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  1. Gladiators

    [** Official President Joe Biden Thread **]

    Your wife is in a gas station that’s about to be robbed. Would you rather the only other customer be a dude who voted for Trump or Biden?
  2. Gladiators

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    Proof that the vaccine is working. I got you covered Tim
  3. https://www.foxnews.com/us/arizona-marine-disarmed-robbery-suspect-accepts-heroism-award-lets-go-brandon
  4. Gladiators

    [** Official President Joe Biden Thread **]

    I was just going to post this!!!
  5. Gladiators

    [** Official President Joe Biden Thread **]

    One positive - There are a couple "Let's Go Brandon" songs topping the charts.
  6. Gladiators

    Not Beginning Gambling - 39 million if Astros win!

    Which geek is this?
  7. gutterboy would be fine with the gym teacher taking showers with the students...
  8. He wouldn’t let his daughter in a bathroom with some random dude, but it’s fine for everyone else.
  9. I hope this means we get Titan’s back.
  10. Gladiators

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    I was a little concerned about playing against the Cards on a short week…now I’m legitimately concerned.
  11. Gladiators

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    I think I gotta bench Rodgers this week. Thanks vaccine
  12. Gladiators

    Slowly normalizing pedophilia

    Yep. It’s phucking disgusting.
  13. Gladiators

    Morning or evening shower?

  14. Gladiators

    Dear Joe Bryant

    Dez's brother from another mother.
  15. Gladiators

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    I’m trying to figure out what “unaccincated” on the graph means.