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  1. ZeroTolerance

    College Football 2021

    Give them the 9 OTs from PSU/Illinois and you'd have your standard NBA final score.
  2. ZeroTolerance

    Who is the crappiest person who have to play this week ?

    I'm glad my second team is thoroughly dead, because things are so bad that I have to start Sermon, Wentz, and might have no TE either with Waller possibly out (drafted Gus, CMac, Wilson, picked up TY, have Cousins, Jefferson, Cooper on bus).
  3. ZeroTolerance

    Bills at Titans: MNF Discussion

    That's one way to lose.
  4. ZeroTolerance

    Week 6 FU Thread

    Yeah, my last three weeks of streaming: concussion, concussion, Heinicke turd.
  5. ZeroTolerance

    Week 6 FU Thread

    FU to QBs in general. Stuck streaming thanks to Tannehill's ineffectiveness, and each guy I've streamed has gotten injured or sucked in a prime matchup.
  6. ZeroTolerance

    Dolphins at Jaguars: SMF Discussion

    Miami outsucked the Jags.
  7. ZeroTolerance

    FU Week 5 - Not Thielen It edition

    I hate quarterbacks. About to lose my QB to a first half concussion for the second week in a row.
  8. ZeroTolerance

    Saquon Barkley carted off...

    Jones will now be forced to throw 40 times, which coincidentally is the number of attempts he would need to threaten 10 completions.
  9. ZeroTolerance

    FU Week 5 - Not Thielen It edition

    For all of my luck at WR, I am eternally snakebitten at QB. If it wasn't bad enough owning Aaron Rodgers everywhere in 2019, my teams this year were: Tannehill and Russell "140+ games without an injury until now" Wilson. This week's disaster in progress: Daniel Jones/Kirk Cousins
  10. ZeroTolerance

    My kingdom for a field goal

    Refuse to travel to the west coast, shiet, the top ones refuse to travel west, east, north.
  11. ZeroTolerance

    My kingdom for a field goal

    "That puts them into field goal range, which at this point I'm not sure if that is a good thing."
  12. ZeroTolerance

    FU Week 5 - Not Thielen It edition

    Just glad Diontae was efficient with the one target he got from the shambling corpse of Ben Roethlisberger.
  13. ZeroTolerance

    Matthew Berry's Love/Hate

    ESPN decided to stop providing anything good for free a couple years ago. They've even shaved off most of the info from their statistics sections, guess it wasn't worth keeping when it wasn't behind a paywall.
  14. ZeroTolerance

    College Football 2021

    Michigan is definitely not in the level you would consider "top 10", but so far this season I can't come close to finding 10 legit teams anyway. They'll lose at the very least at PSU and OSU, and I'll be surprised if they win in East Lansing.
  15. ZeroTolerance

    Calvin Ridley Out for Week 5

    I was trying to think of the last time it wasn't embarrassing to send our President. I figured Bush Sr, but then I remembered him vomiting on the Japanese PM.