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In Topic: I hope you can help me help a Chinese friend out. It's fun and you may le...

Yesterday, 07:42 PM

Too bad you couldnt cobble them together... they each have their own good parts. 3 was easiest to read for a gaijin. Sometimes you leave the more traditional speech to make it seem more period appropriate

In Topic: Cord cutters...anyone use MObdro?

Yesterday, 02:32 PM

I can't tell you what I use to watch live streams of sports and PPV events.
don't want it taken down :ninja:
Penguins vs Phliers stream was in 4K last night

Probably comcast lol

In Topic: Eight-year-old arrested after bringing loaded semi-automatic gun to school...

Yesterday, 02:01 PM

So with all of the awareness. How did this still happen?

Parents = stupid
Kid = stupid

Just freaking morons... across the board

In Topic: Check out these animals (parents) attack, sucker punch and maul a bball referee

17 April 2018 - 08:21 AM

when you want no 5-0 around....

In Topic: NFL player shot in car?

17 April 2018 - 07:43 AM

Whose the crazy guy that fell out of his wifes truck