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1.  How soon do you take Darrell Henderson ?  I have him around 25th RB, taking him before Penny, James White and Kenyan Drake.  The writing is on the wall that Gurley is damaged goods.  I wouldn't take Gurley at 10, 20 or 30.  

2.  Where's the Mendoza line with RB's this year ?  I see it around 20 - 21... after that, then it really becomes risky where you hope things play out with injury, 2nd string's talent overcoming starter, etc.  Definitely try and get at least two of the top 20, if you can get three, then you have an significant advantage ... obviously if you're strong in RB, you'll most likely on paper be weaker at WR and or QB so make sure you've found your value plays.

3.  Who is good value in rounds 3 - 5 at WR ?  There is a long list of WR's that you can make a case for from # 9 thru # 30 where they are hard to separate.  Instead of naming a few, use the depth at the position to find top talent at other positions, such as TE knowing you can come back and get at least one of them depending on how many teams are in your league.  

4.  Who are your top 10 of DO NOT DRAFT:  Obviously contract situations have something to do with it (and this can change) but as of right now in no particular order - 1.  Ezekiel Elliott 2.  Todd Gurley 3.  Melvin Gordon  4.  A.J. Green  5.  Will Fuller  6.  Jerick McKinnon  7.  Carson Wentz  8.  Emmanuel Sanders  9.  Antonio Brown  10.  PHILLY RB 

5.  Who are the best handcuffs out there ?  Obviously Darrell Henderson because he most likely will be starting early in the season when Gurley goes down but I think if I had Aaron Jones, I would definitely pick up Dexter Williams, Notre Dame grad, he's a beast.

6.  What should I do if I don't get one of the top 4 TE's ?  Wait, let 5 - 10 or so go and then pick up a guy like Austin Hooper or Darren Waller.  You don't want to pick up players that have a low ceiling.  You want to swing for the fence and if you're right, you'll be in the top 4 - 5 category and if you're wrong, you're still in the top 12 so not much lost.  














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 1. How soon do you take Darrell Henderson?  In PPR, I have henderson in my tier with other RB that "Are backups with a chance to get some playing time by committee"  So Jaylen Samuels, Royce Freeman, and Austin Ekeler type.  This ends up being in the RB25-30 range. Honestly his current ADP is mid 7th round... which is when all that remains are guys like Jordon howard and and other RBBC guys and backups.  WR though - Will Fuller, Sutton, Kirk etc are all going around that range, so you'd have to lose a chance on one of them to reach for a 'backup'.  I usually take him in the 9th if he's still there, but he rarely is.  It really depends how the early draft goes though, if I ended up going WR-WR-RB-WR or something like that, then I might consider henderson in the 6th or 7th to give a chance for my RB position to be great instead of mediocre - as the guys you can fill in that will play RBBC later will be somewhat equivalent to guys you'll get in that round for RB.

2.  Where's the Mendoza line with RB's this year ? RB24 is where my cutoff for starter vs RBBC/low usage begins.  After Carson, you get into the taric cohens, Lamar Millar, PHI backfield type players.

3.  Who is good value in rounds 3 - 5 at WR ?  Its less of finding value in round 3-5, and more about stability at WR.  Most of the guys in this range wont be top 10 WR, but will score a good amount per week.  Reaching later in the draft nets guys that will have top 10 weeks, but also low performances.  To this effect, if I'm going for WR in this range I'm looking for guys like Thielen, Cooper, TY Hilton, Edelman, Allen, and Golladay in 3-4.  After that I generally look for value elsewhere as the WR near 4-5 as I do not feel there is stability value for guys such as Lockett, and I don't want to risk LAR receivers as 3 are going round 3-5 and I don;t feel they can all produce again this year.  I'd rather fill out Ertz in round 4-5 instead of taking a WR that people hype up but doesn't have a track record of putting up the points players from the 3-5 rounds put up. 

4.  Who are your top 10 of DO NOT DRAFT: 1.  Antonio brown - I know he's supposed to be better than Amari cooper....but he's similar. I want nothing to do with that again. 2-5. LAR receivers.  I can't see all of them doing well again this year...I dont want split games for that high of draft picks.  6.  Kenyan Drake...Miami hates him.  7. Tyler Lockett - No way he can keep up that TD rate.  8. I don't have many more specific, mostly just those that I feel are going way too high for their value (mahomes, juju etc. )

5.  Who are the best handcuffs out there ? Honestly, James White, Ekeler, Ballage... any of the guys that might even get some touches before their starter gets hurt.

6.  What should I do if I don't get one of the top 4 TE's ?  This honestly depends on how high you rate the mid pack.  After Hunter Henry,  Evan Engram,  Vance McDonald, Jared Cook, and Eric Ebron (which go R7 ish) - Pretty much all TE go in round 12+.  So if you like a Walker, or Eifert, or Burton, Andrews, or Rudolph - you can just wait for later rounds and pick 2 of them and see which one pans out better.   

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1. I've seen mixed reports on Henderson and how he'll be used.  Also, he's going to split time with Malcolm Brown, and that's not a good thing.  I've avoiding him, if possible.

2. Maybe a bit deeper this year.  Guys who's ADP's are RB +20 include Lamar Miller, Jordan Howard, Darius Guice, David Montgomery, Whatever Miami RB is playing, Chris Carson (who's ADP is rising quickly), Tarik Cohen.  There are others who will value this year.

3. Tyler Boyd's an interesting option in a new offense.  DJ Moore, Mike Williams, Christian Kirk, Chris Godwin, Tyrell Williams (if Antonio Brown doesn't play).

4. First, let me say that I firmly believe both Gordon and Elliott will play this year, and I believe it will be 16 games.  I think both teams get deals done before the season.  I got Gordon tonight in the 3rd round of a 12-team PPR league (amazing).  Right now, though, I wouldn't draft Gordon in the first round, but I would Elliott if I was at the end of the first round.  Both Bell and Johnson come with question marks this year, so there's risk in them.

5. Alexander Mattison- backup to Dalvin Cook in Minnesota.  Keep in mind that Gordon's backup is Justin Jackson, not Ekeler.  If Gordon does not sign, it will be Jackson getting the majority of snaps, though Ekeler should see an increased role (I did take him just in case I'm wrong).

6. In the draft I did tonight (which is a money league, $150 enter), I held off on TE's until the end and loaded up on RBs.  If you're looking for good value, Jack Doyle will be available, and when he was healthy, he outsnapped Ebron 2 to 1 last year.  Also, there are some unknowns who you might get.  Mark Andrews in Baltimore and Noah Font in Denver, and that's 2 QB's who target TE's.  Also, don't sleep on Chris Herndon despite the suspension.  He caught 2 passes from Darnold Thursday night on 2 targets and they seem to have some good chemistry.  I'd stay away from Walker, Burton and Rudolph.  All 3 have backups ready to take their spots (Jonnu Smith, Adam Shaheen, Irv Smith, Jr.)


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