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  1. rocko5961

    QB for week 16 Purdy or ???

    Brock Purdy has been my main QB since week 5 since I went WR-heavy in the draft. Now he faces Balt in my semi-game. Should I stick with him? I have Lawrence on the bench against Tampa if he clears Concussion protocol or I could grab a free agent QB -- Geno vs Tenn Baker Mayfield vs Jacksonville or Mullens vs Detroit. What would you do?
  2. rocko5961

    Tyreek or Lamb for next Year

    I play in a 10-team PPR league. We are allowed only 2 keepers and 1 position per player( EX 1 WR & 1 RB ). I had a great draft and ended up with Tyreek Hill & CD Lamb, of course, come next year I have to throw one back in. There is another team in the same boat that wants to make a trade for next year, he has Bijon Robinson & Jamyr Gibbs. Who would you keep and trade? MY RB sucks so I would be willing to trade.
  3. rocko5961

    Getting Roster for Season End Run

    Any advice on this updated deal would be greatly appreciated. The trade deadline expires at the start of this Thursday night football game.
  4. Weepaw,

    What do you think of this trade? I have been using Purdy almost all season since I went WR-heavy in my draft.

    These are my WRs

    Tyreek Hill, Waddle, Cee Dee Lamb, Metcalf, Deebo, Marquise Brown & Rashee Rice

    We have the option of starting 3 RB's & 3 WR's or 2 RB's & 4 WR's. I have been starting 4 all season.

    Currently sitting at 8-2 and want to get ready for the playoffs. Tue has a horrible playoff schedule and

    I am wondering if it's time to move Tyreek Hill. I have one owner who has offered me Josh Allen, Diggs & Higgins

    for Tyreek. I know Higgins is hurt but his playoff schedule looks good. Should I jump on this deal or hold steady?

  5. rocko5961

    Getting Roster for Season End Run

    Ok, a new owner has come into the deal now, this team has Josh Allen & Dak as his QBs. He has offered me, Josh Allen & Diggs & T. Higgins for Tyreek Hill. I know that Higgins is hurt but his playoff schedule looks great. I am wondering if the new offensive coach will make a difference. My QB has been Purdy so been on a good roll with him but Allen could be an improvement. What do you think?
  6. rocko5961

    Getting Roster for Season End Run

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  7. I play in a 10-team PPR league. I run off a good win streak and sitting at 7 - 2. Now I want to shore up my roster and get ready for the end of the season and playoffs. My Starting QB Has been Purdy with Goff as my backup. Here is my concern, WRs for Miami. I see that Tua ends the season with week 15 NYJ, week 16 Dallas, and week 17 Baltimore. That is brutal for Hill and Waddle which I own both for the playoff run. Here is a list of my WRs Tyreek Hill Jalen Waddle DK Metcalf Marquise Brown Sam Laporta Deebo Samuel So the question is would you try to trade Tyreek Hill & Waddle because of their season-ending schedule? The owner of Tua wants to trade me Kupp & Chase for Hill & Waddle. What are your thoughts?
  8. rocko5961

    Trade Offer for Tyreek Hill

  9. rocko5961

    Trade Offer for Tyreek Hill

    I am in a 10 team 1 pt ppr & yardage league. I feel that I had a good draft with the 0-rb idea, and went heavy on WRs. We can start up to 4 WR which I do and go with 2 RBs. Right the formula is working well for me 3-0 after tonight Here are my WRs Tyreek Hill Deebo Samuels Cee Dee Lamb Christian Watson Puka Nacua(dropped Drake London after 1st week 0) Jameson Williams (suspended) Romeo Dobbs I have an owner who has Tua and wants my Tyreek Hill. His schedule looks a bit difficult in the next few weeks so I am wondering if now is a good time to move him on. The owner has offered me Keenan Allen & Jamar Chase for Tyreek. What do you think?
  10. rocko5961

    Week 15 lineup help needed

    Do you like White over Cousins? They are both available to me. I just notice that Cousins seems to have production problems when he plays against a better def. I think Indy is ranked 18th.
  11. rocko5961

    Week 15 lineup help needed

    Any recommendation would be greatly appreciated.
  12. rocko5961

    Week 15 lineup help needed

    I have been riding the Seattle connection (Geno, Lockett, Metcalf) for the last 6 weeks and it's been a ride but next week is SF next. I have Lawrence on the bench but on the waiver wire, we have, Cousins, Rodgers, Matt Ryan & Tannehill. Who would you grab to replace Geno? The last time they played each other earlier in the season Geno only had 9 pts and Trevor is up against Dallas. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  13. rocko5961

    Bench Time - Need some advice

    Trying to get my bench in order since our rosters are frozen once week 13 is over. Playoff's run weeks 14-17 and we play with what we have on our bench. The dead weight on my bench is Cooper Kupp, I can hold onto him as a keeper for next year or just let him go. My current WRs are Olave, Metcalf, Lockett, Keenan, Palmer & People-Jones. We start 4 WRs. I am looking to grab either Hockenson or Schultz since we don't have a TE position and they fall under the WR category. What do you think?
  14. I have had Keenan Allen on my since the draft day in a PPR league. Now 10 weeks later I have only used him once? Is it time to drop him and look at Free Agent's WR? Here is what is available: Pickens, Slayton, Mecole H, Samuel, TJ Hockenson, Josh Reynolds, Peoples-Jones Let me know what you think. Thanks!
  15. rocko5961

    Keepers for 2022 Season

    First I want to thank you all for your advice last year in helping me win my league championship! I play in a 10-team PPR league and we are allowed to hold on to 2 keepers for this season. You can only hold 1 positional player (EX. 1 WR & 1 RB) you are not allowed to hold 2 players at the same position. So here we go and let me know your picks My team from last year RB Najee Harris Javonte Williams Alvin Kamara WR Cooper Kupp Cee Dee Lamb Brandon Aiyuk QB Prescott Stafford Who would you hold? I am leaning towards Lamb & Harris but value your opinion.