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  1. Hypotheticals… again. Then we move to: DOSSIER! TRUMP!
  2. Why are so many people treating the interview, which Republicans did privately instead of publicly, and NOT under oath... of a convicted criminal... as credible evidence of ANYTHING? If he wasn’t willing to say it under oath.... come on, man. Just another day in this complete scam.
  3. dogcows

    Gender Dysphoria - GREAT article.

    Yes, we’re a democratic republic. There are undemocratic republics, which is what some seem to want. Still, the terms were used interchangeably, even by the founding fathers who knew that our proposed republic was one type of democracy... but not a direct democracy. From Alexander Hamilton: https://founders.archives.gov/documents/Hamilton/01-01-02-0162 Glad to be having the discussion instead of just dealing with the one-liner. We can get super technical on this, but for Chrome-Gnome to blurt out “we’re not a democracy, we’re a republic” is inaccurate. We’re not a direct democracy, nor are we an undemocratic republic. Our Republic practices representative democracy.
  4. What a great country when paid public servants stand around, watching somebody drown, and say “not my problem."
  5. This blind support for the police is really something. Here’s a better question - could you live with yourself if you saw somebody drowning, and didn’t even try to help them? Here’s what a real man does, and this wasn’t even a full-grown man - he was a teenager: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2022/jul/06/us-teen-hero-rescue-mississippi-car-plunges-river
  6. If it supposedly isn’t their job to save people, then they shouldn’t prevent anybody from jumping into the water if they want to. No law against jumping in the water, right?
  7. I bet all those cops who refused to lend a helping hand (and even prevented others from helping) claim to be Christians.
  8. dogcows

    Loser of the Day

    Most people who criticize others’ parenting like this have at least one kid in prison. It’s called projection. Another sign is if they post 20 videos of Jordan Peterson every day.
  9. dogcows

    Gender Dysphoria - GREAT article.

    I guess you are unable to have an actual discussion of the history and interchangeability of the terms republic and democracy. Or even “doing your own research” on it. You can only regurgitate the one-liner you saw on grandpa’s Facebook timeline. So you “pile on” like that idiot in the mob who never had an original thought, but decides to go with the crowd. Good job, sheep man. Funny how I said “‘consensus” which Jerry turned to “majority” and now a bunch of passers-by have decided I’m some kind of tyrant who thinks we should get rid of the bill of rights. Even though I specifically said that’s not true… and the laws I’m arguing AGAINST are ones that limit, not expand, the rights of Americans. If your only method of argument is not to discuss the merits, but to intentionally misrepresent the position of the other side, I hope you know it makes your own argument appear much weaker.
  10. You completely ignored the facts I just presented. He wasn’t scheduled to go to jail in the next day or two. It was still months away. You swallowed the fake story from the GOP committee, hook, line, and sinker... again. But let’s hear more about the assassinations. Who else other than Devon Archer is getting “Epsteined”? This is a VERY serious discussion you’re having.
  11. dogcows

    Gender Dysphoria - GREAT article.

    OK well before I leave abortion, I’ll just reply to your numbers above: if the issue was really 3rd-trimester abortions... why did they challenge Roe v Wade which already allowed states to block abortions in the 3rd trimester? Back to the trans panic - I think it’s going to be yet another losing issue for R’s. It is possible to get a lot of conservatives worked up about an issue because most of them watch the same very small number of news sources, the biggest and most famous being FOX. But most people in America don’t watch FOX. They aren’t upset about something that’s only affecting 1% of the population. So the anti-trans rhetoric might help in the primaries. But it’s most likely NOT going to be something independent voters care about come November 2024. It would be “common sense” to stop trying to regulate trans medical care for minors. It’s rare, it requires parental and doctor approval. I don’t see how banning it truly helps anybody.
  12. dogcows

    Gender Dysphoria - GREAT article.

    I have to accept multiple incorrect assumptions to even discuss this. And I’m not going to. So let’s just say: it’s a bad analogy, with no connection to the topic we were discussing.
  13. Archer was convicted in 2018, long before this sham of an investigation started. He also was in no danger of being tossed in jail before he could testify. https://wapo.st/3rV4oqy Why do so many on the right believe these things despite the committee’s lies constantly being exposed?
  14. dogcows

    Gender Dysphoria - GREAT article.

    I'm gonna have InstaCart deliver a DiGiorno pizza to you. Let’s watch your head explode. “It’s not delivery, it’s DiGiorno... but no it’s a delivery..... ARRRGRGRRGGHHHH!!!!”