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    Krafty move

    Was Tiger involved in the sex trade industry? I know he reportedly had a great time with a few well known porn stars, but I wasn't aware he was paying for it..... As for Tiger, who can judge him? He was young with hundreds of millions of dollars. I don't think a single person on this planet can be so pretentious as to say they wouldn't have been tempted to do the same thing were they in his shoes. One man was perfect. No one else is, or will be. I can absolutely tell you right now I'd have done the same thing. Probably skipped the whole waitress thing, but who knows.... Maybe she served really good eggs.
  2. A few friends and I are laying the groundwork for a new dynasty league. We want to be certain we aren't missing anything though. What makes the game as close to being an NFL GM as possible? We are going to include a salary cap. A player salary structure that allows the owner to put his salaries in the contract details, meaning if they sign a player for 4 years at a total of $40 (just an example), they can choose how they break down the 4 years of the cap hit. We aren't sure yet how much to penalize an owner for cutting a player, but have been discussing 20% of his cap number for however many years he has remaining on his contract. One of the owners says we should do the rookie draft before the NFL Draft. His reasoning is it's a crapshoot, making it much more like the NFL. The NFL GM's are taking a shot in the dark when they choose a player, so to keep it as realistic as possible, we should be the draft without the benefit of knowing which player landed in a terrific spot. We haven't voted on this one yet, but it's an interesting proposition. What do you all think? We are debating the scoring. Most want it to be at least .5 ppr, but we have a couple pushing for a full point ppr. I don't really care which we go with. Anything else we can do?
  3. oldtimer

    Ed Oliver vs. Q. Williams

    I know this is highly improbable, but I would love to see the Raiders get Williams at #4 and then trade back up to get Oliver if he begins to slip a bit. The thought of those two on the same defensive line is enticing. The interior lines of the teams in their division isn't so great, so it could be a fun show to watch from the very beginning.
  4. oldtimer

    Duke Johnson value on another team?

    Texans or the Bucs would be great fits. I'm thinking he would fit in better with the Bucs than anyone. He is a good runner with good vision. With Arians, he could be a star. I'm not sure how the Texans would use him. They don't seem to use their players very wisely, outside of Hopkins. Their front seven on defense, on paper, should be nearly insurmountable. It isn't though. It's not even all that great. I think that's horrible coaching.
  5. At this stage of their careers, I would take Ju Ju over AB. I'm thinking Brown is still a stud this season, but he isn't going to have the same comfort level with Carr. You can't simply walk into a new offense and have the same comfort level, especially with a QB who isn't nearly as talented as Big Ben, nor has anywhere near the arm strength. Brown will be bashing Carr before the season is over, or the Coach, or the trainer.... Possibly even the stadium employees. He's a douche.
  6. oldtimer

    Ed Oliver vs. Q. Williams

    While I think Williams is the better D Tackle, I don't think Oliver is far behind. Close enough, in my mind, that I wouldn't be shocked if a team took Oliver over Williams. I only mention this because it's the slow season and there really isn't anything else to discuss. So.... Do you have them closely rated? I heard on NFL Radio that some Scouts apparently have Oliver above Williams, and I guess I can see why. He played on a defense that offered him no protection what-so-ever, yet he put up solid numbers every season. Williams, had one excellent season, but also played alongside several others going to the NFL, so how much did that help his numbers? If I had a top pick, and someone wanted Williams, I would absolutely move down a bit for Oliver and not be at all disappointed. Williams has been consistently in the top 4 of the Mock Drafts since December. Oliver was the consensus top overall pick 6 months ago. Now he's being mocked anywhere from the 8th pick to the 24th... Interesting scenario, but if Williams goes to the Raiders at #4, and Oliver slides down to the late teens, would they consider trading up for him? That would certainly help fix their run defense.
  7. oldtimer

    Le'Veon Bell to the Jets

    For what it's worth, I also believe the Jets should trade down from #3 in the draft and get some protection for Bradford and some folks to open running lanes for Bell. 60% of that line needs to be upgraded immediately and they have no rotational guards/tackles either. Trade down, build the line and protect your franchise QB & new additions.
  8. oldtimer

    Le'Veon Bell to the Jets

    The Jets will be an improved team, plus they will have the rebuilding Dolphins and a Buffalo squad without much offense. Even with that, I think an offense has to be tailored to Bell's running style. It's not normal. You need blockers who can hold a block for much longer than normal while he decides where he's going with the ball. The Steelers were able to do this because of their stars at the WR position. The Jets do not have a strong offensive line and Gase likes the plays to be of the bam-bam variety, quick. I have to wonder how the passing game is going to jive with the running game when one is a patient, almost slow, style and the other is more up-tempo where the QB is supposed to get rid of the ball asap. It will be an interesting juxtaposition. Yep, I may be the first person on any fantasy football site to have worked 'Juxtaposition' into a sentence pertaining to an offense. : )
  9. oldtimer

    Le'Veon Bell to the Jets

    I think this is a total misconception. No Adam Gase offense, in Miami or when he's been a Coordinator, has ever averaged more than 3.7 receptions per game to the RB's as an entire group. I don't see Gase changing his offense to suit Bell. I also don't think Gase is creative enough to make the best use of him. I like Gase quite a bit as an offensive coordinator, but I don't think Bell was his signing. I also don't think he's going to be a top 3 RB unless it's 100% due to being overused and volume. His running style isn't going to fit with the Jets. Just my humble, and often incorrect, opinion.
  10. oldtimer

    This could be a weird question

    The only player I truly cannot stand is L. Bell. I understand the fact he wanted to get paid, but I also understand he did so well in Pittsburgh because they had a line custom built for him and his odd running style. They had the WR's to keep defenses honest. When he came out of college, I thought he would be a complete bust due to his stutter-step running style. Pittsburgh new exactly how to use that and it worked perfectly. Now, he goes to the Jets and I think he will be everything I thought he would coming out of college; A waste of a lot of cap space. His decision making, and hatred of people that made him who he is (was) is sickening to me. He is fortunate to be going to a division that cannot stop the run, but his running style is not going to work in an Adam Gase offense. Gase is completely a 'see hole, hit hole' Head Coach. His RB's, in total, average less than 3.7 receptions per game anywhere he's been the Offensive Coordinator and in Miami. I don't see this as a good fit, and I hope it's a colossal failure. Anyone who lets their team down the way he did, deserves what he gets. The only people I have spoken with who agree with what he did are those that have never played amateur sports on a TEAM. Tennis doesn't count. I just don't like him and will root for him to not top 50 total yards each and every week.
  11. I own Duke in a few leagues and am considering trading for him in a few others. I've always felt he was seriously underused in Cleveland. In college, he was pretty awesome to watch, and the games I've seen of his as a pro, he's displayed the same vision and cutting ability that made him so good in the NCAA. I know this totally depends on where he ends up, but do you believe he could be a valuable asset going forward? I think he's a super sneaky play and that many other teams see his value. I expect him to be traded prior to the season. I'm sure teams right now are afraid to offer much as the guy they may covet in the draft could be much cheaper. I see him as more than a 3rd down back. In PPR leagues, he can be valuable without rushing yardage. On a decent team that will use him, he could be so much more. I think he's worth a flier and worth throwing out some lowball trade offers. The risk vs. reward is pretty high on this guy.
  12. oldtimer

    Who you Buying and who you selling?

    This likely isn't much help, but I have arthritis in my knee as well. Same ordeal as Gurley. It's from a pretty bad injury I sustained while wrestling in College. Long story short, arthritis set in about six months after the accident/surgery. It didn't bother me for years. I am older than Gurley, by far (45), but the issues in my knee started in my early 20's. I can go periods of months, even a sold year, without pain. It's a progressive issue though and will get worse with time. It cannot heal. When the pain begins, it HURTS and it does so for a completely random amount of time. It may hurt for two weeks or it may hurt for three months. I get shots for the pain when it kicks in, but all the shots do is injury your knee more in the long run. You're moving around when you shouldn't be..... Anyway, take this for what it's worth, but arthritis is something that CANNOT be fixed and will lead to a slow degradation of the entire knee area. I'm not sure if I'm telling anyone to sell right now or just say it's going to be a big issue in a few more years if it's bothering him now. I'll decide before the season, but he may end up on my 'do not draft list' going forward. At his age, and with his insurance, you would be a fool to continue damaging your knee. Love the game or not, he will not be walking when he's 50 if he continues the abuse.
  13. oldtimer

    Krafty move

    There is a major issue here though. In a FULL YEAR of investigating, not a single person has been arrested for sex trafficking. Not one. The women involved were 35 & 59, both licensed massage therapists in the state of FL and both having residences in the area and FL drivers licenses. That isn't sex trafficking. I get the point if he was with some underage kids, or women being forced to do this against their will. The two women he was with have both stated they are NOT being trafficked (a bit old for that I'd think) and one of them is the owner of the spa. After an investigation this long, either the Police have done an absolutely horrible job of uncovering anything, or this was a complete farce from the get-go and they only wanted to make some big name arrests. Considering there are ZERO trafficking charges, and ZERO evidence of any trafficking going on at that establishment at any time, I believe they threw out the "sex-trafficking" term for public support. I'm not a Robert Kraft fan, but I do agree with his attorney; At the time of Kraft's arrest, the investigation had been going on for nearly 10 months. Are you saying that all those sex-trafficked young ladies were left there defenseless as the Police watched? Well spoken Mr. Attorney. If there was any trafficking going on at that place, then the Police Dept. should sued for letting it go on for nearly a full year. Since there is no evidence of that, because it likely wasn't going on there, no one is getting sued. I've seen the reports, only from the Police, that state certain people were cooperating in the case, but have since disappeared. Really? Not anyone from former customers to people in the neighborhood have stated they've ever seen anyone in that spa except the normal employees. I'm sure they were giving some hand-work and more, but so what??? Kraft isn't married. His wife is dead. He should be able to do what he wishes if it is between consenting adults. His was on video and definitely consensual. lol Plus, where else are those ladies going to earn several hundred dollars in 10 minutes? You sure don't hear them complaining about being mistreated. Sorry for the long rant. I'm sick of watching Police and Govt. agencies waste tax dollars on stuff like this. I'm all for cutting the "thing" off any sex trafficker, but in this case, there isn't one. So, they wasted how many millions of tax dollars to obtain a soft core porn of an 80 year old man???? Weepaws - I get it. It's not legal or moral (for some people) to allow prostitution at this time. I truly do understand your perspective. I'd rather my neighborhood Police folks keep me safe though, not spend their time watching old people get a helping hand from old Asian women. If they make a movie out of this, I want to play Robert Kraft.
  14. oldtimer

    Krafty move

    Just my opinion, but if you're that old, and your soldier is still able to stand and salute (with or without modern pharmacology), you should be exempt from certain laws. He has money, the women want money. I suggest a new constitutional amendment; If a person is over the legal retirement age to collect full social security, getting a helping hand at an Asian Massage Parlor should not be a criminal offense, provided the women are at least half your age (at least 33 if you are full retirement age) and it's consensual. I don't think I understand America. A person in prison for murder can legally get a sex change and the tax payers have to subsidize it. An old man gets 11 minutes of satisfaction, pays for it himself, it's totally consensual, and it's a crime? Something is backwards here.
  15. oldtimer

    ++ Update: Tyreek in trouble - No Suspension ++

    I live in St. Louis, but KC is more of our adopted team since the Rams left. I can tell you, the people in Kansas City are NOT happy with this situation. The radio shows are saying they need to release him as they did with Hunt. People calling in to the shows (local fans) are saying they need to wait and let the investigation run its course. The kicker is the Chiefs traded Ford, let go of Berry and released the other LB, partly, to make room for Hill's new massive contract extension. If they are forced to release him, it will literally set the franchise back a year or two. They have no one else on the roster who remotely compares to him. Andy Reid had an offensive juggernaut 6 months ago. He may be left with a team in shambles soon. Hill has been available in my two bigger dynasty leagues since the news first broke. No one has traded for him yet. I don't know if the owner is still holding out for a huge return or if people just aren't willing to make a move for him now.