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  1. Lake209

    Week 17 All-Out Blitz (2023) ...

    Thank you, Guru. Last game worked out great, in part thanks to your help this season. Havent been #1 in a while…feels great. Thank you to the many other members here for your individual advice this year. You all make this board the best in fantasy. Hope you had great success this week & this season.
  2. Lake209

    Jones or Conner?

    Conner as well. Dude is averaging almost 5 yards per carry…in of all places…Zona…. If anyone is going to score for AZ, about 75% it will be him.
  3. Tx; i picked up Mims today on the 'maybe flex-worthy' if Sutton is out due to concussion. Just curious if any info on Stidham. I see that he took his first (4) snaps in last weeks game...so there's probably not anything to go on. Mims = probably stays benched.
  4. Lake209

    Champion ship week Defense?

  5. Stidham? If Sutton plays (Jeudy, BJohnson, Mims/RB-group)...same/better/worse value for the Broncos skill players with Stidham behind center?
  6. Lake209

    Week 17 All-Out Blitz (2023) ...

    12 team; full PPR. Was second-best all season & finished that way, thankfully earning a bye. Won playoff & now play the league-best team in the final. I am limping in though…lost Kirk, Tank, & now Waddle & Pacheco seem unlikely, got Aiyuk but a busted-up Purdy.... Unless Pacheco recovers (& who knows about Waddle...), I will have to start 3 of the following 7. Need the most-likely best (3) scoring options - and amongst all candidates, would appreciate an opinion on 1 who is most likely to ‘boom.’ Against this league-best manager, I'd like to balance certain points against a possible gamble on 1 player who has a good chance to hit big. TChandler (good matchup, but Mattison...& qb swap) Marquise Brown (if he plays; great matchup?), DGoedert (mid matchup; but playing well), Jameson Williams (role increasing?), DWicks (if CW or JR out), MMims (Sutton concussed...if he plays, great matchup, & qb-swap), JDowns (mid-matchup; but Colts have a must win). Bonus: Waddle...now reported as a might play. With a 'not serious high ankle' and vs. Baltimore - he is trustworthy?
  7. Lake209

    Who will be your playoff surprise?

    Good call on McKinnon *if* Pacheco is out. Khalil Shakir warms up this week, then explodes in the last 2. Ty Chandler wins leagues.
  8. Lake209

    McBride or Taysom...ppr?

  9. Lake209

    Pick 1 RB - Freeman or Algeier

    Can’t call it. Would view ‘Rankings,’ this site & others, then go with the combined consensus.
  10. Lake209

    FLEX: J. Ford or R. Rice?

    Mine: ‘Starts vs. Sits’ = not far down the scroll. Would appreciate your feedback.
  11. Lake209

    FLEX: J. Ford or R. Rice?

    Rice. Lot of folk on this board & elsewhere with strong opinions that the Rams dst is going to feast on Cleveland this week. Seems like there might end up being a lot of throws by Flacco in between a bunch of sacks & interceptions. I really dig Ford for his playoff run…but this week what with the qb carousel seems dicey. I wouldn’t be over the moon on Rice, but his floor seems about the same as Fords - and his ability to blow-up seems much higher. (Would play Rice over Guyton too). Nice question; good luck.
  12. Lake209

    Ppr. Ford vs Stevenson vs swift

    Yes to Stevenson.
  13. Lake209

    ETN MNF Questionable.

    I think (hope?) if TE plays, he’ll be fine. Said differently, if he plays - you should start him. Other options: A) if DJohnson & TankB are out there, you could drop your crappiest bench player ‘now’ then wait for the MNF news, & if TE is out, pick up DJ or TB. B ) what you said & roll with one of the other 3 you mention. Wilson looked pretty good last week. 50’ish yards & some catches: maybe he does that & flops in for a td…. Yikes all around, but at least the Etienne news seems generally positive for now.
  14. Lake209

    Baltimore Running Back ROS

    Nice, especially so w/Moss, given the Taylor injury. Looks solid, man. I’d probably keep Spears; you may never play him but (…just like with Moss/Taylor), you have a league winner is Spears if Henry goes out. Others may disagree, but Mitchell, although he may have spikes w/big play ability (which, is his draw for rostering), does not seem likely to rise past rb3 level. Bad schedule + 3 ravens rbs make him a great flex, nothing more. And: in dropping Davis and Rice (esp Davis), you have planted landmines for other managers to pick up. Hopefully, your playoff opponents will start these players against you, resulting in the 0-7 point floor for both these guys. Genius move; you are the best ff manager ever. Good luck winning first place.
  15. Lake209

    Superflex Suck

    Yes; . Browning.