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  1. Chargers vs Panthers
  2. Bishop82


    You're dumb
  3. Bishop82


    I only saw a few episodes when it was on originally and enjoyed it. Saw it was on Netflix and gave it a go, there's only so much stand-up comedy I can watch. And I'll admit I was a little sad when I got to the last episode and knew I was done.
  4. Bishop82


    I believe you are referring to it being cultured, I can see how that might confuse you.
  5. Bishop82


    He had his own private practice before the radio gig, I'm sure that's where his bread was buttered.
  6. Bishop82


    If by gay, are you referring to Niles? His storyline with Daphne was great writing.
  7. Bishop82


    Frasier had some nice side pieces as well.
  8. Bishop82


    Just finished binge watching Frasier on Netflix. I'm just going to go ahead and say it..... Frasier > Cheers
  9. Bishop82

    Any Geeks with young kids

    My kids like it, but not their favorite. Theme is kinda catchy though.
  10. Bishop82

    Big is not beautiful - It is ugly

    Meh..... I'd throw one in her if there was absolutely no work involved, otherwise I'd pass.
  11. I initially thought the title said "... destroyed by BBC." I think I might have a problem.
  12. Bishop82

    porn question. kind of sad

    This just reminded me to do something, be back in 6 minutes.
  13. Bishop82

    So I'm laying on a Gurney Right Now

    Good luck sir
  14. Bishop82

    Friday Laughs

    One of my all time favorite SNL characters
  15. Bishop82

    Funny Right Wing Comedians

    Came in to say Nick Di Paolo. He is great.