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  1. GuardBum

    2023 Draft and Season Discussion

    Yanks taking their sweet ass time with their injured starting pitchers. Severino also just started live batters last week and then will go to a minor league rehab assignment before joining rotation.
  2. GuardBum

    2023 Draft and Season Discussion

    Opening day! Play ball!
  3. GuardBum

    2023 Draft and Season Discussion

    I figured there could be a start or 2 but a month maybe? Was not expecting that when I picked him.
  4. GuardBum

    How'd you do? Rosters

    Brandon Belt-1B (dropped), Rowdy Tellez-1B (ww-excl), Jon Berti-2B,3B,SS,OF (ww-excl), Cavan Biggio-1B,2B,OF (ww-excl), Santiago Espinal-2B,3B,SS (ww-excl), Gabriel Moreno-C (ww-excl), Yan Gomes-C, (ww-excl), Kevin Smith-3B,SS (ww-excl) all positional MLB rostered that I can reach to. Good mix of Power and Speed. All positions covered with the mutil-position eligibility for many of them. Had to get Diaz on the roster as lambert could have as well. Not expecting much from him but that he can play EVERY position and looks to be closing in on regular ABs and playtime at DH if not the SS position he might win out. SP WW - Yusei Kikuchi only WW exclusive not on my roster that I'll swing into my rotation. RP I have a few exclusives that I'll rotate in as well as roles are finalized starting the season and a few of these DTD most likely hit the IR when it opens. My Infield when I took Jose went from really good to on paper the best in the league potentially. ranked 3, 2, 5, 1 around the diamond per Yahoo site today. OF lacks the superstar so that's where a trade market may take me if injuries <cough-Springer-cough> were to get me but maybe RF does him safer while KK roams the defensive center most days. Open to offers. 'm happy with my pitching setup entering the season. Hopefully a good combo of all the stats. Won't dominate anything there unless the resurgence of Berrios and Kukuchi play way above last season. Could be homer relying too much on the way they look so far.
  5. GuardBum

    2023 Draft and Season Discussion

    yeah Rodon also side by side with Severino for me. Gallen and Gilbert I really didn't want. nor McKenzie. I'd have thought about Webb but the lack of dominance with him turns me off reaching for a SP1/2
  6. GuardBum

    2023 Draft and Season Discussion

    Shout out to everyone. That was one of the smoothest season drafts we've had ever!!!
  7. GuardBum

    2023 Draft and Season Discussion

    All good. Think WhiteWonder almost has everything loaded too where he can start season and everyone can start loading and messing with their rosters tomorrow.
  8. GuardBum

    2023 Draft and Season Discussion

    Gallen. Yeah on my short list too and about how I felt about Severino. Just thought as a (f-ing) Yankee the wins and run support would be easier to come by. And if he's truly healthy then he's been in the Cy Young talk only a few years ago and he just entering his prime age.
  9. GuardBum

    2023 Draft and Season Discussion

    Damn it. Last 2 picks were the 2 guys I've been targeting since this 2nd round began. Had my fingers crossed and hopes up as they kept inching closer. Good picks lambert and RHR.
  10. 2.09 - Luis Severino, SP, NYY
  11. GuardBum

    2023 Draft and Season Discussion

    Not a decision I wanted to make. Would have loved to been just a few spots lower but I'm not complaining about adding 30/30 100/100 potential to my team. Maybe I have health on my teams and can work trades later too.
  12. 1.4 - Jose Ramirez, 3B, CLE
  13. GuardBum

    2023 Draft and Season Discussion

    bbascom texted me last night and asked the same thing. Think we've done it both ways but we may (read ME) may have screwed up when completing the draft and starting the league which technically places 2 empty spots on the roster. Those 27 and 28 round picks. Like WW says both ways work but this still keeps rosters locked and people can't be making a bunch of changes prior to the the supplemental.
  14. GuardBum

    2023 Draft and Season Discussion

    And no complaining unless we get to 2-3 days of opening day. Then we can panic.
  15. GuardBum

    2023 Draft and Season Discussion

    Yeah yahoo is not fun which is why I knew I wouldn't have time til Friday but you crushed that.