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  1. seafoam1


    written in late '86 but became a hit in '87 in the US anyway...
  2. seafoam1

    Justin Roiland fired from Rick and Morty

    Not even put on temporary leave? What recourse does he have if not found guilty? None. I hope he is a liberal.
  3. Gotta fit in with the liberal "it crowd". Buy the cheapest Tesla and take a 10 year loan on it, because he can't afford it (not to mention anything better), be gay and very aggressively/outwardly proud about it, and walk around with a stick up his liberal ass even though he has achieved absolutely nothing positive in life.
  4. Weird is an understatement. Who the fock acts like that and is so damn proud of it? I know, I know....liberals....
  5. You I can see as insecure. I'm not. You probably live on the west coast where being unsure about one's own sexuality is an absolute inbred thing. Otherwise you are a transplant from the west.
  6. seafoam1

    I felt like writing something on this bittersweet day

    Still 0-fer. Waiting....
  7. Ahh...liberals at work defending Biden. pimpadoosh and his hole.
  8. Back to the basics of 40 royalty, Olde English 800 is another one of the most popular names in the game. Eazy-E’s song “8 Ball” is more or less a homage to the Milwaukee-brewed malt. At 7.5% ABV, it’s stronger than others on the list, but that doesn’t necessarily translate to tasting good. Ask any 40-drinker which name is the best, though, and someone will throw out Olde English. Expect a smooth and rich drink that’s got a dose of subtly fruity aroma. https://www.littlebroswine.com/ https://www.littlebroswine.com/wines/-Olde-English-Malt-Liquor-42-Oz-Nr-w02343484z Olde English Malt Liquor 42 Oz Nr (40oz) Price: $2.79
  9. I think they're all black because they voted for him.
  10. seafoam1

    I felt like writing something on this bittersweet day

    When is your first time gonna be? Cause you're 0-fer.
  11. seafoam1

    [** Official President Joe Biden Thread **]

    He just has to be doing a good job. Seriously everyone. Biden is doing his best!! OMB!!!
  12. seafoam1

    [** Official President Joe Biden Thread **]

    But it HAS to be Trump's fault. It's just gotta be. Biden would never do that to me after I voted for him and fight for him daily.
  13. Will you fit up there? I'm sure that you have tried with your boyfriend. How did that work out?