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  1. ZeroTolerance

    Avengers: End Game

    Truly an epic. I definetly wouldn't watch it without having seen the bulk of the films leading to this point though
  2. ZeroTolerance

    2019 NFL Draft - Round 1

    Lions make the most Lions pick possible.
  3. ZeroTolerance

    **Official MLB 2019**

    Ridiculous though. If your b*tch ass pitcher buzzes a guy's head twice in one at bat, he doesn't have a damn thing to complain about if that guy shows him up the next night. Dumb enough that he didn't get ejected for it in the first place.
  4. ZeroTolerance

    **Official MLB 2019**

    Rhys Hoskins with a 34 second home run trot last night. At first I was thinking "what a punk ass", then I saw what the pitcher had done against him the previous night (threw two fastballs just over his head). Completely justified.
  5. "As part of the new bill, superintendents or principals would be asked to provide alternatives to suspension or expulsion that are “age appropriate and designed to address and correct the pupil’s specific misbehavior.”" That looks like it means they can still be punished, just not by keeping them at home. Whether this bill is a disaster or not will come down to how those punishments are handled (I assume the reasoning behind this is something along the lines of kids who act up in school are the ones who need to be within the structure of a school and not at home getting into trouble, or maybe that some of the punks actually welcome getting out of school).
  6. ZeroTolerance

    Woman killed by industrial meat grinder...

    Sounds like a good place for the Coachella puppy b*tch to work.
  7. ZeroTolerance

    The religion of peace on video

    A simple misunderstanding. It's "religion of piece". A piece of Abdul here, a piece of Mahmoud there...
  8. ZeroTolerance

    Muslims spreading love in sri Lanka

    Yeah, but only because some other people did something else first. A vicious cycle of some people doing some things.
  9. ZeroTolerance

    Muslims spreading love in sri Lanka

    https://www.yahoo.com/news/trump-mistakenly-tweets-millions-dead-111215069.html Trump offered support for Sri Lanka in the early morning tweet. "Heartfelt condolences from the people of the United States to the people of Sri Lanka on the horrible terrorist attacks on churches and hotels that have killed at least 138 million people and badly injured 600 more. We stand ready to help," the president said. The president deleted the original tweet and added a corrected version with the nearly 140 people dead figure in the blasts. See, it could have been worse.
  10. Limers fans are a bunch of kunts.
  11. ZeroTolerance

    Friday Laughs

    For the crowd that is already on the bus ride to hell...a parody of invasive law firm advertisements in Metro Detroit (one of the lawyer's sons was born blind and featured in some of their commercials).
  12. ZeroTolerance

    Anybody watching Jeopardy?

    The real question is: which ends first, his winning streak or Trebek's time as host?
  13. ZeroTolerance

    Notre Dame on Fire

    Well that's different, usually he prefers to appear on toast, or oil slicks.
  14. ZeroTolerance

    Tree Cutting Gone Wrong

    A few years back, had an interesting trauma come in at the end of my shift. Dude shoots up some heroin, and decides he is going to climb a rotting tree in his yard and cut off the top portion, because who hasn't shot up heroin and had the urge to do some landscaping? Well, the tree wasn't having any of his sh*t, and in what I can only assume is a rare case of arborial murder/suicide, falls over, sandwiching him between itself and the roof of the house.
  15. ZeroTolerance

    Notre Dame on Fire

    Credit to Shepard Smith. Interviewing a French government official who called this the French 9/11 and tried to blame Muslims until Smith cut him off. Plenty of time to make this about them once you actually do an investigation.