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  1. A friend of mine died of AIDS; not a CLOSE friend, I had met him through work and had only known him a couple of years, but a good enough friend that we had met up a few times for things outside of work--and I never even knew he was gay until he contracted AIDS. He was dead about three months after the diagnosis. That was in 1992; I think he was 27.
  2. If you mean "we've ever seen" in terms of in our own personal lifetimes, then that may be true for our younger readers. Older readers may remember the HIV/AIDS pandemic that started in the early 80s and is currently estimated to have killed over 30 million people. COVID is only up to about 1.5 million deaths. If you mean "we've ever seen" in terms of humanity, then it's just patently false. The Spanish Flu killed 50 million in 1918, and there were up to 200 million killed by the Bubonic Plague.
  3. AxeElf

    Rams at Buccaneers: MNF Discussion

    Yeah, there's no way anyone who has lived, breathed, and mastered throwing forward passes for the past 30 years could understand the vagaries of the illegal forward pass rule. Good analysis, Dr. Freud.
  4. AxeElf

    Taysom Hill stat correction

    Then you can have a hug.
  5. AxeElf

    Axe Elf Breaks the Seal

    I then went and flopped a straight flush, so maybe this is my lucky weekend... Flopped a Straight Flush
  6. AxeElf

    Axe Elf Breaks the Seal

    I'll just leave this here, with no further proof of your absolute waste of a central nervous system necessary.
  7. AxeElf

    Axe Elf Breaks the Seal

    So the favorite comes out punching and lands a solid cross to my jaw when Hockenson, averaging 44.1 yards per game for the season, squirts out of the gate like a watermelon seed, posting 3 for 78 in the first QUARTER!!! I was staggered, but I didn't go down, as Hockenson managed only 2 more catches for 11 more yards over the remainder of the game, finishing just 1.3 points over his projection. Apparently swapping out Swift for Fulgham lowered my opponent's overall projected scoring though, because he was previously expected to get 106 fantasy points, now just 104.6 with Hockenson in the clubhouse. So I'll call Round 1 a draw on the basis of surviving the opening salvo from Hockenson; though it was definitely a win having Swift and Golladay on his bench.
  8. AxeElf

    Houston at Detroit: Turkey Game Discussion

    I was happy to get Duke's underperformances out of a lineup in which I had been awaiting the return of either Mostert or Mixon--and then he posts a 17. Not catastrophic, but kind of a burn. Hopefully Mostert (or Hines, if Mostert can't go) won't lose too much ground to Duke in the clubhouse.
  9. AxeElf

    Houston at Detroit: Turkey Game Discussion

    Jordan Howard is already the Jordan Howard of the NFC.
  10. AxeElf

    FU Turkey Day Edition

    What's the preferred Thanksgiving Day dessert in Detroit? Turnovers.
  11. AxeElf

    Taysom Hill stat correction

    If you were using him as a QB, that sucks. If you were using him as a TE, my sympathies will be limited; it seems more like poetic justice.
  12. AxeElf

    Week 12 Scoop and Play TE...Why Not?

    I dunno, the Seahawks have utilized Jacob Hollister behind Olsen even more than Dissly lately (Dissly has 5 total targets in 4 November games; Hollister has 13). I'm not really recommending Hollister, but I'd pump the brakes on Dissly getting enough work to crack a fantasy lineup; it's still likely to be a heavily committeed position in Seattle.
  13. AxeElf

    Rams at Buccaneers: MNF Discussion

    That's kind of the cool thing about what Brady did, though. I think he knows that throwing the second pass is illegal, but if he doesn't throw the second pass, he's sacked for a loss and it's fourth down, drive over. By throwing the second pass, he gave them a CHANCE of continuing the drive if the Rams had accepted the penalty for an illegal pass. An illegal forward pass from behind the line of scrimmage does not carry a loss of down, so if he would have completed the pass for a first down, the Rams would have had no choice but to accept the penalty, giving Brady another 3rd down opportunity, which he would have salvaged from a certain drive-ending sack by intentionally throwing an illegal second forward pass.
  14. AxeElf

    Axe Elf Breaks the Seal

    I ALMOST know better than to engage with your brain-dead babbling, but through what twisted logic is the experience level of a league tied to the number of teams that make the playoffs, especially such a generic percentage as 40%? How many teams do you think make the playoffs in virtually every 10-team league in the world, three? How about 12-team leagues? 40% of 12 is 4.8, or 5. Most 12-team leagues eschew the 5-team playoff format and have either a 4-team or 6-team playoff. So that's like 80% of the fantasy leagues on the planet that adhere to this "rookie" format of 40% of the teams making the playoffs. God you are such a forking moron, and I virtually never attack people, only ideas. But you are just such an absolute failure as a rational being that I have nothing but personal contempt for your careless squandering of whatever IQ points the creator tried to stuff into your pin-sized cranium. And to earn such personal vitriol from Axe Elf takes almost superhuman levels of willful ignorance. Congratulations, you made the short list. Have a terrible Thanksgiving, I never appreciate you, and I hope your family contracts salmonella from the turkey, which gets recorded as 10 new COVID-related cases on Trump's watch. Ptooie.