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  1. BiPolarBear

    Do you carry a knife?

    I have a ton of knives. I carry a WWII Schrade switchblade paratroopers knife. It sounds more impressive than it is. Mine is beat to , and I have to open it manually. The blade is worn down to 2 3/4". The Benchmade knives look great.
  2. BiPolarBear

    I'm Retiring

    I just got a toe shortened about three weeks ago. I think I will get to enjoy pain there from now on. ETA: Happy retirement, fellow stub!
  3. BiPolarBear

    Fighter pilot breaks down movie scenes

    My dad was a senior electrical engineer at the Hurst plant for Bell Helicopter for 33 years. If they got behind at work, he used to bring some electrical drawings home and work on the kitchen table. The scale of the drawings were 1"=1", so the plans were about the size of the actual helicopter. He worked on the Huey and the Cobra. Some of the Cobras had a Gatling gun, that pointed when the pilot looked. To fire the gun, the pilot just winked. My dad was part of the creation of that little beauty. His last project was the V-22 Osprey. He was also there when they made the whirlybirds.
  4. BiPolarBear

    Fighter pilot breaks down movie scenes

    Thank you for posting this. I watched both videos. I got to know a Navy commander, for a short time, who flew in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam. He wasn't into running his mouth, but if I asked him a question, he would tell me about it. I asked him if he ever flew a B-58, he did. He crashed a Brewster Buffalo, during take off in Florida. He also bombed and strafed Tokyo. I will try to remember more, and post sometime.
  5. BiPolarBear

    Zeke could become the consensus #1 pick come draft day.

    Will he pull through in time to get in football shape, by game one?
  6. BiPolarBear

    What's your local gun shop like since it reopened?

    Essential business. They never closed in Texas. Is Trump selling more guns than Obama?
  7. BiPolarBear

    Zeke tests positive for Coronavirus

    It's funny. I was just looking at cheaper Spectrum packages.
  8. BiPolarBear

    Zeke could become the consensus #1 pick come draft day.

    He tested positive for the Rona.
  9. BiPolarBear

    Bobcat cougar mountain lion..

    hummingbird moth - hummingbird - bobcat
  10. BiPolarBear

    Rage Against the Machine offends snowflakes

    Yes. Greta talents like Steve Vai. Lots of musical chops in a lot of those bands.
  11. BiPolarBear

    Rage Against the Machine offends snowflakes

    You made your point. They were good.
  12. BiPolarBear

    Rage Against the Machine offends snowflakes

    Were all the grunge artist born rich? I have no idea. They did banish all the spandex and mascara, glam rock garbage to the cornfield. For doing that, I can forgive them anything else. Sorry SUX. Just in case anybody doesn't remember how bad that trash was: https://youtu.be/ZWbj64Rwfvc
  13. Yes. I would find eaten cats close to the entrance of a storm drain in Keller TX. We had plenty of coyotes, and I always wondered if they were getting around the neighborhood in those things. The cats were almost completely consumed, including the skulls. I have pictures.
  14. BiPolarBear

    Live PD officially bites the dust too

    I watched it all the time, and will miss it for sure.