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Congrats Mobb

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Not only did you not deserve it, Your mother was a hamster, and your father smelt of elderberries


<---sore loser


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The El Padrino would like to formally welcome you to the Champions Club. Going forward, your meals will taste better, your drugs will get you higher, your abs will be more defined, your ejaculations will be more explosive, and your franchise will be respected in a manner that very few franchises have ever known.


It was a playoff run that may never be equaled. First a nail biter over the greatest franchise in DNDL history, then a reasonably comfortable victory over this seasons 13-1 heavy favorite. More than anything, this was a victory for the blue bloods of the DNDL. Tis always good to see one of us emerge as league Champion.


With much respect and admiration, your Padrino and Savior congratulates the Paranoid Androids on an amazing championship season.

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