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  1. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/pentagon-says-it-had-an-awareness-gap-that-led-to-failure-to-detect-3-chinese-balloons-under-trump/ar-AA17aXk1 Do you ever tire of being wrong?
  2. dogcows

    Kyle Rittenhouse faces civil lawsuit

    The shooting started when somebody threw a plastic bag at Kyle. But hey, he could have suffocated if it landed on his head! Self defense!
  3. Let me guess, Sandy Hook and Marjory Stoneman Douglas shootings were false flag operations? The moon landing was faked? JFK is still alive?
  4. The DoD itself said it. https://www.defense.gov/News/News-Stories/Article/Article/3288543/f-22-safely-shoots-down-chinese-spy-balloon-off-south-carolina-coast/
  5. dogcows

    Kyle Rittenhouse faces civil lawsuit

    He brought an AR-15 to a protest and picked fights with protesters. He put himself in the situation. Judge “God Bless the USA” didn’t agree, but it’s true. This lawsuit will allow a jury to look at the full circumstances, not just Kyle’s feelings in the moment.
  6. dogcows

    Kyle Rittenhouse faces civil lawsuit

    What he did was akin to yelling fire in a theater, then when people rushed out, he supposedly feared he would be trampled and gunned them all down in “self defense.” I don’t fully understand self-defense laws. If one puts oneself into a dangerous situation, then uses a gun to eliminate the danger they created themselves, how is that self defense? If somebody intentionally jumped into a cage full of lions at the zoo, then killed all the lions as they feared for their life, would they face no penalties? If you point a gun at a woman, then her husband pulls a gun on you in response, and you shoot the husband… is that self defense? Based on the Rittenhouse verdict, you might get away with it! I don’t like the idea that the only thing that matters when it comes to self-defense is whether you felt threatened “in the moment” without considering if you intentionally created that moment. Or if your feelings were just plain wrong.
  7. So you believe crazy conspiracy theories. Thanks for clearing that up.
  8. You believe we shot a plane down on 9/11? Are you a believer in some crazy conspiracy theory or do you just not know basic facts?
  9. Why is that deflecting? At least Biden actually did something. The last guy just covered this stuff up. And he publicly criticized Biden on this event… despite doing nothing when he was in power. Pointing out that hypocrisy from the former President who made “tough on China” a big part of his campaign is definitely within the scope of this discussion. He opened himself up to this when he went after Biden for his handling of the situation.
  10. So Trump, who allowed 3 balloons to fly over without even telling the public, was 3x more useless.
  11. Since they did it 3 times during Trump’s term in office with no consequences, maybe they thought America was cool with it?
  12. Biden can still get it up even though it took a while. Trump had 3 tries and couldn’t.
  13. You must be living in an alternate reality.
  14. Were it “the truth,” certainly the data would support it. But the move away from direct welfare payments in the 80s to myriad government-funded “programs” meant to help? They haven’t made things better. Giving the money directly to those in need is NOT the way it has been done for the past few decades. Not sure how you can blame societal ills on something that isn’t even happening. The most recent example of giving government money directly to people came during the pandemic. We saw the wealthy use it to pad their pockets and engage in wasteful spending (PPP loans for yachts, Ferraris, etc). We saw the lower and middle classes spend it mostly on necessities such as rent.
  15. So, what, just ignore all the blatantly racist language because it supposedly makes a point? Perhaps you’re still living in an imaginary world of “welfare queens” promoted by Ronald Reagan. Today’s “welfare” goes to politicians and ends up in the pockets of people like Brett Favre instead of helping the poor. You want to blame liberals and “black culture” instead of systemic racism? How about using some data instead of 40-year-old tropes.