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  1. patweisers44

    Second best QB to NOT win a Super Bowl

    Pennington !
  2. You mudder fokker.....if i get calls all summer i am gonna be pissed.
  3. To me the absurdity of the whole thing was the appeal. Thus the caricatures that were burns and blake fit better to me. Overall, i felt the show suffered as Alan Alda got his fingerprints on it more and more, so it could be more that than the character changes to be honest.
  4. I think the real answer may be "anywhere where Ted McGinley showed up"
  5. Hunnicut for Trapper Winchester for frank burns Potter for Henry Blake Many others for sure
  6. patweisers44

    ***EdEx 2024 Genesis Invitational***

    @edjr and @bostonlager apply 10 dollars of my winnings to @dain11279 account for Hole in one fiasco and just ship the rest please. Is that cool?
  7. patweisers44

    2 cops, 1 firefighter gunned down in Minnesota

    7 kids in the house between the ages of 2 and 15. Definitely some sort of screw loose in this piece of crap.
  8. patweisers44

    Does hell exist?

    You're posting here right now.
  9. patweisers44

    ***EdEx 2024 Genesis Invitational***

    Rest of the field got Pearl Harbored today. (Gorilla Monsoon reset for Ed's benefit)
  10. patweisers44

    hey idiots

    Nafxaj !!!
  11. patweisers44

    ***EdEx 2024 Genesis Invitational***

    Five-head cant count to four.
  12. patweisers44

    ***EdEx 2024 Genesis Invitational***

    I will root for cantlay to lose to homa by 1 for that payoff.
  13. patweisers44

    ***EdEx 2024 Genesis Invitational***

    Are you cool if we wait till the end if the tourney before we square this up? Planning on winning so trying to avoid paypal flying all over the place.