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  1. AxeElf

    Deebo Samuel: Broken Foot

    Of course not; that's why we humans invented the concept of the "tie"--when two players score the same amount of points, they are counted as "tied"--but they are still counted as two different players. Some of the less evolved species have not yet gotten the memo.
  2. AxeElf

    NFL looking to scrap Weeks 1 & 4 of pre-season

    Axually they are now cutting Weeks 1, 2 and 5 of the preseason, since the Hall of Fame game (Week 1) was already canceled.
  3. AxeElf

    Draft Position #9 Strategy

    Mock draft grades are even more ridiculous than real draft grades. Don't go into ANY real draft with a hard and fast strategy in mind ahead of time; just be capable of pivoting to whatever opportunities present themselves. Yeah, Kelce looks good in the draft grade, but you can wait ten rounds and get 1 point less per week out of Hayden Hurst. Since it's PPR, you can pretty much just go with the best RB/WR available for the first 8-9 rounds, then worry about your support positions in the double-digit rounds.
  4. AxeElf

    Deebo Samuel: Broken Foot

    I think it's crazy to count every player who scores the same fantasy points as one player, so you're in good company.
  5. AxeElf

    Deebo Samuel: Broken Foot

    If every other WR ties with 200 fantasy points and Samuel gets 25 then he's the #2 WR, don'tcha know.
  6. AxeElf

    Dalvin Cook threatening a holdout

    I might wonder this for any other player, but the only reason Cook would hold out is to avoid tearing another ACL.
  7. AxeElf

    Chase Daniel's Paycheck

    Black Checks Matter!
  8. AxeElf

    Chase Daniel's Paycheck

    Just thought this was interesting... Chase Daniel is getting more money to watch Matthew Stafford play QB than Jameis Winston and Cam Newton are making... combined! Article
  9. AxeElf

    Zeke is low-key faded....

    So you were within like half an inch of making it in the first place? And there was no variation in the height of the bridge from one side to the other?
  10. AxeElf

    Deebo Samuel: Broken Foot

    Thankfully, it's not up to some sub-omniscient entity such as yourself (thereby retiring the concept of an understatement for all eternity).
  11. AxeElf

    Stupid Fatasy Moves I Did Last Year

    I never thought I would say this, but I think I'm going to miss poker more than football. Lotta friends I haven't seen since March.
  12. AxeElf

    Deebo Samuel: Broken Foot

    Your problem is that one day you're going to have to stand before God and explain what you did with the brain He gave you.
  13. AxeElf

    Deebo Samuel: Broken Foot

    Or 31st, for those of us who live in the reality where two tied scores still count as two players.
  14. AxeElf

    Moving out of the 5th spot in draft?

    That's crazy. I had him in a lot of leagues last year because of his success in December of 2018 (606 yards/7 TDs in 4 games; a 2,424 yard, 28 TD pace) when he seemed to get things figured out a bit, for the first time in his career, really. But then another Heisman winning RB from Alabama, Mark Ingram, also took a few years to get up to speed in the pros. Henry is in as good a position as any RB to continue his success. He will be the bellcow back in a run-first offense on a playoff-contending team for the foreseeable future. He may not join the 2000/20 club, but I bet he will be close.
  15. AxeElf

    Moving out of the 5th spot in draft?

    You seem awfully cavalier about passing up a 2,183 yard, 23 TD RB with the #5 pick. That's what Derrick Henry would have put up in a full season with Tannehill at QB, based on his numbers from last year after Tannehill took the reins. In any case, there is also this "competitor's" Draft Pick Calculator.