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  1. No, he said the Dolphins have an elite defense…
  2. dogcows

    Woke Anti Trumpers Sell out America and get caught

    Not seeing anything about their political leanings, if any. However, this was an interesting tidbit: Was it peanut butter and banana?
  3. dogcows

    John Gruden-next to get canceled

    The NFL has said they won’t release any more emails or other documents from their Redskins WFT investigation. They’ve got their 2 scapegoats: Bruce Allen and Jon Gruden. There is 0% chance that this crap doesn’t go all the way up to the owner Dan Snyder… and I bet lots of other NFL execs participated in similar email exchanges. For some reason, the NFL chose these 2 as the fall guys. If they ever leak any of this, multiple owners would be implicated, I am certain. Just like the Patriots/Rams Super Bowl, the NFL will dole out the penalties and destroy the evidence. Remember, this is a league that belongs directly to the team owners (the commissioner works for THEM). They won’t expose each other because once that happens, they’re all toast.
  4. Again dude, you just don’t understand the spread of infectious diseases... at all. Stop while you’re ahead.
  5. dogcows

    John Gruden-next to get canceled

    Gruden’s emails are just like most GC posts. It’s just that the people here with similar opinions are smart enough to post their racist/homophobic/misogynist tirades under a pseudonym on an obscure Internet forum instead of in a work email.... You wanna be a racist? Sure you’re free to be one. You wanna send racist emails at work? Um, yeah - when they find those, you’re gonna get fired. I don’t doubt many NFL coaches/players/executives agree with Gruden. But most of them keep it off official emails and social media.
  6. Every infectious disease expert on the planet disagrees with you, random dude on a fantasy football forum. As do the actual numbers of people dying: vaccinated vs unvaccinated. Fantasy football is one thing, but fantasy medicine? Maybe not the best idea.
  7. dogcows

    Bills at Chiefs: SNF Discussion

    I am glad I started him due to the Kittle injury, but still gonna lose this week due to Russell Wilson’s injury and Brandin Cooks’ no-show.
  8. dogcows

    Bills at Chiefs: SNF Discussion

    Bills got their revenge… I hope they keep this going into the playoffs this year!
  9. dogcows

    Bills at Chiefs: SNF Discussion

    The blitzing is getting to Allen… but it’s a bit late for the Chiefs I think…
  10. Gimme a break with the idiotic conspiracy theories.
  11. Um… did you not see the stats earlier in the thread? Over 99% of COVID deaths are of unvaccinated people. There is a massive amount of proof, but you’re choosing to ignore it. It’s not a liberal or conservative issue. It’s public health, and it’s a shame that some on the right have made opposing the vaccine a political Football.
  12. dogcows

    Bills at Chiefs: SNF Discussion

    Refs trying to keep the game closer. Terrible call, especially on 4th down.
  13. The whole point of vaccines is to stop the disease from spreading so we don’t need masks or social distancing or lockdowns anymore. Duh. Thank goodness Biden imposed vaccine mandates, because we are getting closer to herd immunity every day … can’t wait until we get there and put the masks away.
  14. dogcows

    Bills at Chiefs: SNF Discussion

    Last week’s Bills game was held in pouring rain the whole time. What is up with this rain delay? It’s not baseball.
  15. dogcows

    Myles Gaskin

    I think he’d be worthy of a flex play, or could be a replacement for an injured RB or bye week fill in. At least for a couple weeks, and if he proves himself, he could be a regular in the lineup again.