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  1. seafoam1

    What's with the "boyo" thing?

  2. seafoam1

    She did what?

    what? Can you type English next time?
  3. seafoam1

    Devout Catholic declares Easter is now tranny day

    timcrack at work.
  4. seafoam1

    What's with the "boyo" thing?

    You must live an exciting life.
  5. seafoam1

    She did what?

    Yeah. John Wayne Gacy should have done that before he dimmed the lights in Stateville prison in Joliet, Ill.
  6. seafoam1

    Trump INDICTED

    O'Leary is a smart dude. Not that Lemon needs any help looking stupid...
  7. seafoam1

    What's with the "boyo" thing?

    fire proof?
  8. seafoam1

    Any recourse with a car dealership on a vehicle?

    I would go back to the dealer who I bought the car from and say I was looking for a new car and see what they offer me for the trade in. Bring a female lawyer undercover and say she's your wife or girlfriend. Collect the facts and the histories and the typical numbers and go ram it up their ass. In a couple weeks you may have a new vehicle at no cost.
  9. Many people are Earth "racist". They don't think the Earth can take care of itself. I think otherwise.
  10. seafoam1

    Any recourse with a car dealership on a vehicle?

    A normal decent lawyer. Not the worms kind. Focking local negative advertising alone would make a dealership want to make things right.
  11. seafoam1

    Uh oh... Rashee Rice...

    They should start charging attempted murder for people driving 25mph over the speed limit if they get in a crash.
  12. seafoam1

    Uh oh... Rashee Rice...

    This shlt is bad. These assh0les have the money to go get on a race track and have fun all they like. But they choose this. Just like that fatass doosh jalen carter who should be in prison. On NFL radio Rich Gannon was saying, "I saw the video and this is real bad for Rice."