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  1. Lake209

    the Jet

    You could do worse. Cowboys probably fairly decent this week.
  2. Lake209

    Trade Julio?

    12 team ppr. QB, 2-RB, 2-WR/TE, 2-flex. (No mandatory TE). WR: Julio, Thielen, Diggs, Godwin, Samuel, Waller, A.Miller. RB: Carson, ...and...RPenny, JHill, Pollard, Darwin Williams, & Ty Mont. On offer: I give Julio. I get Kelce & LMurray. Thoughts?
  3. Lake209

    Dj Moore for Malcolm Brown?

    Malcoms seems to have stand alone value, even with Gurley. I think i’d hold him for now and for the reasons stated above
  4. Lake209

    Flex help ppr

    I like Samuel, but with the team W1 performance & the short week (game tonight), I’d say no. Pretty sure its Andrews. Already know that he can be a monster...stay with the hot hand in ur flex
  5. Lake209

    Put one on the bench...

    Need to BENCH 1 of these. 1pt PPR Godwin, tonight @ Carolina Diggs, @ Green Bay Waller (plays as WR) at home vs KC tx; will try to answer yours.
  6. Lake209

    Fantasy MVP for 2019

    Using ADP, mvp’s well under round-5: QB: Dak. Steady progression over 4 years; he has a great line + zeke, cooper, gallup, etc. He runs a few in too. Great (not elite) numbers most weeks. *Honorable Mention: Fitzmagic in Weeks 1-4...after that, he’ll carry a clipboard. Honorable Mention: David Jones, for all the reasons we hope & see. RB: Jordan Howard. Finishes top-15 at the rb position in one of the best nfl offenses. Sorry MS lovers; he has all the talent in the world but he fumbles. He fumbles A LOT. He rides pine after putting several on the deck. Howard plods-in 13 td’s and catches 40 balls to boot. *Honorable Mention: R.Penny if (if) Carson gets hurt. Tremendous volume just too good for him not to thrive. WR: C. Samuel: Drinking the preseason kool aid. No worse than 1-b with an aged greg olsen. Cam has a nice come-back. Honorable Mention: C.Kirk. Young gun pal’s in with his young gun QB TE: Waller. A converted WR and freakish physical specimen. Loving life and football more than dope & hoes. A.Brown’s renewed love of the Radiers goes the way of his old helmet by week 3. Waller is the new Gronk. *Hon Mention: Gronk, when he un-retires. PK: Rosas (Giants). Monster leg. Accurate as hell. Past problem is only volume. I think the Gmen get him close enough this season. DST: Cowboys. Great schedule to be better than average.
  7. Lake209

    Packers at Bears - In-Game Discussion

    The Bears have 5 RB’s: Montgomery, Davis, Cohen, Trubisky, and...Cord.Patterson = on 3rd & short..wow; thats f@€(g awesome. Meanwhile, in GB..will fantasy heads explode over Jamal Williams after W1? Weeeeeeee!!!!!
  8. Lake209

    Gronk to return?

    Outstanding comments & references, all; thank you. Am holding him for a few weeks on name, experience, and connection w/Brady & the Pats. Should think or hope that if (if) he makes a run, it would ONLY be to play football at a winning level; aka: at full strength. Bellicheck & Brady: hate losing. That’s got to be at least top-10 TE worthy right there. Plus trade-bait: have need of a non-sexy RB2...
  9. Lake209

    Gronk to return?

    Roto reporting earlier today that Gronk has a “...40% chance to return...”; that he hasnt ruled out the possibility and that the Pats may try to sign him. Anyone hear of this before today? Any more info out there? [Dropped my last pick & added him..even on the off chance...]
  10. Lake209

    Hello Caller, I'm Listening ...

    Guru: 6 pt TD & ppr = yes. 2 questions: 1) Any reason not to start Russell Wilson over Phillip Rivers this week. 2) Got rest of line-up covered except for 1 flex spot. My best 2 are Jalen Samuels & Antonio Callaway. You call it. Thanks!
  11. Lake209

    post your 7-0 teams

    P. Rivers M.Gordon J. Mixon J. Jones E.Sanders J.Brown Rams DST Bench: A.Collins, C. Thompson, T.Lockett, S.Sheperd 12 team / No TE / 1 pt. PPR. ...like a moron...i just dropped Coutee for...Ronald Jones. Nice game by Fuller last night.
  12. Lake209

    Pick 2 Flex. Pick 1 QB

    12-team PPR league starts 2 flex players. Need the highest points for 2 of these 5 in Week 3: George Kittle (vs. KC) John Brown (vs. Den.) Tyler Lockett (vs. Dallas) Alex Collins (vs. Den.) Peyton Barber (vs. Pitt.) I like Kittle & Brown. Someone convince me otherwise? Next, I need the best scoring QB of: Phillip Rivers (on the road, vs. the Rams) Russell Wilson (home opener, vs. Dallas) Of course Rivers might ‘play’ and ‘look’ better than Wilson, with the ‘Hawks struggling, but will Rivers score more this week vs. a tough D?
  13. Flacco apologist (for Thurs game only): He had a decent fantasy game against Cincy in early 2017. Tonights game set up to be close, and i think the jury is still out on how good the Collins/Allen combo will shake out, meaning: i think he will throw a bunch of balls tonight. Ravens receivers are as healthy & good as theyve been in years. Flacco wont be a monster, but should delver a totally decent game this evening. Range of 250 + 2 tds. Sounds like you could do worse off waivers.
  14. Lake209

    Week 2 early NFL game prediction.

    Take the Ravens tonight.