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  1. Lake209

    Sifting through my RB/WR trash

    Fornette, Foreman, Allgeier Godwin, Meyers, Gallup
  2. Lake209

    Playoff flex advice needed

    I’d play both Goodwin or Dotson over Moss. Goodwin seems to have the better matchup this week although Dotson is supremely talented. Tough choice. Good luck.
  3. Lake209

    Trust Fields this week?

    No EStBrown & no Claypool at WR. Who is Fields throwing to? Kmet? DMont & Herbert?
  4. Lake209

    Weather Affecting your Start/Sits?

    Seems that weather condition(s) start/sit decisions will be unpredictable & unavoidable for nearly every fantasy manager this week. Your opponent may have similar predicaments. Unless you have really good other options or unless you can foresee the ‘worst’ weather games this week (and then adjust), it may wise to keep your best players in place. RB: I like Fournette & Walker..would not switch to Moss or Hubbard. WR: MWilliams & Goodwin <—who should be fine with Lockett out, esp vs. KC. Flex: either Chubba or DJMoore. What you said about weather - plus the Jets qb. Wilson feels like an OK sit this week.
  5. Lake209

    Semi Final Line Up Help WR Suck and D Question

    Not Burks. Tannehill is out. DJohnson & Slayton for sure. Probably? Doubs for the #3, although your free agent pool might provide a better option. Titans dst.
  6. Lake209

    Sit 1

    Yes sir. Dont like it, but am 92.5% to sit Hopkins. Thanks again.
  7. Lake209

    Matt Ryan to the bench, Nick Foles to start

    Is Pittman better-off, worse, or about the same?
  8. Lake209

    Semi Final Line Up Help WR Suck and D Question

    Yikes. You are in a pickle. 1) Dionte for sure. 2-a) Slayton, as the next-best you got. 2-b) I'd play Burks *in place of Slayton* as your #2 if (if, if if) both Burks and Tannehill are fully-healthy. Is a Saturday game, so you should be able to get a good take on that, either by 5pm Friday or just after 11am, just before gametime. I'd say that this game is the 'DHenry show,' but Burks should get you at least as many points as any of next guys on your list, if he and RT play. 3-a) Slayton, if you also start Burks 3-b) Maybe a free Agent (not Hodges nor Doubs). M.Goodwin? JDotson? R.Shaheed?
  9. Lake209

    Sit 1

    Yes, it’s hard to like his match up vs. the Eagles…Jordan Davis, Suh, etc. Pollard has been so damn good though. Only under 10pts once since mid season; multiple weeks 20+. I admit not having the stones to bench him. Good luck with your bet. For more fun, i also have ZKnight (vs Jax) and RWhite (vs. AZ) benched. Both have favorable matchups. Suggest: All parties put in $20. Pick 2 of 9: Barkley, Pollard, Dobbins, AJ Brown, Hopkins, MWilliams, CWatson, Knight, RWhite. PPR scoring. LOWEST point total scoops.
  10. Lake209

    Week 16 All-Out Blitz ...

    Dr. Guru: In full-PPR, I have to sit 1 of these 7. Have put this up over on 'A Little Help,' and the small-sample of feedback is to leave out either Dobbins or Watson. For myself, I'm leaning toward sitting Hopkins...re: the QB situation there, AZ having no shot at the playoffs, and a game I think may be low-scoring. How do you see it? Is there an particularly awful RB/WR matchup here (vs. a team defense/lineman/edge/db/safety/etc.) that I'm overlooking? Who is the odd man out? Thanks very much. Barkley; @ Vikings Pollard; at home vs. Philly Dobbins; at home vs. Atlanta AJ Brown; @ Cowboys Hopkins; at home vs. Tampa Bay Mike Williams; @ Colts C. Watson; @ Miami
  11. Lake209

    Sit 1

    Shi**y mobile-phone post…sorry. This is for W16 (obviously). Hate to say it b/c i like the player - but i **think** it’s Nuk to the bench. Hopkins (team) the only one of the bunch playing for pride-only. The rest have more at stake. Further thoughts?
  12. Lake209

    Sit 1

    Full-PPR. 6 of these guys play; 1 of the 7 must ride the pine. Who would you sit? Barkley; @ Vikings Pollard; at home vs. Philly Dobbins; at home vs. Atlanta AJ Brown; @ Cowboys Hopkins; at home vs. Tampa Bay Mike Williams; @ Colts C. Watson; @ Miami
  13. Lake209

    Elijah Mitchell To Miss 6 - 8 Weeks

    TDPrice or Jordan Mason? Next #2 behind CMC?
  14. Lake209

    Justin Fields

    I picked up Fields off waivers when he got popular…and (like other managers), he won weeks for me. Am lucky to have Hurts…. At this point (and b/c am playoff-bound & have another qb-1), I’m keeping Fields due to the Detroit matchup in W17. If he plays well through injury, i’d like the *option* to consider playing him against a team that he recently put up +50 points against. This is both luxury & greed on my part. If i were in different circumstances, I’d likely waive Fields (given his healthy & tough opponents in next weeks). Still may do so if it looks like he’ll be shut down…. Much may depend on how your season is shaping up.