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  1. 2.02 - Victor Robles, OF, WAS Taking a flyer
  2. GuardBum

    2019 Season Discussion

    Going in this store. Gonna wait a few more for the reality that the all star sup draft, always advertised, is underway, and opportunity to make 2 selections are on the table.
  3. GuardBum

    2019 Season Discussion

    I'm out the door in 20 though so I'm gonna pick at that point
  4. GuardBum

    2019 Season Discussion

    We don't have everyone's numbers. Someone I thought tried though
  5. GuardBum

    2019 Season Discussion

    Had an old # for cmh not sure still valid. Texted bbascom. I'll be not paying much attention until tomorrow. Count an hour and skip and pick if you're up. Freeze I guess from 11p ET to 9a ET. Fair?
  6. GuardBum

    2019 Season Discussion

    Cdub skipped Picked Mora texted
  7. 1.02 - Lucas Giolito, SP, CWS
  8. GuardBum

    2019 Season Discussion

    Email sent to league from Yahoo site. Hate being the commish when I'm not. 1pm eastern. Do or skip. 1hr on the clock skips. Talk about setting a 30min schedule for tomorrow maybe when/if it gets to that?
  9. GuardBum

    2019 Season Discussion

    Dunno. He's done it before with us when he was in the league.
  10. GuardBum

    2019 Season Discussion

    I'm just getting back. Traveling since wed night. Glad some folks stepped up. Still willing to deal but surprised in not skipped yet.
  11. GuardBum

    2019 Season Discussion

    This is just painful. Almost time for sup draft. Oh yay... more unsubstaintially helpful players. Might have to look to trade down for multiple picks and players.
  12. GuardBum

    Who Are You?

    drobeski, that's right. I couldn't remember who else was on that golf card. You and edjr. Tikigods stood us up but I've since met him. Would still enjoy a Geek Homers live draft some year. Folks from all over the country. Couple old schoolers in here that I used to converse with a lot but never met. CMH, Zen, Riceman, brinett, Jim Mora, Big Blue, TNG, Carrie, Addict...
  13. GuardBum

    2019 Season Discussion

    And another injury. There are starting to stack up to where I can barely field a roster. Estrada, Joe Smith, Oh, Buchholz, Giles, Stanton, Pierce, Morales,Tepera, Borucki, Loup, Phelps, Cecil, Tulo, I'm sure there's more.
  14. GuardBum

    2019 Season Discussion

    Well I get to see the youth movement start to happen in TOR. All the guys i got to follow in NH now going to the big club. The reason I choose this "homer" team, finally getting to play for the guys you root for. Also though not having much else to pair it with to make a competitive roster for fantasy purposes is the cost.