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0-3 Team help

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Off to a rough start & need to make some changes. Yahoo 10 teamed. 5ppr

Weekly start:

QB: Watson

WB: Boyd, John Brown, Dorsett

RB: Chubb, Fournette

TE: Kelce

WR/TE Flex: Olsen

WR/RB Flex: Hyde


QB: Wilson

WR: C.Davis, R.Anderson, Pettis, DJax(out), A.Green(IR)

RB: L.Murray

Anything I should change? Hate to leave Brown in this week vs NE but looks like my best option. 

Anyone I should drop for these available players:

RB: R.Jones II

WR: K.Stiils, P.Richardson Jr.

Anyone else I should target off the wire who is NOT most likely owned?

Thanks in advance. 



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I'm in the same boat due to three straight weeks of eerily bad luck.

I think you need a lot of help at WR. DJax and AJ Green will help later in the year, but you need to make moves now being 0-3.

Olsen can get you by at TE. I would try to trade Kelce for a pretty good WR, or maybe make some kind of package deal.

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15 hours ago, AxeElf said:

Lineup looks good; drop Pettis for Richardson.

Agree completely.  Richardson has quietly started to become the WR the Redskins thought they were getting last year.  I'm surprised he's not getting much attention, but if you are WR needy, he's a nice pick up. 

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