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  1. Correct!!! I am not that interested in a stout or porter in the summer BLECH. IPA is good for that.....Lagers are ok and some ales, but they lack the great hop punch of a good IPA. this is the season though man..Octoberfests are all out, many of them are awesome and then we get into the stouts and porters!!! Great time to drink beer
  2. https://www.yahoo.com/finance/m/2f5290bc-dafc-3f4e-9a36-f28f79965ad3/boston-beer-says-hard.html The generations have no attention span and no loyalty at all. Not always true, but boy be careful with those folks' likes. It could cost you.
  3. Yeah and don't forget that the majority of white males appear to be bumbling fools. But THANKFULLY we have minorities, especially our black, clearly dominant wives, to help us get through life.
  4. supermike80

    Norm McDonald dead

    Pretty funny guy. 9 years with cancer. Long time. Hope he didn't suffer too long.
  5. supermike80

    I see chubs is still hiding behind the ATT counter

    Lost all interest. She was pretty hot, at first. But she got way too full of herself, started shaming men for actually finding her attractive, so yeah..moved on.
  6. supermike80

    [** Official President Joe Biden Thread **]

    Well no but I know no Biden voter who voted for him based on what he might bring to the role. They voted for him because of TDS
  7. supermike80

    [** Official President Joe Biden Thread **]

    No they didnt. They voted against Trump
  8. supermike80

    Matrix 4 - Official Trailer

    I never did either and I like the first one a lot. I still watch it now and again. But never had any interest in the sequels.
  9. supermike80

    Best physical sensation according to you

    I'm a simple guy. Vagina around my weiner. Nothing comes close
  10. supermike80

    Matrix 4 - Official Trailer

    Feel the same way about the next top gun. Just make it badass please? Nothing wrong with a movie that has straight white men as its target for crying out loud.
  11. supermike80

    Any Here Believes Life Goes On After We Pass ?

    We created heaven and an afterlife because as humans we just can't accept that this is it. It's scary. So much invested into this to just to have it go away so totally.
  12. supermike80

    Life goes on after we pass spinoff

    I have wished we automatically get answers to everything. How the universe (s) came to be. How life started. Etc etc.
  13. supermike80

    Nipah virus — Doomsday

    Can't we please just drop a dozen or so nukes on the Asian continent and rid ourselves forever of these damn things? WHat a mess.