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  1. oldtimer

    Dede Westbrook - Week 3.... you got the guts?

    Chark was someone I targeted in my Dynasty Rookie Drafts last year. He was really raw, but his scouting reports were pretty darn good. That kid can fly and he doesn't drop much. Once he learns all the routes, he's going to be really good. Maybe he's done so now? Mineshew looked good to me. While he may not be a world beater, it was not even his third full game. They've been in the last two and neither team was a pushover. He has earned some respect.
  2. oldtimer

    Antonio Brown harassment case

    Bringing kids into it is a BAD thing, and definitely a declaration of war. Sickening. That's the part that may get his butt in a sling with the NFL.
  3. oldtimer

    OJ Howard owners: what's your plan?

    I may be nuts, but I think OJ is going to get thrown the ball this week. I'd trade him if you can find a partner after the weekend. If history holds true, Arians will give a player a chance once he's called them out. I've seen twice in this thread though that he's a good blocker. He's not. lol I posted the link above to the Tampa Sports website. They say his blocking is horrible. His scouting report was that he wasn't a good blocker in the passing game. Arians said in the preseason he was not going to be used as a blocker as that's not his forte, that he needed to work on it. I'm just not sure where this "hes a good blocker" thing came from. I guess it's a common thing to throw out there, but he wasn't drafted as a blocker, nor has he ever been a "good" one. I guess maybe when your offensive line is so bad, an extra large body helps though. The reports from the early games though are that his blocking is simply bad.
  4. oldtimer

    Antonio Brown harassment case

    You are probably correct that he accidentally included her. If he did it on purpose, it shows he's just flat out crazy. Accidents can happen. Years ago, around 2004, I was working in an office. We had instant messaging to communicate with one another. A girl had come to work really hung over and just looked like she had just filmed Debbie Does Dallas. I sent an Instant Message to a friend about how horrible she looked. Except I didn't sent it to my friend. I'm not sure if it was because I was talking about her or what, but I sent HER the instant message. She took it in stride and let me lie and say I sent it to her as a joke, but she knew the truth. So yeah, your mind can get fixated on something and cause you to make really dumb decisions.
  5. oldtimer

    Antonio Brown harassment case

    I just read them. I'm not sure what to think. How can this person even prove this occurred? I'm not doubting her, but you have to have some evidence if you are going to press charges. If she doesn't have any at all, he can retaliate and sue for defamation, simply to run her up some major legal fees. He's obviously not thinking clearly to have sent those to begin with, and I still believe they will find out he has CTE someday, but the legal system needs proof. Her word against his is not going to work if she sues him. As much as I dislike Brown, I think it would be wrong to suspend him over these vs. the other incident. The big question is whether someone would pick him up next season if he is put on the exempt list, but later removed. I think the Patriots would still own his rights, unless they release him, but would they take him back?
  6. oldtimer

    I would rather watch Kaepernick

    He didn't even look remotely good until very late in the game. Did you not watch the first half? Some of those sacks were his fault. Mariota could have thrown the ball away, but as usual, he didn't. I'm sorry, but after watching him play for this long, his only skill is checking down to his TE, even when other WR's are open. Garbage time points count in fantasy. In the NFL, not so much. His stats looked fine considering the defense he faced. He played like crap though and isn't a leader. TN hopefully will not sign him to an extension. If they do, it's purely wasted money. He will NOT take a team to the Superbowl. How often do you see him fit the ball into a tight window? Never. How often does he lead his team to a win they shouldn't have earned? A few times in his career. What about all those playoff wins? Nope, nothing major there either. The guy will make someone a good backup, but that's it. Watch any of his games. He can have Davis or Brown open and will check down to Walker. I don't even think it's a check down, it's just him throwing to the guy he's comfortable with. That's horrible at the QB position. Davis and Brown can be one heck of a combo with a real QB.
  7. oldtimer

    Jaguars defense tonight

    Agreed. Miami isn't even a joke. They pretty much made it clear they were going to tank, but did anyone think it would be at this level? They have nothing. Literally one solid player on that entire team and you know he wakes up each morning after gameday and wishes he were elsewhere. The absolute worst part of this is someone could truly get injured. How bad would it be if you were Josh Allen and you had your career ruined (it's happening) by a team tanking to get someone they perceive to be better than you. If I were a top QB, I would seriously consider staying in school another year, or at least letting Miami know that I'm NOT playing there. Sit out a year and re-enter the draft. Can the NFL force a sale? Can the fans sue? I'd want my money back.
  8. oldtimer

    Most horrible trade, maybe ever?

    I do this every year with Scouting Magazines. I buy them only to put on a shelf in my basement and look at a few years later. I have them dating back to the early 80's. Man, they whiff on WAY more than they hit on. I have some favorite ones I'll re-read every couple of years. Aaron Donald is too short to be an NFL defensive lineman. Tayvon Austin had a much higher grade and would make a better pro than DeAndre Hopkins. Occasionally they will be dead on, but it's at least 50% of the time, even for first round prospects, they are just plain wrong.
  9. oldtimer

    Most horrible trade, maybe ever?

    I had zero issues with him giving up Trey. 4 first rounders AND Trey? Ridiculous. lol The list of top recruits at the WR position is the same way. Many of them never do a thing in college or the NFL.
  10. oldtimer

    Most horrible trade, maybe ever?

    That's a bad trade. lol At least it was a one year thing though and you didn't mortgage your future on it. If it makes you feel better, I all in on CJ that season as well. I believe that was the last time I've let myself develop a mancrush on a player. I thought he would be a 1,500 / 10 / 40 / 350 guy that season and was positive he would finish as a top 3 fantasy RB.
  11. oldtimer

    Jaguars defense tonight

    I could be way off base here, but with Ramsey likely to be traded and the disarray the team is in, do you think they could pull together one last time and put on a show? I know TN has had their number the past few years, but I'm not talking about them winning the game. Could the Jags defense surprise us all tonight with several sacks and/or interceptions? Heck, they are on the waiver wire now in even my large leagues. I think I'm going to pick them up and roll with them if Ramsey plays. Maybe a big sendoff for him?
  12. oldtimer

    Most horrible trade, maybe ever?

    Spoken like a Dynasty Pro. That is exactly what happens. People get bored because trades in Dynasty aren't nearly as frequent and you are stuck with what you've done in terms of scouting the college guys. This league, in the first few years, had a couple trades each week. We've been together for around 15 years now. We're lucky to see three trades in a season now, unless it's the night before the trading deadline. Then it's just crazy. It's a winner take all league though. We each pay $250 prior to the season. No second or third place. Of the 12 teams, everyone has won a title except for three of the owners. They consistently get close, but just not quite over the hump.
  13. oldtimer

    Golden Tate moving forward

    Does DJ have a pretty decent arm? If so, they should use Latimer more then. When I watch their games, I get disgusted as the offense seems to do everything inside of ten yards from the line. It would benefit them, I would think, to launch some deep balls throughout the game. It can't be any worse than the wobbly ducks I saw being thrown for 5 yards.
  14. oldtimer

    OJ Howard owners: what's your plan?

    Pills generally lead to one dying from their kidney shutting down and it's slow and painful. A rope is interesting, but you need to be high enough to snap the neck as the hanging part is just going to get boring after a while. A gun.... A true, yet crazy, statistic on gun suicides is that a much higher percentage than you think actually survive. They've lost half their face, but they live. I think just holding him for a bit is ok and seeing how he's used. If he's not used, I think they'll try to trade him as they already have Brate.
  15. oldtimer

    Mixon for Ertz?

    I'd take Ertz if you can get him. The other owner may be fully aware of the Cincy O-Line issues though. By now, most people are.