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  1. I have no issues, whatsoever, watching Kay Adams on NFL Network. Why do you hate the Huskies? @huskyhater75
  2. 2.06 Nicholas Castellano, 3B, DET
  3. 1.06 Sean Manaea, SP, OAK
  4. BlackClouds

    **Season Discussion**

    Stop the beatdown....I give up already!
  5. BlackClouds

    **Season Discussion**

    Shohei Ohtani is a focking stud! So glad he chose the Halos.
  6. BlackClouds

    Supplemental Draft Rounds 27 & 28: DONE

    27.14 Gary Sanchez, C, NYY 28.01 Rhys Hoskins, 1B/OF, PHI
  7. BlackClouds


    C - Martin Maldanado 1B - Kendrys Morales 2B - Ian Kinsler 3B - Zack Cozart (as soon as he qualifies) SS - Jean Segura OF - Mike Trout OF - Kole Calhoun OF - Matt Joyce UT - Albert Pujols Bench - CJ Cron, Chris Iannetta, Brandon Phillips SP - Zack Greinke SP - Garrett Richards SP - Shohei Ohtani SP - J.C. Ramirez SP - Matt Shoemaker SP - Tyler Skaggs SP - Jhoulys Chacin SP - Andrew Heaney RP - Darren O'Day RP - Yusmeiro Petit RP - Joe Smith RP - Cam Bedrosian RP - Kenyan Middleton
  8. BlackClouds

    ROUNDS 11 & 12: DONE

    12.13 - Kenyan Middleton, P, LAA
  9. BlackClouds

    ROUNDS 13 & 14: DONE

    13.02 - Andrew Heaney, SP, LAA 14.13 - Cam Bedrosian, RP, LAA
  10. BlackClouds

    ROUNDS 15 & 16: DONE

    15.02 - Chris Iannetta, C, COL 16.13 - Yusmeiro Petit, P, OAK
  11. BlackClouds

    ROUNDS 11 & 12: DONE

    11.02 - Brandon Phillips, 2B, FA
  12. BlackClouds

    About that time again - Hits and Misses

    HITS: Zack Greinke: Always battling Ted and cmh for the higher dice roll to get Greinke. Certainly some wear on the tires, but he can still dominate. Ian Kinsler: Hate this mother focker (2009 In Arlington he tells the Angels to "Get the fock off our field" after a Rangers win) and hated having to take him so high in the draft, but Segura doesn't qualify at 2B for me any longer. And the Angels have trotted crap out at 2B ever since Howie left. Kendrys Morales: Getting old, but still provides some much needed pop. Darren O'Day: I always suffer with my bullpen, so I was stoked to get O'Day this year. Jhoulys Chacin: Thought for sure Burt was going to take him in the 8th. Good value for round 9. MISSES: Justin Upton: I knew Burt would grab him when I took Greinke, but I figured I could fill that hole in the supp. Ervin Santana: cmh snagged him right before my pick in the 2nd. Jerkface! Rich Hill: Seeing as he qualifies for like half our league, there was no way he was coming back to me. Fernando Rodney: Once again a player gets taken with the pick before mine. You jagass WW!!! Blake Parker: Didn't do my homework on him as I had him on my exclusive list. You bastard dcb! Tyler Chatwood: See above Howie Kendrick: Even though he's not a starter, he still hits for average and puts up decent numbers. Every year Ted passes on him. I thought this year was the same, but then he takes him with his last pick. You son of a b1tch, Ted! David Hernandez: Waited too long on him. Was ready to pull the trigger in the 10th, but Mookz said otherwise. Eat sh1t Mookz!!!
  13. BlackClouds

    ROUNDS 9 & 10: DONE

    10.13 - Jim Johnson, RP, LAA