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  1. rocko5961

    Brees or Rodgers ROS

    Thanks for the advice...
  2. rocko5961

    Brees or Rodgers ROS

    Any other input? I have till 12 PM today to complete this trade.
  3. rocko5961

    Brees or Rodgers ROS

    Well, my trade deadline is approaching just right before week 10 games start. So far I have 2 votes to trade Brees for Rodgers. I would like to hear from others so I can make my final decision. Thank you all! This is not a dynasty league. No keeper's for next year.
  4. rocko5961

    Brees or Rodgers ROS

    I have Drew Brees but have been offered a fair trade to acquire Aaron Rodgers. Which QB would you want for the next 6 weeks? I am content with Brees but the running game might temper Bree's output as compared to Rodgers, but Rodger's schedule looks more difficult than Bree's. Let me know what you all think. This is a great site with great advice!!
  5. rocko5961

    Is it time to trade DeAndre Hopkins?

    I spoke with the owner and he won't do a package deal of other WR's he just wants Hopkins for Kelce, Boyd & Jordy.
  6. rocko5961

    Is it time to trade DeAndre Hopkins?

    In our league we don't have a TE, they are thrown in with WR's group. So it's looks like this should be a good deal for me then.
  7. My league is a 1 pt ppr & yardage touchdown. I am concerned about Watson's upcoming schedule (2nd hardest from now till week 15). We start either 3 or 4 wr's and I am wondering if it's time to unload Hopkins? Here are my WR's Hopkins, JuJu, Evans, Landry, Galloday, John Brown I have one guy who wants Hopkins so desperate- he is offering Kelce, Boyd & Jordy for Hopkins straight up. What do you think? I can use the advice for this stretch run or should I just stay put?
  8. I am in desperate need for a RB to go along with Kamara. My team is listed below QB - Brees, Winston RB - Kamara, Lindsey, Aaron Jones, L. Miller WR - Hopkins, Evans, JuJu, Landry, Kutee, Galloday, John Brown We are in ppr & td scoring league I usually start 4 WR's & 2 RB's or we can go 3 & 3 of each I have been offered Melvin Gordon, Tyler Boyd & TY for Hopkins & Evans Should I do this trade ?
  9. We play in a 1 pt PPR & TD League. I am hurting at RB's. We start a combo of either 3 RB's & 3 WR's or 2 RB's & 4 WR's I usually go 2 RB's & 4 WR's My RB's are: Kamara, Coleman, Miller & R. Freeman My WR's are Hopkins, Kupp, R. Woods, JJ Schuster, Galloday, Landry & M. Williams I have been offered Ingram & A. Cooper for Woods & Kupp. The person making the offer is a Goff owner who is in my division. Would you make this trade?
  10. rocko5961

    Need 2 WR and 2 FLEX out of these options

    Hogan Woods(gut feeling) Conner Anderson.
  11. rocko5961

    Trade Deandre Hopkins before season starts?

    Thanks all! I will keep Hopkins.
  12. I have Deandre Hopkins on my team in a 1 pt per ppr, yardage league. I am wondering how Deshaun Watson is going to rebound this year and has the league caught onto to him to design a defense to stop him. I have an offer on the table for Hopkins for Michael Thomas straight up, very tempting but want to hear your advice. In our league, we start 1 qb, either 4 wr's & 2 rb's or 3 wr's & 3 rb's. Here is my team: Brees Newton Kamara R. Freeman L. Miller T. Coleman Hopkins JuJU R. Wood C. Kupp J. Landry S.Shepard K. Cole