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Waiver/Trade - Mattison

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Dalvin Cook owner here. Have last priority on waivers this week (I'm 5-0). Team with #2 priority is 0-5 and lost Dak and has no backup QB.  My rostered QBs are Minshew, Wentz, Brady.  Thinking about working out a waiver pickup / trade where he picks up Mattison for me and I trade him one of my QBs. I probably should have had Mattison rostered. I actually thought another team had him. 


Which QB would you offer for Mattison? I've been rolling with Minshew since week 3. 

Past 3 weeks scoring for those 3 QBs:

Minshew: 26.84/27.94/9.20

Wentz: 21.42/23.42/23.50

Brady: 16.12/45.46/29.88

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Looks like two of the last three weeks you’ve picked the wrong Qb.  

Sure I would trade one of your three qbs.  

Ask and see which one the other owner will take.  

I just saw that D Cook is out week six.  

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