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2019 NFL playoff teams sorted by Super Bowl odds for next year

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Here are the early Super Bowl odds for next season for every team.



For fun, let's take the 6 teams with the best odds in each conference and sort them as if they won playoff seeds.




1. Rams +700

2. Saints +1000

3. Bears +1500

4. Eagles +2000

5. Packers +1800

6. Vikings +1800


So odds really like the Packers to get back in, and they like the Vikings to also make it so 3 NFC North teams are in except the Lions. The Cowboys and Seahawks sit out.




1. Chiefs +800

2. Patriots +1000

3. Steelers +1500

4. Colts +2000

5. Chargers +1500

6. Browns +3000 or Ravens +3000


Oddsmakers like the Steelers to win the North and have the Browns and Ravens tied for the 6th seed.


I would guess good bets would be the Eagles and Colts because the odds don't seem to factor in that they win a division and get a home game. The Browns or Ravens would also be a good bet because you get nice odds for a playoff team. The worst bet is probably the Chargers because you are getting division champion prices and the oddsmakers aren't picking them to win the division.

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I guess I dont understand why thr Pats wouldnt be favored again.  They went to KC and won.  Shut the Rams down in the SB.  All in a down year.  

Pats are only constant in thr NFL.  Absurd that in february they arent the favorite for next year.

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Not surprised to see the Patriots not being the favorite.  

 Currants more bets on them. 

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I don't get the Rams being the favorite.  Goff is not an elite QB.  More teams will expose his weaknesses in 2019 and his numbers will probably drop quite a bit.  Rams might drop back to 10-6.  Seahawks might take the division.  As a matter of fact, the Seahawks are a fantastic bet because Goff is very overrated.  The Seahawks were at +4000 and you are probably getting a division champ there.  The current NFL mock at walterfootball has them taking TE T.J. Hockenson which would be a perfect shot in the arm for that offense.

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