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Help setting lineup in my first every championship, am I a big dog in this?

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PPR championship game


My team right now


QB- Trey lance

RB- Joe Mixon, Boston Scott

WR- Davante Adams, Antonio Brown, MVS

TE- Gronk Smash

Flex- Dawson Knox


Bench=  Tyler Huntley, Michael Gallup, Gabriel Davis, Braxton Berrios, Jaret Patterson, Jordan Howard, Derrick Gore



My opponent

QB- Matt Stafford

RB- Jonathan Taylor

RB- Zeke

WR- CeeDeeLamb, Deebo Samuel, Chase Claypool

TE- Pitts

Flex- Rashad Penny

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Hi man congrats am in my first this year as well 

I like what u have my only changes would be around the wr area. As brown may be out and mvs I hope does well but I can see Rodgers not being in the field all game. Gallup and barrois would be the 2 am looking at. 

but if am honest I’d be torn between them. 
barrois has been getting a lot of targets if brown is active I’d be tempted to replace mvs

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Not sure, I might give the edge to your opponent.  Especially if AB is out this week. 

But that is only on paper.  They have to play the game.  

I think I would remove MVS from your lineup as having 2 packer wR in a game that could easily be lopsided may hurt you.  Like above, I would consider Gallup or Berrios.  If Jordan Howard is able to play that will hurt Boston Scott.  


Sure you want to roll with trey lance?  That is a high risk/reward move.  Although if you are outgunned by just a bit, that may be your best move.  

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I like Huntley and Patterson , over Lance and Scott.  Doesn’t look like A B is going to play, and even if he does , looks like he’ll be limited   

I like Davis   

Good luck, that’s a tough match   


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