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  1. dogcows

    Must-win PPR lineup

    Some idiot in my league dropped Mahomes during his bye week to pick up another QB... maybe I will get him on waivers if nobody else notices he’s out there...
  2. dogcows

    Streaming Defense Help

    Jets D against Cincy looks good, but Philly against the Dolphins and Giants back-to-back looks even better.
  3. dogcows

    Must-win PPR lineup

    Here's my lineup for a must-win game this week (13) in a PPR league. Let me know if you'd replace any of my starters with somebody from my bench. QB: Josh Allen RB: Alvin Kamara WRs: Chris Godwin, Allen Robinson Flex: Keenan Allen TE: Hunter Henry Def: Buffalo K: Lutz Bench: Devin Singletary, James White, Golden Tate, Christian Kirk, Curtis Samuel, Ryan Griffin
  4. dogcows

    PPR flex choice

    Christian Kirk blowing up... on my bench. Story of my season.
  5. dogcows

    RB help this week, Joe Mixon or Kareem Hunt?

    The way Chubb has been playing, I doubt Hunt will get many carries his first week back.
  6. dogcows

    PPR flex choice

    I’ve got the following players who could go in my flex slot in a PPR league: Devin Singletary, Golden Tate, Christian Kirk, Curtis Samuel, Allen Robinson. My WR slots are Keenan Allen (already played) and Chris Godwin, and RB is Alvin Kamara. Who would you recommend?
  7. He seems to really want Henry, and you already have Waller. I’d say this is more gain than loss for you.
  8. With Kamara out, I need a RB and a flex in an ESPN PPR league: Got a couple on bye too, so here’s what I have to work with: Kerryon Johnson, James White, Golden Tate, Christian Kirk. Leaning towards White/Tate. Thanks in advance...
  9. dogcows

    Drop Delanie Walker for Hunter Henry?

    Thanks all - Walker is on his way out!
  10. I’m ready to finally give up on Delanie Walker. I am at the top of the waiver order and Hunter Henry is available. I am toying with keeping Delanie on my roster but I’d have to drop Christian Kirk, Curtis Samuel, or Golden Tate to do so.
  11. dogcows

    PPR Flex

    Thanks to AxeElf - I am glad I took your advice this week. I almost started James White, but I thought the Pats would crush Washington and just run the ball with Michel... that is what happened.
  12. dogcows

    PPR Flex help

    I would say Michel. I was going to play James White in my flex but I feel like the Pats will be able to run against Washington, and won’t have to throw much to White, so it will be Michel.
  13. dogcows

    PPR Flex

    For week 5, I need a good flex option in my PPR league: James White, Allen Robinson, Curtis Samuel, Golden Tate
  14. dogcows

    Shoot me now...

    Chris Godwin was questionable to play, and it sounded like he would be limited at best. Well he has 29 points already and Christian Kirk, who I started instead, has 1. This reminds me of the time I dropped Cam Newton after he got hit by a car - then he miraculously healed and my opponent in the fantasy finals picked him up and won the championship. The fantasy gods are fickle, my friends!
  15. dogcows

    QB Help--Dak/Lamar

    Lamar Jackson is on fire right now - ride him as long as you can!