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  1. ZeroTolerance

    Week 14 Focks out

    And there goes Penny, lol.
  2. ZeroTolerance

    Week 14 Focks out

    Mike Williams with his first TD, after he got benched. Suck a d*ck Fat Mike.
  3. ZeroTolerance

    Tannerhill over Rogers?

    Rodgers is trash as far as fantasy is concerned. Actually, worse than trash, because you don't keep starting trash expecting good results. 7 games without multiple TDs, 9 games with less than 250 yards passing.
  4. ZeroTolerance

    Week 14 Focks out

    Between Evans hurting himself on his only play of the game, Kamara not even putting up the numbers of a third-string RB in a game where his team scored 30+ points, and Aaron Rodgers putting up yet another game that doesn't even amount to a low end starter in two QB leagues, I am done for the year, probably done for good.
  5. ZeroTolerance

    Week 14 Focks out

    Rodgers invisible against a sh*t Washington defense. If I survive this week, I am done with him for the year. Kamara...not even good enough to be in the "Ingram role"
  6. ZeroTolerance

    Mike Evans done for the day

    Mike Evans (hamstring) won't return Sunday. Evans roasted Colts CB Pierre Desir for a 61-yard touchdown Sunday, but clearly was hurting after getting into the end zone. He was in obvious pain on his way to the locker room and has been ruled out. The Buccaneers will move forward with Chris Godwin, Breshad Perriman and Justin Watson in three-WR sets. SOURCE: Scott Smith on Twitter Dec 8, 2019, 1:50 PM ET One catch, blows his hammy on it. At least he made the one count I guess.
  7. ZeroTolerance

    Kamara - Bust

    He isn't THE bust of the year, but he is A bust.
  8. ZeroTolerance

    Tannerhill over Rogers?

    But would you start Tannerhill over Wonts?
  9. ZeroTolerance

    Pensacola Mass Shooting

    Saudi national...time to bomb Iraq.
  10. ZeroTolerance

    Why does TNF hate me so much?

    First round of the playoffs, going up against the ARob/Cooper duo.
  11. ZeroTolerance

    The Official Week 13 FU Thread

    Jones got benched for missing a blitz pickup. This has become the worst part of FF...the fact you need to be able to psychoanalyze every head coach to know when they will bench a guy because of a single play, or keep starting a guy who has fumbled numerous times, or just wake up on a different side of the bed and pick a different RB to feature that day.
  12. ZeroTolerance

    The Official Week 13 FU Thread

    The Rams are performing all sorts of sexual assault on the Zona line (and Kyler can't run).
  13. ZeroTolerance

    The Official Week 13 FU Thread

    A big part of why I am close to being done with FF...just a complete guessing game as to which player is going to actually be in the game plan any given week. On that note, go f*ck yourself Jared Goff. 11 passes, 0 targets to Kupp or Cooks.
  14. ZeroTolerance

    Nick Foles

    Trash bag is absolutely killing me as a Chark owner in two leagues. Who the f*ck can't throw on the Bucs, at home no less???
  15. ZeroTolerance

    The Official Week 13 FU Thread

    Foles just keeps sh*tting on any value Chark had.