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Need a ruling.....

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This happened in week 15 mind you...


I'm in a 12 team PPR 2 keeper league. Keepers can only be kept for 1 year.


A non-playoff team used his remaining FAAB to pick up Damian Williams. And a playoff team is crying foul.


In addition to that, not only is this a keeper league, the last week of the regular season (week 16) is our "Battle Royale" where non-playoff teams pay $10 and highest score that week wins the pot.


Having said all that, is this breaking an unwritten rule? Or is the non-playoff team justified in spending his FAAB because of the last week payout in the Battle Royale?

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Absolutely justified not just because of the Royale.


If the league settings allow for eliminated teams to pickup players from waivers then it's all good.


I personally always want to finish with a great record because I am competitive.


Now to say that it makes me annoyed slightly that is also true as a person playing in the 7/8th seed in my league jacked up wiaver claim for a WR this week as I was not anticipating anyone but the guy I was facing to make a claim; so my first 2 claims failed and the guy I am playing in the championship got the player instead....


Now in all fairness it's my fault for not creating multiple redundant pass through claims for the player I wanted.


Mine: http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=483787&p=6380834

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I'll say it like this, no non-playoff team should EVER pick up players UNLESS they still have something to go for, which in yours, they do. Take week 16 out of your regular season and make week 15 your battle, imo, or even 14 tbh. Let those teams NOT in the playoffs to enjoy week 15 if you want, but week 16 screws the rest of you guys, obviously.


We pay out best record, 2nd best record, most points scored during the season (through week 14), 2nd most points, the champion and then 2nd place, those in the ship get paid out the most, never an argument. If they truly deserve most of the $ then they will win most of it. But it will also give a shot to those that did great throughout but had a bad break in the playoffs, etc.


But the unwritten rule is for leagues where there's no benefit to keep playing/using the ww, if you're out of the playoffs.

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