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  1. AxeElf

    Hunt with a Blunt

    Police Find Marijuana in Kareem Hunt's Car
  2. I'm no particular fan, but Eli is a lock for the Hall of Fame. Anyone who says otherwise has an agenda.
  3. AxeElf

    Antonio Brown Alienates His Own Agent

    Now he has had an arrest warrant issued for him for battery, but the police have been unable to contact him.
  4. If you announce that you are going to announce your retirement, isn't that the same as announcing your retirement?
  5. AxeElf

    2020 NFL DRAFT (who you like-rookies)

    Thanks! That is very good advice indeed. You're in good hands with Axe Elf.
  6. Did you read the article? She did... "Not mad at all. I actually offered to help with the process."
  7. Titans Coach Said He Would Cut Off His Manhood to Win a SuperBowl in the Preseason
  8. Drew Rosenhaus Terminates Relationship with AB
  9. AB Posts Profanity-Laced Tirade Towards Police
  10. Third Ravens Fan Dies at M&T Bank Stadium in the Past Year
  11. I think Denver is just fine with Drew Lock as their QB of the future. They went 4-1 with Lock to end the season, including a win over the 4th seed in the AFC (Houston), losing only to the eventual Super Bowl champs, the Chiefs. They would probably see Brady as a step back at this point.
  12. AxeElf

    Julian Edelman arrested

    The Patriots have a lot of spare time this year that they're not used to...
  13. AxeElf

    Texans at Chiefs Discussion

  14. AxeElf

    Texans at Chiefs Discussion

  15. AxeElf

    Coaching Changes / Front Office Moves

    Update: Axe Elf has officially withdrawn his offer to interview for the Cleveland Browns Head Coach position. I'm staying in Kansas City.