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  1. Im struggling with this. 1) I'm 100% sure youre lying, again, when you claim it turns your stomach. 2) If the competence is there, then why do standards have to be lowered at all to let more DEI candidates in? This should be non issue. According to what you just hinted at, DEI programs are a waste of time.
  2. Its utterly comical how easily manipulated Tim is. It's sad too..But my goodness.
  3. Hey look! Another Tim lie!! You called it a "general" article in your post. Then you got called out, was made to look silly, then changed it to an "opinion" article. Eternal you are 100% correct. Timmy only believes his media, he's completely influenced by it, and isn't intelligent enough to know the difference. it's very sad.
  4. supermike80

    What Is The Best Newer Movie You Watched ?

    Caught Nobody on AMC or something last night while channel flipping. Ended leaving it on. Good flick
  5. supermike80

    Most Obnoxious Sports Fan Bases

    Eat it But nice job
  6. supermike80

    Most Obnoxious Sports Fan Bases

    Lately? @cmh6476
  7. youre just seeing this now????
  8. I understand your thoughts..I don't agree with your perspective...But I have no interest in going back and forth again and again over it. So like I said, you win.
  9. WTF are you talking about? Ask again? I don't want to lose any servicemen...ever. But that's not the definition of a war. To you it is, and that's dumb. But I accept that's your opinion.
  10. LOL you turned that into I want more servicemen to die? You're hilarious. Proxy War Cold War... there are lots of "wars" that don't involve servicemen. Funny. Dumb...but funny anyway
  11. supermike80

    Caitlin Clark debut

    I mean it is extremely rare for any rookie to succeed in their first few GAMES in the pros. And many times, they are drafted by terrible teams. It's reality. I'm not making excuses for her at all. She has not played well, but she also should be given a little time here. I mean it's been just a few weeks...
  12. If your only definition of a war is how many servicemen have been killed, then you aren't very bright
  13. supermike80

    California Is A SHIZZHOLE

    What happened to that maximum dude? He get suspended? Hed be all over this one