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Auction Draft Results?

28 August 2017 - 03:18 PM

Drafting this weekend.


Full results, partial, or even info on players and/or tiers that didn't go as expected or anything that jumped out at you.


Particularly interested in the tier 3-4 RBs per FFToday here: http://www.fftoday.c...n=2017&PosID=20


Any insight appreciated.

FF formats during NFL playoffs?

30 December 2016 - 11:48 AM

Haven't done in like 8-10 years, few of us interested in doing again.  


Here's how we did in the past if memory serves: 4 owners only (so enough players to go around, and typically that's about only amount of ppl who want to do it anyway), snake draft, each owner puts in like $20-25, winner take all. H2H each week, field a standard line-up each week, as teams fall off, your players from those teams fall off, so then just field best line-up you can each week. 2 teams with best record after 3 rounds play in Super Bowl round.  


Thinking about it, never really liked that, would prefer to have everyone at least have chance till end. Cumulative scoring through all rounds but technically could be someone/s so far behind that they were essentially out of it by last round anyway...but unlikely right? It would just be 3 rounds before the SB round so got to figure all 4 teams would be relatively close together scoring wise to make that last round have everyone having a shot.


Or suggestions for other formats? What do you do in your own FF during NFL playoffs?