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  1. GuardBum

    2020 Season Discussion

    I remember we tried this one year with football and it just wasnt good. Too little FA movement to make it work.
  2. GuardBum

    2020 Season Discussion

    WW if your brother wants to swap to the Mets this would be the time. Or anyone looking to swap really. I'm all for switching to another platform like ESPn if we all want to. I could care less but I work day shift and we do have all the history in our Yahoo league. Let's just have the discussion and make the call. I've started a new job, in a new state, in a new timezone so their will be adjustment but right "NOW" I mostly have time. Until my permissions hit and the workload starts coming in.
  3. GuardBum

    2020 Season Discussion

    Pitchers and catchers report starting Monday. Mets, Bucs, and Friars
  4. No issues with Walker and no issues with the the "not unanimous" vote. I still have issues with some players that are not in the HOF so when those that get in these days knowing that when I was watching them they were the "best players in the game" at the time. 2 time MVP Dale Murphy not in. 2 time CYA winner Johan Santana (career numbers very similar to Sandy Koufax) not in.
  5. GuardBum

    2019 Season Discussion

    I don't mind donating either. As you can see my managing has never placed in the top three. And I have been here since the start back with McBokonon and his Pirates. We also in those early years sent the winner some sort of swag from each other team. I know we've also talked that some don't want random hats or pins from say Toronto... but just bringing it up again. I'm game for anything I guess. I just relocated from NH to TN this past month and starting a new job so I'm not even sure what my availability will be. It looks like it'll be fine for the drafts but I'm still gaining access to things and just sitting and training in this first month so far.
  6. GuardBum

    GB - Dakota Hudson

    Sorry Lambert. Dropped and fixed.
  7. 2.02 - Victor Robles, OF, WAS Taking a flyer
  8. GuardBum

    2019 Season Discussion

    Going in this store. Gonna wait a few more for the reality that the all star sup draft, always advertised, is underway, and opportunity to make 2 selections are on the table.
  9. GuardBum

    2019 Season Discussion

    I'm out the door in 20 though so I'm gonna pick at that point
  10. GuardBum

    2019 Season Discussion

    We don't have everyone's numbers. Someone I thought tried though
  11. GuardBum

    2019 Season Discussion

    Had an old # for cmh not sure still valid. Texted bbascom. I'll be not paying much attention until tomorrow. Count an hour and skip and pick if you're up. Freeze I guess from 11p ET to 9a ET. Fair?
  12. GuardBum

    2019 Season Discussion

    Cdub skipped Picked Mora texted
  13. GuardBum

    2019 Season Discussion

    Email sent to league from Yahoo site. Hate being the commish when I'm not. 1pm eastern. Do or skip. 1hr on the clock skips. Talk about setting a 30min schedule for tomorrow maybe when/if it gets to that?