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  1. himmystyles

    The Official Week 3 FU Thread

    Where the hell is Dion Lewis???
  2. himmystyles

    Who would you flex?

    Ppr. Hayden Hurst or Dion Lewis?
  3. himmystyles

    Which two in ppr

    I have two flex spots and one wr spot to fill; one flex I have gurley there and I think I’m gonna roll with him. So need to fill one flex and the wr slot. Need to choose from cooks, Harry, gaskin and hurst.
  4. himmystyles

    Which two in ppr

    Lol good points; would u start hurst at the flex over any of them? Have Andrews at the te slot.
  5. himmystyles

    Which two in ppr

    Wr: cooks or Harry? rb: gaskin or d Lewis? im currently leaning towards Lewis and harry.
  6. himmystyles

    Drop Cohen for Lewis?

    Ppr; Cohen has been hot garbage. Gallman and Freeman both were claimed but Dion Lewis still available. Drop Cohen and grab him?
  7. himmystyles

    Hayden Hurst

    Tough call for me as I’m forced to start Reagor if I don’t drop him for another wr. I invested decently in him tho so I’ll roll with who I have. Thanks for the input.
  8. himmystyles

    Hayden Hurst

    I know it’s only been one week, but if you guys are being hit with injuries and have another solid te alternative, is he a drop candidate in ppr? Lots of hype but gage seems to be emerging as the number 3 option- again with a small sample size. Short benches are brutal.
  9. himmystyles

    Snell or Cohen?

    Which of these two would you flex in ppr this week?
  10. himmystyles

    Which of these wr’s this week?

    Lost aj brown; looking at one of the Detroit wrs in a catch up game vs gb ( Amendola or Cephus), Shenault or Beasley. Can also start Reagor, who I already own. Who would you go with in full ppr?
  11. Would you guys rather have Reagor or Shenault? Full ppr. Thanks!
  12. himmystyles

    Courtland Sutton Knee Injury

    Shoulder injury; is desean Hamilton next up with Jeudy?
  13. himmystyles

    1pt ppr flex. Who to start?

    Agreed DJ. Ridley I think will be a beast this year tho.
  14. himmystyles

    Trade advice in 12 team ppr- WHIR

    Curtis. Actually I cut him for Edmonds to cuff drake for now till I know his boot thing is good.
  15. himmystyles

    Trade advice in 12 team ppr- WHIR

    12 team full ppr auction with 1 qb, 2 rb, 2 wr, 1 te, 2 flex and four bench. 4 pp td pass 6 for all others with usual yardage bonuses. qb- josh Allen  rb- cook, drake, gurley, Cohen, brieda wr- aj brown, Hilton, cooks, Samuel  te- hurst, Andrews  i have little wr depth obviously. I’ve been offered diggs for Cohen. Would u do the deal? He also has sutton, mclaurin and chark- any other deal you would offer instead to get one of those guys?