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    Well I am the Bell owner and I have Conner. With that said, my best case would be for Bell to be traded if I keep him. Bell and Conner together would just make things messy. I think my plan is to throw out trades to everybody in my league either for a RB1/WR1 and see if someone bites.
  2. kennymaine


    If your a Mixon owner, would you take the chance. If not, how much trade value do you think Bell has??
  3. kennymaine

    RB Help - Bye week/Injury problems

    I'm going with Ito. Think if he gets carries in the next few games, he could prove his value and turn into a RB2 quickly. Good around the goal line and can catch the ball. That's a good combo for a back.
  4. kennymaine

    Questions - Steelers

    All I can say the better team won that game. Pitt out played Bengals except for 1 thing...Special Teams. This was the only reason Bengals were in this game. Had a short field through out. And if this one thing Steeler fans should be looking at besides the Bell crap, it's getting P. Peterson if Cardinals have a fire sale. Word is out they might. If Pittsburgh could pull this off, we would be on there way to another SB.
  5. kennymaine

    Mack or Ito?

    I'm the only one thinking Ito, like his schedule better than Colts. Mack will be facing Jags 2x, Houston, and Titans in the upcoming weeks. Mack always hurt also
  6. kennymaine

    Trubisky vs Stafford

    Trubisky vs NE or Stafford vs Miami. This is tough. Stafford better QB but with worse matchup
  7. kennymaine

    Trubisky vs Stafford

    Trubisky vs NE or Stafford vs Miami. This is tough. Stafford better QB but with worse matchup
  8. Who do you think is making out? I think its an even trade
  9. kennymaine

    Big Ben vs Watson

    Big Ben vs Atlanta, week defense, coming off bad game Watson vs Dallas, good defense, coming off good game.
  10. kennymaine


    Here's the deal, I currently drafted Williams, GB, and M. Mack, Indy. I so wanted Aaron Jones as a hand cuff for Williams, but lost out in the late rounds on getting him. So I was proposing a trade, Mack for Jones. Yes or No...
  11. kennymaine

    Hurns or Mike Williams

    Picked up Hurns in the draft but I am thinking Mike Williams could have a real good come back year. Was a high draft choice a few years ago, but has yet had a chance to show what he can do because of injury. I think he can be a guy that is going to hit waiver wire quickly. Like to jump the gun, but I also know Hurns can maybe Dallas no.1 WR
  12. kennymaine

    2nd tier RB in 1st round

    Yes Gordon needs to be in the mix. For what ever reason, I'm not thinking of him as a choice
  13. kennymaine

    2nd tier RB in 1st round

    Rank Kamara, Fornette, Cook, and Hunt. I have the 8th pick in a 10 team standard league. Hoping to land 2 of the 4 with the early 2nd round pick.
  14. Everybody is hammering Evans and 4 good reason, but if he can put together 1 good game it could be big...
  15. kennymaine

    Which TE?

    Im going with the rookie Howard