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  1. Lake209

    Best bench stash

    Before the remainder of week 12 finishes up, i can stash 1 of: Roschon Johnson (Foreman is now out), AT Perry (w/MThomas now on IR), or Chase Edmonds (looks like RWhite might not play). I assume that all 3 will get extra touches today, Which do you think might have the best shot at becoming flex worthy down the stretch?
  2. Lake209

    K. Mitchell or A. Mattison?

    I believe Foreman has been ruled out. …?double check that…
  3. Lake209

    WW adds for week 12?

    Jordan Love was good (again). Jayden Reed also looks like a nice flex in most weeks. Shakir caught a bomb-td that ‘was’ his stat-line. He’s a long shot bench look. Roschon may be roster worthy in very deep leagues although much depends on Foreman’s injury. Plus, a Bye + a difficult schedule is on deck for the Bears.
  4. Lake209

    Keaton Mitchell vs I.Pacheco

    It did not work out well. Ha ha; weeeeeee!!!!
  5. Lake209

    So many choices....bad ones.

    I’d probably play Henderson over Chubba, but not over Gus. I’d keep Sutton over Reed. And: it *seems like* Achane is a go…surely you’ll get him plugged in if that is the case?
  6. Lake209

    Keaton Mitchell or…

    On the advice of many of the fine people here, I am playing Mitchell tonight (and over Pacheco). Lets feast together! 10-12 touches should do the trick.
  7. Lake209

    QB this week

    Dobbs. And it’s not even a close call.
  8. Lake209

    Howell or Lamar

    I’d rather play Howell, since you desperately seek the win. Lamar is more of a gamble; he could get you 15 as easily as 37. Howell should get you a nice floor of +20 with the potential for more. I’d play Howell if you are not a horrible dog vs. your opponent this week. If you are projected to lose by a lot, then gamble with Lamar.
  9. Lake209

    Love or Fields

    I streamed Love last week and afterwards, did not really want to return him to the fa market. His first half of last weeks game was quite solid. Maybe he has a few things figured out now. What you say about the matchup…he should get you 25 points this week, plus or minus 2-3 points in either direction. All that said, it is JL & the Packers….they don’t smash in any week. Fields seems more like an average play (the same 25 +\-) or a bust (under 20) vs. Detroit. Fields is able to smash, but with the injury & the d he is playing against, it doesn’t feel like this week. Hard decision. Good luck.
  10. Lake209

    Keaton Mitchell vs I.Pacheco

    Ok boys, Mitchell is in. Fingers crossed that he feels the ball 10x.
  11. Dobbs maybe? Find out what that owner needs and make an offer. Look at Tua owner as well. If he has another good qb, and that owner thinks that Tua’s “playoff schedule is bad,” he may be willing to part ways.
  12. Lake209

    Getting Roster for Season End Run

    I’d go for it. With the WR group that you have and with the addition of Diggs, I think Allen is potentially your league winner.
  13. For good reason(s) this site and others have Week 11 ranks: Pacheco around 20th & Mitchell around 35th. Projections (full PPR): 12pts for IP & 6 for KM. I like em both - but do not like Pacheco’s matchup vs Philly. I’m a 50/50 to win/lose vs. my opposing manager this week; battle is b/n 2 very likely playoff bound teams. Who to start b/n these 2?
  14. Lake209

    Which RB for ROS

    Would like to have both. Too close to call but will go with Ford re: a nice ff playoff schedule; good 3 week run at the end.
  15. Lake209

    Week 10 - Lockett vs. Cooper

    It’s a close call. I’d play Lockett on the better match up. Good spot for Geno to finally play well too.