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Last of Us 2 comes out in 4 days..

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7 hours ago, Utilit99 said:

Holy crap. Hit a phase of what the fvck? Played longer, and then MORE what the fvck? Shlt dude, how far along are you at this point?

And then I thought the game was ending in a bad way, but nope. More what the fvck to follow. :dunno:

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Completed. Dang, those who were calling it woke were pretty far off unless you think having a lesbo 19 year old main character as the main character is "woke". 

One 4 second almost sex scene between 2 women, then one 10 second more graphic sex scene between 2 straight people. I'm sure there are reviews of it that pick it apart about some message but who cares? None of my thoughts have changed about society in the least after spending hours playing it. 

That was it. 

Fvcking great game in the end. I liked the first one better because it was a little more simplistic in it's story line which is great for the type of game they were putting forth with a resounding ending. 

The second one was fairly complex in its story, but it did work even if it was a bit dramatic throughout. But again, that's how 19 year olds are in real life.

The actual ending of 2 is stellar. Maybe even better than the first.

Oh hell yeah, great game!! :thumbsup:

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