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Auction/keeper Trade Question

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On 9/12/2023 at 3:09 PM, Chickie said:

PPR. $200 Superflex 

Team A: Sends Aiyuk $10 and Kittle $7

Team B Sends Evans $7 and Andrews $18

its a reasonably fair deal to be honest.

Aiyuk is worth more than Evans (in my opinion)

Andrews is worth more than Kittle (in my opinion)

its mostly a matter of preference and depending on the rest of the roster you may or may not want to do this trade.

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I think the slight downgrade from Aiyuk to Evans is worth it to get Andrews. 

49ers will have some big weeks offensively but they also want to run the ball and have so many weapons, I’d rather not be starting two of them. 

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