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  1. supermike80

    Kobe Bryant - Dead in helicopter crash

    TMZ has pictures of the chopper completely engulfed in flames. Just saw them...Wow
  2. supermike80

    Most Epic Crowder!!

    Man I hope not
  3. Its drobeski...Just leave him be....Better that way
  4. supermike80

    Love this show ---- Total hottie included

    Yeah shes not hot..at all. Id be willing to say shes borderline ugly actually. still wood..of course..but she is not hot
  5. If you have never seen this article, i HIGHLY recommend it. http://www.espn.com/espn/feature/story/_/id/15278522/how-tiger-woods-life-unraveled-years-father-earl-woods-death
  6. supermike80

    Most Epic Crowder!!

    I hate when they say "A woman is anyone who identifies as one": I wish Crowder would follow that up and instantly decide to identify as a woman. And ask her is she can accept him as such. She would of course say sure, because she has to carry the lie but you know shes not believing it.
  7. supermike80

    Movie you’ve watched the most

    Jesus Christ Superstar. Really
  8. Yep..Tiger wanted to be a Navy Seal and destroyed his back in the process.
  9. supermike80

    Anyone getting their taxes together yet?

    Will take standard. Will get a little back. Same as last year.
  10. supermike80

    Weird Grammy's

    Someone did a tribute song for Kobe..and brought out boyz 2 men. I heard it on the radio and quite frankly I thought it was absolutely horrible...People clapped after though. I hated it...Just so bad
  11. supermike80

    Things everyone should know. Basic life skills.

    Like Eddie Murphy says..When I was 15, i was just glad I was focking.
  12. supermike80

    Things everyone should know. Basic life skills.

    Well it says kids taught(no) things you should know(yes) If you cant make your woman orgasm, I'll take care of her
  13. supermike80

    Things everyone should know. Basic life skills.

    How to make a girl have an O
  14. supermike80

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    This is a good read someone at FBG posted https://theprepared.com/blog/wuhan-coronavirus-what-you-need-to-know-about-its-origins-efforts-to-contain-it-whats-next/