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  1. Bishop82

    Any Geeks with young kids

    My kids like it, but not their favorite. Theme is kinda catchy though.
  2. Bishop82

    Big is not beautiful - It is ugly

    Meh..... I'd throw one in her if there was absolutely no work involved, otherwise I'd pass.
  3. I initially thought the title said "... destroyed by BBC." I think I might have a problem.
  4. Bishop82

    porn question. kind of sad

    This just reminded me to do something, be back in 6 minutes.
  5. Bishop82

    So I'm laying on a Gurney Right Now

    Good luck sir
  6. Bishop82

    Friday Laughs

    One of my all time favorite SNL characters
  7. Bishop82

    Funny Right Wing Comedians

    Came in to say Nick Di Paolo. He is great.
  8. Bishop82

    What would you do to your kids bully?

    I'll start with showing her Rocky 1 through 3 then if that doesn't work we'll try it your way.
  9. Bishop82

    What would you do to your kids bully?

    I suspect that my oldest daughter (7yo) is being bullied. She never wants to talk about the other kids or who she plays with that recess. We just moved to the area (very small town, population of like 750) so everyone knows everyone and we are the new comers from Chicago. I've talked to my daughter about telling the teacher if kids aren't being nice, but I'm not sure how well that's working. Next step is to teach her to start throwing hands.
  10. Bishop82

    What Actor Would You Have Play You?

    My wife says I look like the white guy from Scrubs. Never seen or bothered to look him up to verify.
  11. Bishop82


    Pretty spot on. I still watch it regularly and Weekend Update is the highlight of the show. I haven't seen this episode yet as I DVR it, but if one of the women you are referring to is Kate McKinnon she is the funniest person on the show regardless of gender. Here is my favorite sketch of hers...
  12. Bishop82

    FBGs down?

    I heard their hamster got banned for criticizing Nancy Pelosi.
  13. Bishop82

    When men hate women

    Women are much more emotional than men. Men often make fun of their friends (giving him sh!t, etc) but they only do it to the friends that usually have a hard time taking it. Otherwise what's the point? People who roll with the punches are more likely to not be made fun of because it doesn't elicit a reaction. Women however almost always elicit a reaction.
  14. Bishop82

    Any pickup truck geeks here?

    Nice, I was looking into the Bighorn originally. Heard it had excellent reviews regarding comfort.
  15. Bishop82

    Any pickup truck geeks here?

    Vehicle price varies as I'm looking to pay cash and I'm not in need to purchase one immediately. I can save up for what I need. I drive about 800 miles a month with the occasional trips back to Chicago. Not sure about gas vs diesel prices here but I'll definitely look into it. Thanks for your help.