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  1. Gladiators

    Home warranty

    Business opportunity? Let's do it!
  2. Gladiators

    Home warranty

    Never heard of it, but pretty sure I'd never even consider it.
  3. Gladiators

    What is your favorite sound?

    I haven't experienced the mountains, but the way sounds travel across perfectly calm water in the early morning is something special IMO.
  4. Gladiators

    What is your favorite sound?

    This is definitely in my top 5.
  5. Gladiators

    Sounds like Rodgers is retiring

    Brad and 23 both with good points, but what I come back to is the fact that Cobb struggled to get separation his last few years in GB. For that reason, I don't like the move. Hopefully he proves me wrong.
  6. Gladiators

    If you're man enough

    Maybe she's watched Step Brothers 1 too many times.
  7. Yeah, I don't see how this is any different than any other athlete who just "doesn't have it." Either way, my point has been her decision shouldn't be celebrated or called brave. If my kids watched/cared about/participated in gymnastics, I'd tell them that she choked and decided to quit. Her decision...She can live with the consequences.
  8. Gladiators

    If you're man enough

    I disagree. Wiff brings some good comedy to the bored, even when he’s not trying to be funny.
  9. Gladiators

    Naomi Osaka — now with Simone Biles!!

    Couple things: 1) I doubt she has a $25M + annual contract paying her to be a gymnast, so I don’t hold her to the same standard I do a Tom Brady. 2) She’s a woman. We can’t expect a whole lot. Now that’s not to say we shouldn’t expect more, especially when they whine about not making as much as men (see women’s soccer team), but we shouldn’t be surprised. End of the day, I agree with everyone that her pulling out shouldn’t be celebrated. She quit on her team at one of the biggest events in the world. When we celebrate it, we’re teaching kids that quitting is okay. Nah, not at the elite levels these athletes are at... ETA - I might be in the wrong thread, as you were probably talking about Osaka. Oof
  10. Gladiators

    If you're man enough

    Not cool laughing at Wiff. That was the scariest day of his life. He’s been having nightmares about it for 6+ months.
  11. Didn’t this happen mid-competition?
  12. Gladiators

    If you're man enough

    I’m a winner.
  13. Gladiators

    If you're man enough

    Looks like I won my bet!!!
  14. Gladiators

    Who has a tattoo of what and why?

    Yeah, that pink-haired dyke who plays soccer for the US definitely has issues.