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  1. supermike80

    Mike Birbiglia's Car Accident

    Im gonna guess because the law says just because the other guy was drunk, it doesn't give the other side carte blanche to do whatever they want under the premise of "well he was drunk so he shouldn't have been on the road anyway" Lots of states have shared liabality
  2. supermike80

    Fake Meat

    Yeah even the CEO of Whole Foods came out and said the impossible burger, or beyond burger, or both, whichever one they started, are NOT healthy. They are meant as an alternative to the killing of animals. Period. Not for the environment, not for better health, simply because people don't want to kill animals anymore. I'm perfectly fine with that. Don't force it on me or judge me cause I still like a real burger. If your conscience makes you want to eat these things, then go for it man. Just don't fool yourself into thinking it's healthy. In fact, in a handful of years we will probably find out that these things are actually worse for you, because of the massive amount of processing, fat and salt in them. So you will die early, but you saved a couple cows YIPPEE!!! By the way, I've had gardein meatballs..they aren't bad.
  3. supermike80

    KFC's stunning new product

    Ditto. Had KFC for lunch. Mmm.....
  4. supermike80

    Beatles vs Stones show

    Just saw an AC/DC tribute band a couple weeks ago and they were GREAT!! And for $15, I say fock the real bands!!
  5. supermike80

    Hey UAW folks

    Why on earth would you expect GM to pay your health insurance when you are STRIKING THEM? I can't believe this is surprising to anyone
  6. supermike80

    House of Cards (without Kevin Spacey...

    Do either get naked?
  7. supermike80

    Wednesday non-political thread - IMDB synopsis

    DING DING DING!! Kind of a crappy description, but I didn't write it
  8. supermike80

    Wednesday non-political thread - IMDB synopsis

    Nope but good guess
  9. supermike80

    Spermoff: Which Cosplay chick would you want to nail?

    OH YEAH!!! God I loved this movie as a kid and even as a cartoon, she was SMOKING.......TARRRRNNNNAAAAAAAA Thanks for the reminder of this fantastic flick
  10. supermike80

    Wednesday non-political thread - IMDB synopsis

    Three company workers who hate their jobs decide to rebel against their greedy boss.
  11. supermike80

    Pedosvania? Another child porn bust

    Gotta be....and Tumblr was good for porn....Super great source, but these kid crazy pedos come on to these sites and ruin them..then they have to change or shutdown. Totally sucks. Stupid pedos
  12. supermike80


    Ah yes...Halloween. When all the hot, semi hot and not really hot but kinda hot girls dress like sluts and don't #metoo you for one day. Its as American as apple pie.
  13. supermike80

    The left just doesn't get it

    YOU created this mess YOU!!!! This wasn't some aberration..this was a long running, building travesty brought on by the left and the left tinged media. You can't cry about it now, and you especially can't cry about it when it actually hits close to you. Sorry. This is what you wanted https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/david-spade-snl-shane-gillis-fired-185842413.html