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  1. himmystyles

    In a bad spot

    diontae is playing but I think I have to start Pickens bc of possibly squeaky wheel. i have Travis homer and greg dortch as well as zay. I think I’m starting chark in my other flex for sure. If zay sits, I can throw in homer if Walker/Dallas both out but start at 4. If the other guys play I can pivot to dortch who is starting at the slot today. question is, if zay plays, would you still roll with him over both homer (if lead back) or dortch? I don’t have the guts to bench mike evans for any of these guys.
  2. himmystyles

    In a bad spot

    Full ppr. Dropped from 3rd to 7th in 12 man league with a horrible losing streak. Top 6 make playoffs. Who would you start in a must win? kirk cousins or kyler Murray which two of: DPJ, zay Jones, George Pickens, van Jefferson, Kareem hunt
  3. himmystyles

    Carr or Lawrence?

    Currently own Carr with Murray on a bye. Lawrence got dropped but is off waivers tomorrow. I’m in a must-win or will likely finish one spot out of playoffs. would you stick with Carr or use a waiver claim and drop him to start Lawrence vs Detroit? I also own/am starting zay Jones so will be relying a lot on the jags if i do it.
  4. himmystyles

    Which two this week?

    Even if Najee is out?
  5. himmystyles

    Which two this week?

    Which two of these guys would you go with this week. In ppr? Would appreciate with our without Najee playing lol jaylen Warren (only considering if Najee out) DPJ Latavius murray george Pickens van Jefferson
  6. himmystyles

    Pickens or ?

    With James robinson inactive i really want Carter in my lineup. Who would u bench: donovan peoples jones pickens boyd latavius Murray
  7. himmystyles

    Pickens or ?

    Ppr. Pickens going against #1 pass d but seems to be getting the targets. other options are Demarcus robinson vs jac, Michael Carter vs Chicago
  8. himmystyles

    Justin Fields

    I have kyler right now and rostered Carr to cover his bye week and his injury in case. Fields is a free agent, and is week 14 bye while kyler is 13. Would u stick with Carr as backup or drop and grab fields?
  9. himmystyles

    Justin Fields

    He also has a brutal ros but his skill set seems to negate that if he’s healthy.
  10. himmystyles

    Justin Fields

    With his shoulder injury, a bye week, and the bears not playing for anything, would you guys use a waiver on him if he was dropped? Any utility ROS or too risky?
  11. himmystyles

    Who to flex in ppr

    Demarcus robinson vs jac michael Carter vs chi tyler boyd vs ten
  12. himmystyles

    A few roster questions/ ww priorities

    If I gamble and wait cousins will be locked and have already played and would want to avoid another drop of a decent player for a backup qb- already did it too many times. Could drop cousins for Carr or tannehill if they don’t get picked up. do u think everyone I mentioned prior would be more valuable than Drake? I think dobbins is coming back and Edwards likely in this week.
  13. Have kyler and cousins. With cousins crapping the bed and playing on Thursday against the pats, do you roll with cousins or hope kyler plays? Don’t have spot to carry another qb. i made the mistake of picking up Kenyan Drake last week and dropping Josh Palmer after assuming he would be useless with Williams and Allen returning. Would you drop Drake to put in claims for any of these guys: burks, murray, Perine, Akers or kyren Williams? To put it another way, would you keep Drake over any of these guys? I have a very low waiver priority, so may not get any.
  14. Allen robinson or Courtland Sutton?
  15. himmystyles

    Who to flex in ppr

    Who would you rather flex this week in full ppr: kenyan Drake or van Jefferson Michael Carter or Kareem hunt Drake has been hot but Gus is likely playing. Jefferson might have a higher ceiling but he’s an unknown as of now with regards to how much he will be used and how. hunt has been horrible and it’s gonna be a snow game- not sure if good or bad for him. Carter has been useable but lower ceiling feels like.