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  1. patweisers44

    I'm going to go ahead and throw a name out there.

    Tom Chambers (greatest video game dunker ever)
  2. patweisers44

    Wednesday non-political thread - IMDB synopsis

    Matchstick Men A fearless Secret Service agent will stop at nothing to bring down the counterfeiter who killed his partner
  3. patweisers44

    **Official MLB 2019**

    Suarez hit what, #48 last night? I wonder why the Tigers cant get guys like him
  4. patweisers44

    Las Vegas

    Having to myself in a "Last Man on Earth" sort of scenario would be kinda cool.
  5. patweisers44

    Wednesday non-political thread - IMDB synopsis

    A drifter discovers a pair of sunglasses that allow him to wake up to the fact that aliens have taken over the Earth. (should be easy and assumes I was right)
  6. patweisers44

    Wednesday non-political thread - IMDB synopsis

    A is for Always B is for Be C is for Closing
  7. patweisers44

    Las Vegas

    Anyone there this weekend/next week? besides me
  8. patweisers44

    Spermoff: Which Cosplay chick would you want to nail?

    Batgirl. The Yvonne Craig version from the old TV show.
  9. patweisers44

    Check out liberals, doing liberal things.

    Had to be the Dark Side of the Moon
  10. patweisers44

    Who else was bigly wrong about Lamar Jackson?

    I thought he would be a bust this year and that Baltimore might fall to last place in that division.
  11. patweisers44

    Thanks for the chainsaw Obama

    POS president whose legacy gets worse with each passing day.
  12. patweisers44

    Democratic debate 2 nites starts tonight?

    I assume they didn't mention much about how they were gonna pay for all that free stuff.
  13. patweisers44

    Best fish You enjoy?

    Don't really like it so I don't eat it really ever. Grouper and halibut if you put a gun to my head.