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  1. FantasyRetard

    Half Point PPR, which two to start

    Staring Kareem Hunt shouldn't even be a question. I would avoid Davis until we see him in action. That leaves McKinnon or Henderson or Johnson for the last spot. Both RB's are going to share the load and Johnson is not 100% healthy. I'd probably lean towards McKinnon.
  2. FantasyRetard

    Flex Play Advice

    Gallup. That game might end up scoring close to 100 points.
  3. FantasyRetard

    JuJu for Gurley?

    Gurley had zero targets in the passing game last week. JuJu
  4. FantasyRetard

    This may be a dumb question

    I have him on a roster in a league with big rosters. Given how injuries have gone this year after just 2 weeks, I wouldn't rush to drop him. He's eligible to come off after next week. I haven't heard if he will or not. The Jags were really high on him in preseason.
  5. FantasyRetard

    Flex starter

    It's all good, I won anyway
  6. FantasyRetard

    trade Freeman for Kelley

  7. FantasyRetard

    James Robinson vs Antonio Gibson

    It would depend on scoring. Standard scoring Robinson, in that he'll see more goal line touches (inside the 5). PPR or 1/2 PPR, I'd go with Gibson since he has that pass catching upside.
  8. FantasyRetard

    Trade Grade-Akeler for JuJu-1 pt PPR

    Won't help him much this year.
  9. FantasyRetard

    Flex starter

    12-team funny guy
  10. FantasyRetard

    Which of these ROS?

    Standard scoring is TD dependent, so I would go for Moss. He'll get goal line carries for Buffalo.
  11. FantasyRetard

    Which of these ROS?

    I would avoid Swift at all costs. Full point PPR, I'd go with Gibson, Standard I'd go with Moss. 1/2? flip a coin.
  12. FantasyRetard

    Flex starter

    1/2 PPR league- choose 1 RB options- Fournette (vs. Carolina) or Cam Akers (@ Philadelphia) WR options- Brandin Cooks (vs. Ravens), N'Keal Harry (@ Seattle), or Quintez Cephus (@ Green Bay)
  13. FantasyRetard

    Chubb or Carson

    I wasn't one worried about the Browns offense after that first week, and I drafted Beckham. The Ravens defense is going to make a lot of other teams offense look bad.
  14. FantasyRetard

    Chubb or Carson

    Great call
  15. FantasyRetard

    Trade Grade-Akeler for JuJu-1 pt PPR

    Tyrod does not have a history of throwing to RB's, even when he had Lesaun McCoy in Buffalo. I think I saw last Sunday that when he and McCoy played together, Tyrod average just over 4 pass attempts to RB's a game.