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  1. My wife is out of town this weekend, she handles the venmo crap in the house. I can either paypal today or venmo tomorrow. Let me know.
  2. Azinger has mentioned "The Euros have done a good job of taking wedge out of the Americans hands" at least 10 times already. I hate him on the broadcast.
  3. Afternoon # of participants: Lager. 3 Patweiser 1 Wonder 4 Edjr 2 No H2H matchups for any of your teams, so all these points are available. Could provide a shakeup to the standings.
  4. Thru Saturday morning matches (unofficial): Patweiser. 6.5 Edjr 5.5 Wonder 4.5 Lager 2.5
  5. Fleetwood/Rory v Thomas/Spieth Hovland/Aberg v Scheffler/Koepka Lowry/Straka v Homa/Harman Rahm/Hatton v Schauffele/Cantlay Spieth should have found himself on the bench tomorrow, he was missing all over the yard, Thomas earned that half point for them. An alternate shot match with the way he spieth hit it today could get ugly. 2nd and 3rd matches should be good, close ones. If Schauffele/Cantlay win i gotta think they get trotted out again in the afternoon. Although schauffele didnt play well in the afternoon and got boatraced by rory and fitzpatrick.
  6. Ed has all four guys playing Saturday am, 2 are H2H. WW has 3 going Lager has 3 ( 2 are H2H) I have three going.
  7. I would include scheffler from the US side as a best bet to play 5 times. But the perceived US depth might prevent that. Its game flowed determined i guess.
  8. 3.03 - Matt Fitzpatrick
  9. Texted ed. He chooses lowry to replace the fleetwood choice
  10. 3.02 - Tyrrell Hatton
  11. 2.03 - Brooks Koepka
  12. Texted ed, he is walking the dog, back home soon and will make picks
  13. patweisers44

    The Bidenomics Thread : Please Post Your Examples

    Good time to get into the repo business.
  14. I thought i saw that the morning matches friday and saturday will start at 1:30 eastern. I think 7 hours difference between east coast and italy