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  1. Lake209

    Lazard. Flex-worthy-or-better?

    Finally, a projection: 10
  2. He looked good with a limited number of snaps this past Monday. A bit of play afterwards on popular fantasy sites & podcasts...but really, not much in the way of a viable add. Adams/Allison/and MVS banged up. The GB #4 (...Slayton?..name escapes me) looked pretty bad in the past weeks game. Aaron Rogers paid high compliments to Lazard after the game... My *S*N-app has Lazard projected at 0 points. Why? Anyone else like the player this week? Start-worthy?..or am I way off base?
  3. Lake209

    1x4 Flex play

    Thanks Axe. Diggs is in...I just dont like it for purely greedy reasons (aka: the thought of losing). I may swap-out tomorrow...Waller is my #2..
  4. Lake209

    WR for WR trade - would you?

    I heard San Fran was trying to land ESanders...like above...probably some radio or podcast... Yeah, I’d hold Diggs. Dorsett might end up just as good as Gorden for fantasy purposes. Diggs is far, far superior to JG. Wait a week or 3
  5. Lake209

    PPR Flex help

    Sony got a ‘start of the week’ either here or on Roto or both... Seems that he’d get fed both early & late in the game with the Pats easily handling the Skins
  6. Lake209

    TY Hilton or Gallman?

    If TY’s status in the morning is for a ‘gametime decision,’ I would not risk laying an egg - and would roll w/your RB.
  7. Lake209

    Who to flex?

    White. 8 or more catches & a score not out of the question.
  8. Lake209

    Which WR to go with?

    Robinson seems the safest and has a good matchup. Williams injury & split w/x2 other backs make you other two options better imo. I have Dorsett too...but am thinking the Skins will be out of the game by the half. He’ll have to score a td this week to be really good
  9. Lake209

    Which Quarterback

    It’s close - but Winston. He’s playing well
  10. Lake209

    Trade for Boyd?

    IMO; the value down the stretch seems fairly equal for both, given the status in KC of McCoy & Darrel getting carries w/DWill. Boyd is a good WR2 or high-end WR3, even with Green. What jrokh said: if you need a every week steady WR - then sure
  11. Lake209

    Rate my 1-3 TEAM

    Kelce should be a monster this week. If he goes nuts, would be hard to trade him but i’d be you could get a great high value player in exchange. If Dak does well in W5: same thing: try some package trade to the guy who lost Brees/Trubisky/BenRoth. Your RB group looks decent; maybe ahoot for a WR upgrade
  12. Lake209

    1x4 Flex play

    PPR. Got to start 1 of these 4: S.Diggs, D.Waller, P.Dorsett, A.Tate Diggs & his + coach/team drama makes me anxious. Waller seems safe for say, 8/80/0...but the game location & matchup aren’t great. Dorsett & Tate seem equally safe for targets & maybe a score. Are these players basically the same guy in W5? - or is there some really big boom potential that I’m missing? Any strong thoughts on which one to start over the other?
  13. Lake209

    the Jet

    You could do worse. Cowboys probably fairly decent this week.
  14. Lake209

    Trade Julio?

    12 team ppr. QB, 2-RB, 2-WR/TE, 2-flex. (No mandatory TE). WR: Julio, Thielen, Diggs, Godwin, Samuel, Waller, A.Miller. RB: Carson, ...and...RPenny, JHill, Pollard, Darwin Williams, & Ty Mont. On offer: I give Julio. I get Kelce & LMurray. Thoughts?