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  1. patweisers44

    Times person of the year

    that POS got the nod from Sports Illustrated.
  2. patweisers44

    2019-20 MLB Off-Season...

    Yeah, my idea certainly does not take into account the Luxury tax. Its just from the standpoint of how palatable a deal is. I would feel better paying a Cy Young winner 60 million than I would paying a guy 30 million to go 12-11 with a 4+ ERA as a 39 year old on the tail end of one of these deals. I am a Tigers fan, the luxury tax does not compute to me.
  3. patweisers44

    2019-20 MLB Off-Season...

    All of these long term deals feel that way anymore. You gotta pay up to sign these guy which means keeping them around forever or at least well past their peak. I would almost rather pay a guy like Cole 60 million per year for 5 years and get him off the books than pay him 30+ for nine years and have him in the "2019 Miguel Cabrera or Singlio Ordonez at the end of his deal" stage in life.
  4. patweisers44

    FF Scruples

    That's the impression I was under when I made my statement. allowable to field a team without a defense.
  5. patweisers44

    Patrick Reed - cheetah!

    ...and he did it twice....once sort of outside the ball and one on the inside, cleaning up a lot of sand from behind his ball.
  6. patweisers44

    FF Scruples

    the guys Frank Vogel replaces Lebron with CANT score negative points. I think you are way off on this, Cruz.
  7. I didn't realize Lil' Jon was John Daly's kid. A-WHATTT? YEA-AHHH!!!
  8. They will have to move it to a different weekend away from the Tiger hosted tourney in the Bahamas.
  9. patweisers44

    I'm so ronery

    You're busting my barrs, Hans Brix!
  10. patweisers44

    Has HS football changed since you played?

    I thought he only flew in for the games..
  11. patweisers44

    Can Michigan actually beat OSU today?

    The slobber brothers? Brandstatter and Dan Dildorf? They are the worst. I once heard Brandstatter say this during a broadcast: "every time we get the ball it starts to rain, when Notre Dame gets it, the rain stops. its unfair."
  12. patweisers44

    10 people shot in New Orleans today early morning

    I was there a couple years ago the same time and like 10 people were shot, I think one died. Apparently the Bayou Classic, aka "Soul Bowl" brings this along with it every year.
  13. Hey, fock off... you smarmy doosh pr1ck.
  14. I will be there. Either Detroit or Las Vegas...or both.