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  1. AxeElf

    College Football 2022

    Mertz attends Wisconsin.
  2. AxeElf

    College Football 2022

    What a great day for Kansas football! KU, which hasn't won 4 games in a SEASON since 2009, defeat the 3-0 Duke Blue Devils to go to 4-0 (I'm sure they're partying on Mass St. as if it was basketball season!)--and then K-State turns around from their disappointing loss to Tulane to go into Norman and beat the 6th-ranked Sooners--for the third time in their last four meetings! This game probably cemented Adrian Martinez as a dark horse Heisman candidate.
  3. AxeElf

    College Football 2022

    If you lead Kansas to an undefeated National Championship too, I think that's fair.
  4. AxeElf

    Justin Herbert: Fractured Rib Cartilage

    They fired that doctor, right? ...right???
  5. AxeElf

    PPR Flex?

    Nah, you wouldn't ever start Doubs unless he breaks out in a major way real soon. You could probly TRADE Henderson or Walker for a WR better than Doubs right now. Doubs has potential, but he's basically just a promising stash at this point.
  6. AxeElf

    Clash of the Titans

    My judgment is no longer reserved. Cole Beasley will not go 17-235-3.
  7. AxeElf

    College Football 2022

    The undefeated Kansas Jayhawks defeat the previously-undefeated Duke Blue Devils--and it wasn't in basketball! This game probably cemented Jalon Daniels as a dark horse Heisman candidate--19/23 for 324 yards, 4 TDs, no INTs; 11 carries for 83 yards and a TD. KU 4-0 with wins over West Virginia and Houston too!
  8. AxeElf

    Cole Beasley

    It would be kind of cool if the two leading receivers in the Brady/Rodgers game had been teammates for Dallas, but Beasley left Dallas in 2018 and Cobb came to Dallas in 2019.
  9. AxeElf

    Clash of the Titans

    Correct, but irrelevant to my post.
  10. AxeElf

    Clash of the Titans

    They do change from day to day.
  11. AxeElf

    PPR Flex?

    As of Thursday's practice, Romeo Doubs, Amari Rodgers, and Samori Toure were the only healthy WRs on the Packers' active roster.
  12. AxeElf

    PPR Flex?

    Depending on who's back in the lineup for Green Bay by gametime, Doubs might be a sneaky good PPR start. Otherwise Elliott and Patterson are a coin flip.
  13. AxeElf

    Clash of the Titans

    I'll reserve judgment until he's at least activated from the practice squad.
  14. AxeElf

    Justin Herbert: Fractured Rib Cartilage

    Well, that's to be expected after tearing a bone.
  15. AxeElf

    Who will be the biggest bust in 2022?

    The issue that IS with him is that he can't seem to decide if his foot hurts or not.