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  1. rocko5961

    Trade Deal 2 for 4 swap

    Thanks! Declining the deal.
  2. rocko5961

    Trade Deal 2 for 4 swap

    In my league, we can start either 3 or 4 WR's. I have always started 4 WR's & 2 RB's in a PPR league. I have an owner who has Stafford and wants Copper Kupp and Robert Woods from me. These are my current WR'S -- Kupp, Woods, DJ Moore, CeeDee, Amari Cooper & Michael Thomas from IR I have been lucky playing 2 WR's from the same team, I am 4-1 as of today. Here is the trade offer I send Kupp & Woods I get Diggs, Mike Williams, Claypool & C. Patterson What do you think? It's tempting but have been running good so far so could decline also.
  3. I have too many players off week 6, so trying to clean up I was offered Robert Woods(week 13) for Deebo(week 6) My other wr's are Lamb, Cooper, DJ Moore, Kupp, Michael Thomas) Would you make this trade?
  4. rocko5961

    Big Trade -- Need advice

    Thank you all. I will decline the trade.
  5. rocko5961

    Big Trade -- Need advice

    I play in a 10 man PPR league Trade question --- I give up Javonte Williams, Najee Harris & Amari Cooper and I get Ezekiel Elliot, T. Pollard & Stafford. I only start 2 RB's in my league so I would have Kamara, T. Jones, Elliott, Pollard & Michel. My only QB is Dak, I have no backup QB It's not a dynasty league and at end of the season, I can only keep 2 players 1 from each position. What do you think? Too early to move on the rookies or a good time to trade them?
  6. rocko5961

    Streaming Ds

    Let me ask this --- I am looking at our Free agent pool and the following DEF are available -- GB, NO & ARZ. I am thinking that GB is going to trash Det, but would you grab NO or ARZ for the rest of the season?
  7. rocko5961

    Draft help -- Keepers

    Thanks for the update!
  8. rocko5961

    Draft help -- Keepers

    Right since I can only keep 1 position player I could go Kamara & Lamb but I'm not really high on Kamara with Taysom stealing his plays so I could go Taylor & Lamb or Murray & Taylor and hope that Cee Dee drops back to me at the 3rd pick. I will go with what you guys recommend.
  9. rocko5961

    Draft help -- Keepers

    I play in a 10 man PPR league and we are allowed 2 keepers(1 position player only, Ex 1 QB & 1 RB or 1 RB & 1 WR) We have to announce our keepers 24 hrs prior to the draft which will be Sept 4th I have the 3rd pick in the draft and wondering who should I hold onto: Kyler Murray Alvin Kamara Jonathan Taylor Cee Dee Lamb If I hold onto Murray & Kamara I feel that Cee Dee or Taylor will be there at 3 but I heard that Calvin Ridley may be there also along with Ezekiel Eliott. What would you do?
  10. rocko5961

    Week 13 Flex which WR do I start

    I like to play on the dangerous side so I would go with Aiyuk since Deebo is back and then Pittman
  11. rocko5961

    QB Help Week 13

    Thanks for the advice! Murray it is!
  12. rocko5961

    QB Help Week 13

    I'll add to this also. I have Murray and have been riding him all year but now it's do or die.. I Have Tanneyhill on the bench, do I start him for this week?
  13. rocko5961

    Time to get rid of dead wood???

    Thank you all for the great input. Going to target Landry & Lazard in the free-agent pool.
  14. I am getting ready for the playoffs and need to clean up my bench. Since Burrow went down I have Boyd along with Cee Dee Lamb, is it time to cut these 2 and go with talent that may be able to help me in the playoffs? Here are my WR'S Boyd, Lamb, Julio Jones, Lockett, Debo, Diontae Johnson(We start 3 WR's at 1 ppr) The free agency I am looking at Landry, Lazard, Mike Williams, Marquise Brown, Pittman, Coutee Any of these worth grabbing for Boyd & Lamb?
  15. rocko5961

    Joe Burrow knee injury

    How bad is this going to affect Boyd & Higgins?