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  1. Trump incited it... and I think he’s still got a lot of supporters nonetheless. They’re willing to forgive that (or absurdly claim it wasn’t his fault) but they lose their fracking minds if Biden does something minuscule like this. Astonishing.
  2. dogcows

    Biden's 401k changes

    Used to be a time where companies would give you a pension... those days are long gone for most jobs. Funny, when unions went belly-up, so did the pensions. Sure, some union bosses got fat, and some unions got out of control, but when the labor force was mostly unionized, people made good money for a day’s work and got a retirement not dependent on the whims of the stock market like the 401(k)....
  3. Trump incites a mob to attack the Capitol, and the nitwits are complaining because they think Joe should salute the troops? It’s the other way around....
  4. dogcows

    protesters tear down barricades and storm US Capitol

    I'd say he’s committed a bit of a boner...
  5. Go Bills! It is exciting for the league to have Allen and Mahomes already playing well at such young ages. Should be many years of great matchups like this to come!
  6. dogcows

    The Patriot Party

    Yes, his rallies certainly do tell the truth about how many racist, low-IQ mouth-breathers there are in America.
  7. dogcows

    Where is the civil war?

    Wow, something did happen today; I took a dump. You are a modern Nostradamus!
  8. dogcows

    Presidential pardons thread

    Dude keep it in your pants.... You’ve got a serious bloodlust issue.
  9. dogcows

    Biden demands loyalty from the National Guard

    Yes they’re going to make every single government worker swear a blood oath to Joe Biden and then shoot those that don’t agree. Seriously, save some outrage for when he’s actually done something in office....
  10. dogcows

    Biden demands loyalty from the National Guard

    Zero people voted for Osama Bin Laden but I still have to take off my shoes at the airport. This argument makes no sense. Reagan won his elections comfortably but they shot him, and Kennedy was pretty popular in his day too. Any president could be a target of an assassin. Hence the secret service....
  11. dogcows

    Biden demands loyalty from the National Guard

    Are you saying they kicked every white guy off of national guard duty? Funny, it doesn’t look that way. 25,000 guard troops and they found only a dozen extremists. Nobody is targeting average Trump voters. They’re just trying to make sure they weed out the nut-bags. Don’t get worked up about this - you’ve got 4 years of actual Biden policies to get worked up about. You’re peaking too soon.
  12. Drew Brees’ last game....
  13. Both QBs showing their age in this one.
  14. dogcows

    ***Happy Football Day Divisional Round***

    Bills/Chiefs was the matchup in the AFL championship before the very first Super Bowl. Hope this one goes for the Bills though!
  15. dogcows

    ***Happy Football Day Divisional Round***

    Bills gonna have to win in KC now...