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  1. BiPolarBear

    FB Friends and Family You Kept or Deleted over Politics

    That's all you can do.
  2. BiPolarBear

    FB Friends and Family You Kept or Deleted over Politics

    I get along great with a couple who are both Trumpers. They are both very nice to me. We do not talk politics.
  3. Do you fraternize with people from the "other" political party by choice? Did you just can everybody in the other camp on FB? The Ditched I ditched a couple of rabid Trump supporters. One guy blamed school teachers after a school shooting, saying a teacher should have taken the young man under his or her wing, and put the young man on a good path; and keeping the incident from happening. I thought the concept was asinine and have an 8th grade teacher for a daughter; he got "sent to the cornfield", if anybody gets the Twilight Zone reference. The other guy floated lots of made up quotes from "history" and posted Russian FB . He is also my cousin. Ditched. Keepers My High School girlfriend - has stuck with me as a friend for decades. I can't ignore that kind of loyalty. She is also Jewish and sends Trump money. A friend from Surfer Magazine Days - The place was a real family, and lots of us hung out together after work. Me and this lady have stayed in touch ever sense. She posted some weird stuff (to me, I'm sure it lives on as someone truth) Guitar player from my band - I used to carry a paper that said he got all my musical equipment if I passed. Played on stage (bars) for 12 years with the guy. He posted all kinds of pictures of Obama in ridiculous clothes and was a birther. We have been thru too much, in my view, to make a hasty move. Can anybody relate?
  4. BiPolarBear

    Where And What Is The Coolst Places You’ve Ever Been

    The single tree covers an area about the size of a city block. Lahaina was beautiful too; ripe mangos on the ground and small private art galleries. I saw a gallery of Ron Wood paintings . There is a graveyard downtown, and I saw an extended Hawaiian family lying on the grass around a grave. I figured some family member had recently died. Later when I walked back by, the family was gone and I went over to read the grave. It was an infant that died in 1956. https://www.gohawaii.com/islands/maui/regions/west-maui/Lahaina/banyan-tree#:~:text=Lāhainā's Massive Banyan Tree&text=Imported from India and planted,more than 60-feet high.
  5. BiPolarBear

    I’m In Music Mode

    It makes all kind of sense that they both went to Juliard. I did not know that. So besides Neal's ability to play great live, he has the music theory background to have a clue what he is doing.
  6. BiPolarBear

    I’m In Music Mode

    Very cool!
  7. BiPolarBear

    I’m In Music Mode

    Great thread. I listen to "Promises in the Dark" a lot, mainly for Neal Geraldo's guitar work, but the whole performance is just unreal. The Cult song always makes me wonder if the lead singer influenced his counter part in Guns & Roses.
  8. The chances of him winning a FAIR election are about the same as him going a day without a load in his pants.
  9. BiPolarBear

    How I’m Feeling Again

    So life is a water ballet all over again? If it means you are feeling good, I am glad.
  10. BiPolarBear

    Visiting Washington DC today.

    If you say so.
  11. BiPolarBear

    Visiting Washington DC today.

    Got ya. My kids loved the Natural History Smithsonian and the American History Smithsonian. At the Natural History museum, they hand a large meteorite that had been taken from a Mayan Pyramid. They had worn it smooth and shiny, like chrome, from touching it. I guess it was probably made from nickel and iron.
  12. BiPolarBear

    Visiting Washington DC today.

    If you have an interest, The Old Ebbitt Grill is an experience. I would go for lunch, and see Senator's and representatives. The same open flame gas lighting is still in place, like when Ulysses S. Grant would eat there. https://www.ebbitt.com
  13. Breaking out the cheerleaders for your thread, SUX.
  14. You can lead a horse to water, but a pencil must be lead. - Gumby, or somebody else, really don't know.
  15. BiPolarBear

    is timschoschet at war with the entire geek club?

    I wish to add my name as a timschoschet supporter. That is all.