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  1. Gladiators

    Good Morning

    Thanks. Our vet came to our house, which was really awesome. My dog shook terribly every time we went to the vet’s office. She passed peacefully in our backyard with the sun shining. The whole process took just a couple minutes...not sure if that made it any easier, but I’d like to think so.
  2. True. Is Kelly Lawler white? If so, she should quit her job and let someone of color have it.
  3. Gladiators

    Batwoman trailer. Cringe level 10/10

    Is this a movie about bowling and softball?
  4. Gladiators

    Good Morning

    Not a good day. We're having out 13 year old lab put down later this afternoon.
  5. Gladiators

    Yanis vs Lebron comparisons

    Exactly. No one wants to watch Giannis or Kawhi.
  6. Gladiators

    Yanis vs Lebron comparisons

    It’s unfortunate that Lebron has been at home this post season.
  7. Gladiators

    Ketosis and Type 2 Diabetes. 2 year study.

    Do you just tell people you’re on the Keto diet?
  8. Gladiators

    Batwoman trailer. Cringe level 10/10

    And let’s be honest. The mixed race couples in society aren’t even accurately depicted in these commercials. When do you see them at their trailer, white woman with a tank top on, boobs falling out, jeans that are too tight, and a nice muffin top on display. Husband or boyfriend is in jail...errr beating the kids for being kids.
  9. Gladiators

    So I'm laying on a Gurney Right Now

    Good stuff HT. Glad everything came back fine.
  10. Gladiators

    Cocktail of Choice?

    I have consumed many brandy old fashioneds. Great Friday night drink...2 of them and I'm well on my way to a relaxing night. If I plan on having 4-6 drinks, it's captain and dt coke.
  11. That’s how my kids will identify when it’s time for college applications.
  12. Gladiators

    NBA Draft Lottery

    Has the NBA announced a redo yet?
  13. Gladiators

    I'm sure CNN will ..

    I wonder what the headline would have been if the skin colors of the perp/victim were opposite.