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Mike Honcho

Good morning

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Brutal weekend for Wisconsin sports, but not a bad weekend for West Michigan weather. Low 50's, so I cleaned and organized the garage for winter, mulched all the leaves, got the branches up and stored the convertible. Occasionally, I can be productive on the weekends.

1968 Bob Gibson edges Pete Rose to win NL MVP --- I'll bet Pete didn't see that coming.

Every geek, have a great week.

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Brutal weather in Phoenix but I had an awesome weekend.  Went to the WM Phoenix Open Thursday morning, and left just before the torrential downpoor.  Saw Tool Saturday night, which was the second of my two recent bucketlist concerts (the first being Billy Joel back in December).  And of course watch the SB, but only with my wife and daughter who came over for the game -- I was about all peopled-out by yesterday.  :D 

Had a doctor's appointment this morning, but otherwise a pretty easy week.  Wife got a large porterhouse to celebrate V Day, which we'll probably do Saturday.  Might also have a Geek Meat early next week.  :ninja: 

Have a great week geeks!  :cheers: 

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