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  1. patweisers44

    NCAA Hat Challenge 2023

    If anyone wants K-State I am good with that.
  2. Hey i am on vacation all week. I will just send ed a list of guys to draft for me
  3. patweisers44

    ***2023 Wagering Contest*** Free to Join - Winner gets $100

    Virgina and w. Virginia killed me yesterday
  4. patweisers44

    One of the funniest scenes in television...

    For sure. The WKRP thanksgiving scene is up there too.
  5. patweisers44

    NCAA Hat Challenge 2023

    I will take Marquette if no one objects.
  6. patweisers44

    Jokes you couldn't tell today

    The entire script from Blazin' Saddles.
  7. patweisers44

    ***EdEx The Players Championship***

    @edjr by quick calc's i think i cashed this week. If that is the case, top off what i owe for the year and paypal the rest if there is any.
  8. patweisers44

    RIP nzoner

  9. patweisers44

    ***EdEx The Players Championship***

    Not watching...who aced?
  10. patweisers44

    ***EdEx The Players Championship***

    Seriously? Nice!
  11. Dont know where to rank him for sure, but i do know that Matt Stafford owes pretty much every dollar he's ever made to him.
  12. patweisers44

    ***EdEx The Players Championship***

    I love the anger in this thread.
  13. patweisers44

    ***EdEx The Players Championship***

    Third most punchable face on tour: 1) Scheffler 2) JT 3) Keegan
  14. patweisers44

    ***EdEx The Players Championship***

    Fat Irish Pr1ck Betting on golf over the years has just given me a big list of guys i hate.