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  1. Baker Boy

    Peaceful transfer of power

  2. Baker Boy

    The elbow bump

    There is nothing worst than being in a sports bar and some drunk loser comes up to you and says high five. I see it as the actions of a caveman.
  3. Baker Boy

    I feel bad for cops.

    You take your limited personal experiences and apply them an entire group of people. I just applied my opinion to you from our interaction. I that clear enough?
  4. Baker Boy

    I feel bad for cops.

    Yes, it is a one on one opinion, not an opinion of the entire state of Iowa. Do you see the difference?
  5. Baker Boy

    I feel bad for cops.

    That is what happens when you don’t listen and jump to conclusions.
  6. Baker Boy

    I feel bad for cops.

    I know from your opinions just like everyone else who is giving you crap. You are very clueless on many issues.
  7. Baker Boy

    I feel bad for cops.

    You lack the experience to form your own opinion because your experiences are very limited. You should say my experience in Chithole USA is.... You try to speak for the entire country from your little spot on the planet.
  8. Baker Boy

    I feel bad for cops.

    But you can’t quote them or provide a link so it is meaningless.
  9. Baker Boy

    I feel bad for cops.

    That is because you can’t back up your opinions with facts. HTH
  10. Baker Boy

    The elbow bump

    The high five is the dumbest!
  11. Baker Boy

    Masked Singer premiere tonight

    If the singers are masked how do you know they are really singing ? What is the point?
  12. Baker Boy

    Joe Biden said what?

    But you didn’t say why, I was elaborating on your statement.
  13. Baker Boy

    Joe Biden said what?

    Government pensions are in stock market that affects all of us.
  14. Baker Boy

    On today's daily cancel....SPLASH MOUNTAIN

    Mars drops Uncle Ben's, reveals new name for rice brand https://www.foxbusiness.com/markets/mars-drops-uncle-bens-reveals-new-name-for-rice-brand
  15. Baker Boy

    Offical: I voted 2020

    I would mail at the post office and cut out the middle man. One less obstacle.