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  1. dogcows

    Need a ruling.....

    My league has a hard rule of no moves unless you are alive in the playoffs. I think all leagues should institute the same rule.
  2. Philip Rivers has a bad matchup, and many are suggesting Josh Allen will get lots of points. However, Im concerned that the Patriots will take away Allens rushing lanes and keep him in the pocket.
  3. dogcows

    Pick 1 for flex

    Edelman for PPR. Ekeler otherwise.
  4. I also think Ekeler. He has even had value before Gordon got hurt... he should be great now.
  5. dogcows

    Choosing my flex

    Lockett... second choice would be Hyde but Jacksonville has totally lost their composure since their season is over....
  6. dogcows

    Dalton replacement

    If I win this week, I make the playoffs. But Dalton was my QB. Here are some replacement options available in my league: Eli Manning (on my bench) Available on waivers: D. Carr Josh Allen Case Keenum Chase Daniel Leaning towards Allen due to running yards and knowing the Bills play well against Miami usually and Im a Bills fan. But Case Keenum against a reeling Cincinnati team might be better.
  7. dogcows

    Which RB to flex in PPR?

    Thanks - Lindsay it is!
  8. dogcows

    RB2 and RB3

    Breida and Jones I think. Bengals have no passing attack without AJ Green, so the Browns will stack the box against the run.
  9. dogcows

    RB2 for this week

    Mack has been on fire!
  10. dogcows

    Which RB to flex in PPR?

    I have Philip Lindsay against the Steelers or Josh Adams vs the Giants. Im leaning towards Adams because of the matchup, but Lindsay has been good for me every week this season, so I am very hesitant to bench him for an unproven back like Adams.
  11. dogcows

    PPR Flex Help!

    Coleman has the highest ceiling I think too.
  12. dogcows

    Need to pick 2 WRs

    Yeah I am benching Dalton this week because sadly, Eli Manning off the waiver wire seems a better pick this week.
  13. dogcows


    Kerryon. With Flacco out, dont take a chance on John Brown....
  14. dogcows

    PPR help - 1 WR and 1 flex

    Howdy. I am trying to fill in my last 2 roster spots for tomorrow. I have narrowed it down to Philip Lindsay, Sammy Watkins, and Larry Fitzgerald for 1 WR and 1 flex spot. Get well soon, AJ Green!