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  1. dogcows

    Nick Fuentes put on No-Fly List

    Fuentes got banned from CPAC too…
  2. The one in your mom’s basement.
  3. dogcows

    Cleveland Guardians

    That might be the dumbest post on the entire internet. The idea that people will forget that Native Americans exist just because there is no baseball team named after them? Come on, man...
  4. dogcows

    We now have state-controlled media messaging

    Nope, nothing he has done is radical. It really shows how far to the right you are if you think that. Also, I don’t think MLK ever said that. Maybe you are trying to paraphrase a quote, so could you link to the actual quote for everybody?
  5. dogcows

    Cleveland Guardians

    I didn’t realize murdering every Native American was part of their team renaming. Weird strategy if you ask me.
  6. dogcows

    Critical Race Theory

    CRT is the cause of racism? Did it also cause global warming, illegal immigration, coronavirus, and the Cincinnati Bengals? You’ve just proven there is NOTHING right-wingers won’t blame on CRT.
  7. dogcows

    We now have state-controlled media messaging

    When you claim Joe Biden is a radical, you’ve lost the script completely.
  8. dogcows

    Critical Race Theory

    Missouri lawmakers wanted to discuss CRT. So they had a hearing. But they didn’t invite any black people…. Come on, man… https://www.kansascity.com/news/politics-government/article252899398.html
  9. dogcows

    We now have state-controlled media messaging

    If you quit now, you might be able to recover without the need for brain surgery
  10. dogcows

    We now have state-controlled media messaging

    My reply was to hardcore… and he posted wild fantasies about Zuckerberg collecting votes from drop boxes. Somebody donating to an organization that then gives grants to regions that are short on money for running their elections… is not doing anything wrong, and there’s nothing nefarious about it. You’ve gotta turn off the far-right radio. They make these insane connections through massive leaps of logic - it’s pure conspiracy theory. Or maybe you’re mad that poor people could vote without waiting in line for 6 hours due to charities like this?
  11. dogcows

    We now have state-controlled media messaging

    You are very bad at reading if you believe this article says that Zuckerberg collected votes from drop boxes.
  12. dogcows

    Critical Race Theory

    First of all, I posted a direct quote… not sure how you can call that “revisionist.” It is the folks on the right with the revisionist views of MLK. Try reading the article below. Take money out of white banks, give government money to black people, lambaste white society, state his own version of “mostly peaceful” in relation to riots… you know, the opposite stance to basically everything conservatives say about BLM. The Kevin McCarthy version of MLK is a fictional character. https://scrapsfromtheloft.com/2018/01/01/martin-luther-king-jr-playboy-interview-1965/
  13. dogcows

    We now have state-controlled media messaging

    You believe in some wild fantasies…
  14. dogcows

    We now have state-controlled media messaging

    We were talking about the first amendment. Goalpost move? In America, it is only the government that is forbidden from censoring. Any newspaper, website, whatever… is allowed to publish or NOT publish whatever the F they want. If you don’t like it, start your own website/newspaper/whatever. That’s how it works. Lots of companies support political campaigns on both sides. News outlets have always had a certain level of bias. There is nothing illegal about it. But the notion that Facebook is somehow unfair to conservatives is one of the biggest lies out there. As I posted earlier in the thread, the top 10 shared posts on FB are almost always from conservative sources. If you want to claim banning anti-vaccine lies = banning conservatives… think about what you’re saying about conservatives.
  15. dogcows

    Critical Race Theory

    You’re disagreeing with MLK… I just posted his quote.