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  1. Lake209

    Hello Caller, I'm Listening ...

    Guru: 6 pt TD & ppr = yes. 2 questions: 1) Any reason not to start Russell Wilson over Phillip Rivers this week. 2) Got rest of line-up covered except for 1 flex spot. My best 2 are Jalen Samuels & Antonio Callaway. You call it. Thanks!
  2. Lake209

    post your 7-0 teams

    P. Rivers M.Gordon J. Mixon J. Jones E.Sanders J.Brown Rams DST Bench: A.Collins, C. Thompson, T.Lockett, S.Sheperd 12 team / No TE / 1 pt. PPR. ...like a moron...i just dropped Coutee for...Ronald Jones. Nice game by Fuller last night.
  3. Lake209

    Pick 2 Flex. Pick 1 QB

    12-team PPR league starts 2 flex players. Need the highest points for 2 of these 5 in Week 3: George Kittle (vs. KC) John Brown (vs. Den.) Tyler Lockett (vs. Dallas) Alex Collins (vs. Den.) Peyton Barber (vs. Pitt.) I like Kittle & Brown. Someone convince me otherwise? Next, I need the best scoring QB of: Phillip Rivers (on the road, vs. the Rams) Russell Wilson (home opener, vs. Dallas) Of course Rivers might ‘play’ and ‘look’ better than Wilson, with the ‘Hawks struggling, but will Rivers score more this week vs. a tough D?
  4. Flacco apologist (for Thurs game only): He had a decent fantasy game against Cincy in early 2017. Tonights game set up to be close, and i think the jury is still out on how good the Collins/Allen combo will shake out, meaning: i think he will throw a bunch of balls tonight. Ravens receivers are as healthy & good as theyve been in years. Flacco wont be a monster, but should delver a totally decent game this evening. Range of 250 + 2 tds. Sounds like you could do worse off waivers.
  5. Lake209

    Week 2 early NFL game prediction.

    Take the Ravens tonight.
  6. Lake209


    Please be-be Jebus: maketh it not raineth 10 inches in Washington so i mayeth starteth Chris Johnson in my flexeth.
  7. Lake209

    Snead replacement...or not

    Not crazy at all. With Gates out (make sure of this), Henry makes a good play for yards and a td in any standard league this week. Pretty sure both Rivers & Luck are 40+ throws each this week. And I would pick Henry over Stills, who is now WR3 in Miami...you are exactly right...if Dolphins go up early, one would think that the second half might become a 'try out' of sorts between Ajayi & Drake. Help: http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=458363
  8. Lake209

    Alshon Jefferey hurt again! Need WR help!

    I'll throw a wrench in & go with Alshon. 'Knee soreness' is what I read on his injury. As a former AJ owner, I understand what is pretty-much weekly frustration on monitoring the guys health. Still, he should suit up - and if he does - I simply like him better than Benjamin...Alshon is simply the better player. Bears get a home game plus Hoyer, who knows how to (and almost nothing else) throw to his big receiver (a'la: Hopkins). Mind you, Benjamin should be fine with Rivers throwing to him in a juicy match-up. I have read that Vontae Davis might be back from injury this week...but certainly not full strength. Any, if Davis does provide some coverage against Benjamin, I downgrade him (if, if, if, and if so, slightly). Sorry...not a Bears homer...although Alshon did play for the Gamecocks...my alma mater...and was gifted a ball that he signed... I admit bias, but really, where was Jeffery drafted?..where was Benjamin drafted. I like to start my 1's. Your opinion is wanted here: http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=458363
  9. Lake209

    Flex quandary...

    In light of Gronk (puke), this is exactly the move. If SD/Indy score ends up 38-41, you win.
  10. Forte = value high. ARob = value low. The AP owner in your league (at least for this week) has Gordon, C-Mike, and Yeldon. <--I think?..based on what you said? Anyway, *IF you think Forte will break down - and *IF you think ARob will rise up - why not pitch that deal? I'd do it now. http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=458363
  11. Lake209

    Decker or Travis Benjamin this week in PPR?

    Don't think I'd 'ride the wave' (<--yet) with Benjamin. Decker a proven commodity...plus Enunwa and B.Marsh both banged up. Decker, with confidence. If you please: http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=458363
  12. Lake209

    Flex help please!..Cobb or Simms?......whir

    Cobb vs. Simms? = Simms - or is it - Decker vs. Simms? = Decker. http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=458363
  13. Lake209

    WR 2?

    D. Thomas. I wouldn't even consider the others over him if he hadn't been hurt in W1. Went 5/90 last week, with the hurt hip. Lots of talk (me included) about Sharpe & T.Williams on this board right now...but those conversations about flex spots...personally, I'm hoping T.Williams can rise up to low-end WR2 level this week. It's true, Sharpe might have a good week...as a rookie..on a team that wants to run... D. Thomas is your best talent; don't think I'd fuss to much over Cincy's D. Mine: http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=458363
  14. Lake209

    Waiver Wire RB Potential - WHIR

    With the improvement of Gordon (should continue in W3), you are OK at RB. Hill and T. Coleman just fine at RB2 or flex...considering Yeldon + Jags O-line problems, Ivory should get a shot. Of the RB's you listed, Vereen is getting talk as the hot pick for a W3 start - but you don't need him this week, are not playing PPR (<--Vereen's specialty), Jennings's thumb will get better - so I would remove Vereen from your consideration. Asiata is the safe-not-sexy pick...for your standard league, he is easily the most 'sure thing,' imo. Vikings love him because he pass-blocks well. I think in the past (w/no AP) Asiata has been better in standard because of qb-protection & short yardage work. With McKinnon in, he is probably td-dependant, but hey...he will score td's. Morris is the would-be beast/RB1/stud of the group but really needs a Zeke injury for that to happen...and Jerry Jones won't let Zeke ride pine unless his legs won't carry him. The Washington/Howard/Drake choices = a crap shoot. All are talented...but the jury is out. All appear to be set to get a shot...and Howard is getting plenty of talk because of how bad Langford has looked. Personally, I like Drake here...but he 'needs' Asiata to look as bad as he did in the preseason. Quite frankly, there just is little sample-size on any of these 3 to know who might rise up. Everyone is guessing this week. If you like to gamble on something better than Asiata, you have a 33% chance to hit. Help: http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=458363
  15. Lake209

    Who to drop? Take the 0? Leave a link for yours

    At this point (Saturday; 3:45pm EST), Walker looks like about a 50/50 shot to suit up. Hold any drops until tomorrow. That said, I wouldn't prefer to drop any of these players for a streaming TE, including Crabtree and/or Eli. Trade w/a frustrated zero-win owner? Man, I don't know...