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  1. sderk

    I would rather watch Kaepernick

    I would rather watch Columbo over both of them.
  2. sderk

    Antonio Brown harassment case

    My God I love the internet. It really exposes the mentally challenged.
  3. Is this just a permanent copy/paste you have going on here? You say the same thing to everybody all the time.
  4. sderk

    Antonio Brown harassment case

    Years ago a coworker of mine did this as well. He meant to IM me about a girl, calling her a bltch. He sent it to her. She went to the project team lead and complained and the team said to her, "You are a bltch".
  5. Nothing like brainwashing the youth. Hey everyone, there's climate outside, let's form a protest. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/us-to-stage-its-largest-ever-climate-strike-somebody-must-sound-the-alarm/ar-AAHzG5v?li=BBnb7Kz#page=2
  6. That's right. He's not allowed an opinion? One that is actually based upon truth. Oh no! He mentioned that transgender people are "abnormal". How are they not? Urethra, Worms, MDC.... dismissed. http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/hud-secretary-ben-carson-makes-dismissive-comments-about-transgender-people-angering-agency-staff/ar-AAHy9Ye?ocid=ientp
  7. sderk

    The left just doesn't get it

    You dumbass. God are you stupid.
  8. sderk

    If oompa loompa wasn't born a millionaire....

    Oh, the crazy of the lefties is still funny to me. What a nutcase this OP is. At times it can be scary, but in the moment, this is still hilarious.
  9. sderk

    Nike dropped Antonio Brown

    At least I'm half, Mr. nowit. You have to be one of the biggest idiots on this site next to only be challenged by MDC, Urethra, and Newbie.
  10. sderk

    NFL Officials Still in Tom Brady's Pocket

    Glad to see the players listened to him and stop committing penaties.
  11. sderk

    Damian Williams update?

    No he's not.
  12. sderk

    Nike dropped Antonio Brown

    Chik Fil A Yumm…..Fvck those liberal assh0les like Worms.
  13. sderk

    More "face darkening" from the libs

    What is so hard with understanding that a bunch of black people don't like white people because of race? What's the definition of 'racist' again?
  14. sderk

    More "face darkening" from the libs

    You are incorrect about this part. He is.
  15. I think Biden can create 400 billion jobs for women and minorities in the US within like 4 seconds. Damn, that guy is sharp.