my MFL league and will interact accurately this year?

I absolutely love this thing when it works, Last year I know I did something wrong setting it up. Can't have that happen again.


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Hey Old School,

So it sounds like you've used the MFL integration successfully in year's prior to 2018, but it didn't work last year? 

Hard to guess what happened, but why don't you email me (support at fftoday dot com) your 2018 Draft Buddy along with a link to your 2018 MFL league and I'll take a look.

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Good idea Mike to check the 2018 file. Although the sync to 2018 probably won't work now (turned over for 2019), we can still investigate it. Old School - also send us the link for the 2019 league on MFL.

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