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  1. BlackClouds

    2019 Season Discussion

    Neither do I. He was in the league for years back in the day AND he acknowledged the all star break supp during our original draft discussion. All that and we emailed him reminders to the address he has on the yahoo site.
  2. BlackClouds

    2019 Season Discussion

    Looks like Cdub took his ball and went home. Are we going to leave his team on auto pilot or try to find a replacement owner?
  3. 2.12 - Jordan Yamamoto, SP, MIA
  4. I think 4 hours is long enough to warrant skipping him.
  5. Did you not receive my email?
  6. 1.12 - Pete Alonso, 1B, NYM
  7. BlackClouds

    2019 Season Discussion

    I just sent him an email. Need to set a deadline at some point.
  8. BlackClouds

    2019 Season Discussion

    RIP Tyler Skaggs Such devastating news. Only 27 years old and just married last off season. Brings back memories of Nick Adenhart.
  9. BlackClouds

    2019 Season Discussion

    Had him as my QB back in the day. Always wanted to rip his head off when he'd throw one of his numerous picks, then walk off the field with a grin on his face.
  10. BlackClouds

    2019 Season Discussion

    All rosters are entered (thanks GuardBum) except for the final 3 supp picks. Season has started and is ready for adds/drops. Cdub, lambert, and 29 Guests, just add your last player after you pick.
  11. BlackClouds

    2019 Season Discussion

    Perfect! Chad gave me access, so I'll add the supp picks and hit the magic go button. Thanks GB!
  12. BlackClouds

    Rounds 27 & 28 Supplemental: DONE

    28.10 - Starling Marte, OF, PIT
  13. BlackClouds

    2019 Season Discussion

    SEA/OAK game kicks off at like midnight tonight. We need to get rosters input before then for those games to count. GuardBum, if you can't do it by then, give me the keys to the bus and I'll do it this afternoon.
  14. BlackClouds

    2019 Season Discussion

    TROUT - 12 years, $430M
  15. BlackClouds

    Rounds 27 & 28 Supplemental: DONE

    27.05 - Aaron Nola, SP, PHI