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  1. BiPolarBear

    Look at me

    Fantastic! Congratulations Bier!!
  2. BiPolarBear

    Ever been screwed by a bartender?

    You found d a bar that will have you. Shut up and drink.
  3. BiPolarBear

    Megalodon tooth hunter attacked by gator--not Bill E.

    This is why you have nuts of steel. Bull Sharks have the highest level of testosterone of any animal. If I understand correctly, you can't see , when you dive. I don't think I could handle it.
  4. BiPolarBear


    I thank you. The worst thing is that nobody attempted to communicate with me. I went into surgery at UT Southwestern Hospital. When I woke up. I knew I was not in that facility. I had a huge room at UT, and everything was state of the art. When I woke up I was in a small room in an older place. The big shock was seeing my toes. They were like fried black beetles with crispy skin. Not the kind of thing you are expecting coming out of heart surgery. I have a ventilator tube and a feeding tube down my throat and can not make the smallest sound. I thought I must have had surgery and been released, after which I did something like lose contiguousness while driving and drive into a bridge abutment or something. I figured my toes got burned somehow. They actually weren't burned. While I was under an induced coma, they gave me a drug that keeps your vital organs going, but robs circulation to your extremities. My toes got dry gangrene. Since I didn't know where I was or how I got there, I wondered if my mother knew I was alive or where I was. They finally told me my mom and relatives would be coming to see me the next day. I was afraid I would asphyxiate alone the night before they arrived.
  5. BiPolarBear


    Totally understand it bothering anybody. For some reason I don't mind. I was in one for a couple of hours. Me, I was scared shitless of being on a ventilator. I would be alone at night for long stretches and thought I would afixiate on my own saliva. A doctor came in and told me I was on the path to detaching from the rest of humanity, if I stayed awake at night and slept during the day. He put me on a pill. After I got out of rehab, I found out he had put me on an antidepressant. I am like what the hell; I'm not smart enough to be depressed. Getting off the pill was supposed to take about six months, and I just said it and quit. I wasn't depressed; I was lying alone, and trying to breath thru my gurgling spit. I still don't think it was an over reaction.
  6. Both sides of my family fought for the South, but Lee lost his cred with me for engaging in Gettysburg, simply because he did not think his army could be defeated. He found out they could be defeated, and anybody that has visited the battlefield could see why. He just had to leave and fight on more advantageous ground; but no. Confederate General Jubal Early came down from Pennsylvania to Maryland, and fought the battle of Monocacy. He lined ups his crack troops up against Union militia and farm boys at a time when the South was winning most the battles when they were out numbered. He did not commit all his forces to the battle. The Union militia held strong, and long enough to insure Grant reached Washington DC ahead of Confederate forces. Anyway at the Battle of Monocacy, the Union Militia finally broke and retreated across a railroad bridge. They were sitting ducks crossing the bridge, and Early told his men to hold their fire during their retreat, out of respect for how bravely they had fought. The bridge still stands, and I used to fish under it. Early also demanded a ransom for the town of Frederick, Maryland, or it would be set to the torch. It was a $200,000 ransom and the city fathers had to ride out on horseback to the banks in surrounding towns and borrow the money. Early got the money and kept his word to spare the town. It took Frederick until 1956 to pay back the bank loans with interest. Because of all this Jubal Early is my favorite Civil war general.
  7. BiPolarBear

    Gregg Allman abducted by accused Felon

    I play that that song. Love the Allman Brothers.
  8. BiPolarBear

    rowing or wading?

    Rowing. Rowed all over Newport Harbor and would come home with lots of fish. Surf perch, yellowfin croaker, smelt, leopard shark, etc.
  9. BiPolarBear

    Anyone Own A Turtle ?

    I have had too many turtles to count. Two male Eastern Box Turtles I had would spot each other from far sides of the backyard, and charge each other at blindingly slow speeds. I waded out in a creek and caught a 12 pound common snapping turtle and kept him for years in a plastic 33 gallon garbage can. I had him out on the grass, washing the algae off his shell with a brush. He grabbed the brass end of the garden hose, and bit it completely flat in a split second. The blue jays hated him, and would line up on the rim of his garbage can and scream at him. I would grab my single shot break-action pellet gun, and shot a jay in the back of the head. It would fall over in the water, and get completely eaten. I spotted an approximately 30 pound female common snapper about to fall off a dry lake spillway onto concrete. I ran over and saved her, and she was not grateful. I put her back in the lake.
  10. BiPolarBear

    Anyone up on the food plant destruction this year?

    That was great. What else you got? For inspiration don't forget that as a Trump toadie, ya can't get dumber.
  11. BiPolarBear

    Anyone up on the food plant destruction this year?

    Also; there's tracking chips in the gas, so they always know where you are.
  12. BiPolarBear

    Things You Miss

    You know, I thought about it, and decided you're right. I have made thew appropriate changes to my original post.
  13. BiPolarBear

    Things You Miss

    Digital telephone signal wrecked a whole world of comedy. I worked at a car dealership in Maryland. If there was a lot of snow on the ground nothing happened all day. A guy I worked with would get a bunch of us in an office and prank call people... "Hello Mrs. Robinson? This is Wayne Solinski form the Campbell Soup Company. We are having a National contest to find a special person to sing our jingle. If you win, we will send you a whole pallet of the Campbell Soups of your choice. Would you be interested in a preliminary audition? You would? Great! Please sing; "Campbell's Soup is um, um, good!" Wow! That was great! You are definitely on the list to move on top the semi-finals!! (Next snow day) Hello, Mrs. Robinson, this is Wayne Solinski, from Campbells Soup, calling you for the semi-final round. Are you ready to give it another go? You are? Great! Let's hear it!...That was good, but I think you were in better voice, the last time I called. No, no, you are not out of it yet. Could I hear it again, with a little more feeling, and maybe hold that last note for me. Wow! You did it again, Mrs. Robinson, you are going to finals for sure! Please wait for my next call; this is a National competition, and there are a lot of people to consider. Please make a list of the Campbell Soups you would like to receive, along with an address for delivery. (Next snow day) Hello Mrs. Robinson, this is...yes I'm sorry, it has been a while, we honestly had no idea of the interest this contest would attract. After careful consideration we have narrowed the contestants to two finalist, and you are one of them Mrs. Jones! Are you ready to shine? Are you ready to go for all the marbles? Mrs. Robinson: Let Her Rip!! That was great, but I think our other contestant has edged you out. I am so sorry...wait what? You want another try? I guess I could bend the rules a little. OK, Let's hear it again! Oh my God; you did it Mrs. Robinson! You are our winner!! You can go ahead and read me the list of the soups you want. OK, got it!! Your prize is on the way! You have a great day, ma'am, and thank you for enjoying Campbell's Soups!! Good Bye."
  14. BiPolarBear

    Saddest Song you ever heard

    "Here Come the Bride" What did I win?
  15. That's it. I started to look up the lyrics, and the tune and words hit my pea brain before I got that far.