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  1. BiPolarBear

    American Psycho

    Should Mary have baked cookies?
  2. BiPolarBear

    I slipped and fell today

    You just love to fish! No wonder you catch the whoppers.
  3. BiPolarBear


    I am on my second bottle of the stuff. Will get more. Will get more.
  4. BiPolarBear


    Most of the Thursday night game stunk on ice. The MNF'er was fantastic.
  5. BiPolarBear


    Every time I glanced up from my laptop, I thought the halftime show was a Genesis commercial. We will see that shiot all the time with Jay Z in control and Roger Goodell loving it.
  6. BiPolarBear

    Bill Maher is right...

    Thank you. He hates PC and admits he has totally failed in turning people away from PC BS. I was amazed that he did the fat shaming monologue at the end of the show, and I loved it.
  7. BiPolarBear

    152 people joined knockout pool at work.

    Her chest was very melony.
  8. BiPolarBear


    My favorite was when he suited up, and came out on the field for warm-ups before a game. Forgot he was suspended, I guess.
  9. BiPolarBear

    Baker Mayfield

    They have the Rams, Ravens, Seahawks, and Pats, in the next six games. That could leave them 2 and 5, if they can beat the Jets and 49ers.
  10. BiPolarBear

    Baker Mayfield

    Will they pick number two next year because of Miami?
  11. BiPolarBear

    Dallas Cowboys 2018 & Beyond

    Still a lot better than the NYGnats D.
  12. BiPolarBear


  13. By next season he should have the feet for a Dr. Scholl's commercial.
  14. BiPolarBear


    The agency was staring down the barrel of Tiffany Trump as their new director, if they didn't tweet a kiss-ass something or other. They probably did us all a favor.
  15. BiPolarBear


    Bert, yet again, you were the chosen one. You witnessed the birth of the NEW JAY Z NFL!!