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  1. I didn’t see an option for whether the mother was fully vaccinated for COVID 19.
  2. Gladiators


    I think I wood!
  3. Gladiators

    Roe V Wade overturned!!! Leaked, SCOTUS SHOULD BE IMPEACHED

    TimHauck seems to be getting pretty worked up lately. I’m thinking he’s overdue for another booster.
  4. Mooney should stick to guidance counseling.
  5. Gladiators

    Local POS kills 6-yr old daughter with bat...

    It’s unfathomable what he did.
  6. Gladiators

    Local POS kills 6-yr old daughter with bat...

    Makes me sick reading these stories. Glad the POS took care of the issue for the rest of society. Unfortunate that he didn’t take care of it before murdering his daughter.
  7. Gladiators

    Oh, those wacky Nazi selfie takers..

  8. Gladiators

    Start with Hello

  9. Gladiators

    Cheat Day

    Digby’s mom loves it when I come over for cheat day.