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  1. dogcows

    Roe V Wade overturned!!! Leaked, SCOTUS SHOULD BE IMPEACHED

    Here’s an even better idea. Instead of leaving it to each state to decide, why not leave it to each individual to decide?
  2. dogcows

    Tucker Carlson Thread

    Just like Trump called Letitia James racist. Those 2 are always calling black people racists. It plays well with their intended audience.
  3. They’re gonna replace it with 3 words: Voila!
  4. dogcows

    New York AG going after Trump and three kids

    Thanks for the newer poll. I still think James is most likely to win. I looked at FiveThirtyEight and that Trafalgar poll seems to skew heavily towards the GOP compared with other polls when it comes to NY. But other than these 2 polls (your link and my link) the rest of them didn’t seem to have Attorney General on there… just Governor. https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/polls/governor/new-york/
  5. dogcows

    New York AG going after Trump and three kids

  6. dogcows

    New York AG going after Trump and three kids

    He's down 14 points in the polls. Maybe your campaign endorsement here at GC will improve things for him.
  7. dogcows

    Roe V Wade overturned!!! Leaked, SCOTUS SHOULD BE IMPEACHED

    You want the doctor to use the term “womb” when dealing with a patient? So if somebody comes in with appendicitis, should the doctor tell them it’s a “‘tummy ache”? God forbid a doctor use accurate terminology when dealing with patients. They should clearly use political buzzwords instead.
  8. dogcows

    Trump's residence raided by the FBI

    Speculation? That's putting it very kindly. His statement is completely off the rails.
  9. dogcows

    Roe V Wade overturned!!! Leaked, SCOTUS SHOULD BE IMPEACHED

    Here is what she actually said: You clearly have a strong opinion on abortion, but she is accurate. There is no heartbeat because there is no heart. And the flutter of electrical activity doesn’t make a sound; so it is also accurate to say that the sound is manufactured by the ultrasound machine. The accurate medical terminology existed before the pro-life movement came up with a bunch of terms like “fetal heartbeat,” “partial birth abortion,” and “late term abortion.” It’s hilarious that you consider these terms, created by a political movement, to be the non-partisan ones, and the proper medical terminology to be “pro-abortion.” As for ACOG, they’ve been around since the 1950s and most Ob/Gyns are members.
  10. dogcows

    Trump's residence raided by the FBI

    Hillary’s emails were at Mar-a-Lago?
  11. He's facing problems on 2 more fronts now. First, the legality of lying to the migrants. Second, the spending of taxpayer money on a political stunt for his own benefit. Add both of those to what you mentioned: spending Florida’s money to fly people from one state to another, neither of which were Florida.
  12. dogcows

    Roe V Wade overturned!!! Leaked, SCOTUS SHOULD BE IMPEACHED

    What she said is accurate, according to a non-partisan well-respected international organization of 60,000 doctors. You don’t like it? Fine. But what she said is technically correct, according to most experts in the field. And the electrical activity doesn’t make a sound - it is an electrical impulse that the ultrasound machine manufactures a sound from. Again, lots of people are mad because somebody stated facts using accurate medical terminology. Both of which are antithetical to MAGA world.
  13. dogcows

    Roe V Wade overturned!!! Leaked, SCOTUS SHOULD BE IMPEACHED

    I would think an engineer would be interested in scientific accuracy. The heart is not formed at 6 weeks. A small electric pulse from that bundle of cells is NOT a heartbeat. Also, it’s inaccurate to call it a fetal heartbeat at 6 weeks because it’s not even considered a fetus until 10 weeks; it’s still an embryo. Those cells develop into something recognizable as a human heart between 17-20 weeks. Regardless of one’s views on abortion, the attacks on Abrams are baseless - she is technically accurate. Don’t take my word for it; the American College of Ob/Gyn lists the medically accurate terms and timeline of development here: https://www.acog.org/contact/media-center/abortion-language-guide Perhaps the “gotcha” is meant to make Abrams look heartless (pun intended). We shall see. I think it’s just preaching to the pro-life choir though.
  14. dogcows

    Roe V Wade overturned!!! Leaked, SCOTUS SHOULD BE IMPEACHED

    Wait, a non-existent organ is beating? How does that work? Magic? But you know what, stick to the anti-abortion talking points if you like. The more Republicans block abortion, the more Democrats will win. Kansas was just a warning shot. It’s a losing issue for the GOP but they can’t help themselves.
  15. dogcows

    Trump's residence raided by the FBI

    So, if that’s what happens, why are so many right-wingers crying? The FBI is allowed to investigate Hillary but not Donald? Hillary was investigated thoroughly, and you pointed out the DoJ’s conclusions. For a bit more context, they went through 30,000 emails and found about 100 emails had materials that should have been classified, but were sent to her without classified markings… Which is a big reason why she wasn’t criminally liable. In the Trump case, we have physical documents which are very clearly marked classified. Now, he is arguing he thinks he declassified them. So far his lawyers are not repeating that claim in court, but if that argument wins, he would end up the same as Hillary at the end of all this. If he can show that he declassified them before leaving office, he’s in the clear. If he can demonstrate he truly believes they were declassified, they might decide not to prosecute either. There are definitely a few similarities, but there are also a number of important differences. Let the FBI do their job.