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  1. BiPolarBear

    35 inch Pike today.. on the day of our Lord.

    Do you ever get the chance to fish saltwater? You deserve the experience if you don't.
  2. BiPolarBear

    I got canned 3 weeks ago.

    I couldn't find the swachbuckling clip of Kilroy swinging between ships, so I settled for this:
  3. BiPolarBear

    35 inch Pike today.. on the day of our Lord.

    You are the MAN!!! That fish is beautiful! The microlight rod must have felt like you were using a cooked spaghetti noodle. Is that 20 pound braided Dacron?
  4. BiPolarBear

    Is OldMaid Gone Now?

  5. BiPolarBear

    MDC Is A 500 Year Old Clam!!

    Didn't think of that one. Time for a edit.
  6. BiPolarBear

    Remember when Republicans HAD to change French fries

    That was an accident. (snigger). I always had a high opinion of Regans Foreign policy. Back in the day, I had business meeting on Capitol Hill and the Pentagon. I ended ups on a flight sitting next to a high ranking financial official for the Pentagon. His card had that eagles and arrows U.S. shield on it in silver. I told him I thought Regan was instrumental in bringing down the Soviet Union by forcing them to spend more than they could sustain (like Star Wars). He told me he thought the same thing. In the late 80's, I got to work with the Regan Detail of the Secret Service by providing them with a product to keep him more safe in particular locations. They never once reminded me to keep my mouth shut, and believe me: they didn't need to.
  7. BiPolarBear

    MDC Is A 500 Year Old Clam!!

    You can't tell me anybody is really surprised. Just look at that smile. The Eagles won a Super Bowl! I hope they win another one while humans still play NFL football. Are there gay clams? Not worth debating now. You say he has a kid and coaches T-ball? Clams have beards, you know. That's all I got. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/climate-change-clam-effects-500-years-old-quahog-global-warming-oceans-atmosphere-cardiff-a7460376.html Oh, yeah: and you're a BiValve.
  8. BiPolarBear

    Is OldMaid Gone Now?

    My bad. That should have been obvious to me. I live this stoopid.
  9. BiPolarBear

    Remember when Republicans HAD to change French fries

    Tina Fey form Wiki, on Weekly Updates: In a related story, in France, American cheese is now referred to as 'idiot cheese'.
  10. BiPolarBear

    Is OldMaid Gone Now?

    Rather slippery of you, agent Starling. Your answer does not tell us if it was deleted by your hand or that of a mod.
  11. BiPolarBear

    Is OldMaid Gone Now?

    It was the MDC thread.
  12. BiPolarBear

    Is OldMaid Gone Now?

    I got a notification that she had quoted me, but the thread was gone. I think she had about had her fill of sderk.
  13. BiPolarBear

    Bible games, did Judas hang himself today?

    We all owe a huge debt to Judas for killing Jesus, so Jesus could die for our sins. I am sure Judas has been in heaven ever since. I spent a childhood going to Sunday services; morning and night, as well as Wednesday Bible study meetings. I also mowed the church grounds and the yards for three house they owned, for free. I enjoy being completely religion free now.
  14. BiPolarBear

    Who gets Goof Friday off?

    I35 is usually jamassed packed in both directions at rush hour in Fort Worth. I had a 9:30am meeting and allotted two hours for a (google maps) 32 minute drive. I35 was wide open, and the surface streets were slow, too. Lots od people must have gotten the say off. Also, I drove by the Fort Worth zoo. It had full parking lots with the spill over parking onto the grass.