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  1. FantasyRetard

    NFL.com Waiver setting question

    The strange part of this is that I've seen some minor changes, but some hold the spot constantly. For example, the guy with the #1 waiver priority made moves on both Friday and Saturday, yet he still holds the #1 Waiver priority spot. The 3 players who are 2-0 are 3rd, 4th, and 5th in Waiver Priority. If the setting is Inverse Standings Order, those 3 should be 10th, 11th, and 12th in Waiver Priority. This has my spider sense tingling.
  2. FantasyRetard

    NFL.com Waiver setting question

    This league I'm in has a Waiver setting of "Resets to Inverse Standings Order". This is new to me, and in researching at NFL.com, I found this information: Waiver Type Resets to Inverse Standings Order (weekly) Reset to Inverse Standings Order; Move to Last After Claim, Never Reset; Waiver Acquisition Budget The third box is the one that I found most confusing. So, if the league is "Resets to Inverse Standings Order, what does "Never Reset" mean? Does that mean that the Waiver order will never reset throughout the year? I asked the commissioner, but he's not responded, which makes me suspicious. Any advice here would help. Thanks.
  3. FantasyRetard

    Weather and fantasy starters

    With rain and thunderstorms predicted for games at Kansas City and Green Bay tomorrow, does this impact anyone's decisions on who to play?
  4. FantasyRetard

    Should I do this?

    I'm not wrong yet, since Hill's still out. But, we'll see. I'm sure if you prove right, you'll let me know.
  5. FantasyRetard

    RB Help (Mixon, Gore, Peterson)

    I'm going Bengals all the way this week, the upset of the Bills. I feel that a bounce back week is in order with last week's blowout, and MIxon has a big game. You heard it hear first (though I will have to admit I'm wrong if they do lose because AxeElf will make me).
  6. FantasyRetard

    Should I do this?

    I'm 100% serious. Reid's offenses have typically had contributions from several players over the years, aside from bellcow RB's he's had. It will be interesting to track, % of snaps played and targets when Hill does come back.
  7. FantasyRetard

    Should I do this?

    I actually think with the emergence of Watkins, Roberson and Hardman that Hill's value regresses anyway.
  8. FantasyRetard

    WR help

    It will be interesting to watch the Bengals as the season continues. I know Dalton's history, but with Taylor coaching will Dalton fade? The Bengals offensive line woes are a major concern.
  9. FantasyRetard

    WR help

    I didn't say you said it was the best play. I said I was torn between the two. I might just leave in Ross and hope for another long TD. We get double points for TD's over 50 yards.
  10. FantasyRetard

    Who to drop?

    I'd drop Ebron for Ross.
  11. FantasyRetard

    WR help

    But, according to report, Johnson, not Washington is going to see more snaps and plays. I'm torn between the two.
  12. FantasyRetard

    WR help

    AB has screwed me: 1/2 PPR- Hilton starting at WR1. Need 1, John Ross, Robbie Anderson, Dointae Johnson, DeVante Parker, James Washingont Leaning towards Ross, but they have a tough matchup. Thanks.
  13. FantasyRetard

    2nd Receiver Help

    John Brown did not practice yesterday. I would go with Robinson.
  14. FantasyRetard

    My trade for Allen was vetoed by the league

    They didn't want it so they vetoed it. Guys in your league are POS.
  15. FantasyRetard

    The "Thank You, Axe Elf!" Thread - Week 2 Edition

    No, I'm not schizophrenic. Fantasy Football is a game. It's for fun. So, if I'm mocking you, it's in fun. If I'm kissing your ring, it's in fun. Thanks for the advice on Montgomery. Have fun this weekend.