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  1. himmystyles

    David Montgomery- terrible

    Will he continue to be terrible and not startable? Rb wire is bare, but I’m contemplating cutting him or trading him for whatever I can get in 10 man ppr. Has a great schedule rest of the way- do u guys see him turning it around?
  2. himmystyles

    Which WR would u rather have?

    Would u take metcalf over devante Parker?
  3. himmystyles

    Which WR would u rather have?

    In second in my 10 man ppr. Two flex spots and rest standard lineup. I got a little too cute with waivers and dropped players I shouldn’t have. Now I’m weak at flex: wilson, Ryan cook, Ekeler, Montgomery, b hill hopkins, Evans, Edelman, m brown cook, Engram I made the mistake of dropping Devante Parker for Hollywood. Now I have an offer of dk Metcalf for Ryan. Should I do it, or ask for Parker back for Ryan? Or possibly Parker for Montgomery? Just worried about my flex spot now.
  4. himmystyles

    Matt Ryan or Kyle Allen

    Who would u rather play today? 6 pp td passes. Also have B Hill at rb, but don’t think that affects the decision.
  5. himmystyles

    Evan Engram

    Are u guys trying to hang onto this guy or cutting him or someone who can help in the immediate future? Haven’t seen any recent updates about his status.
  6. himmystyles

    Which of these two to flex

    Full ppr. Austin Ekeler vs kc hollywood brown vs Houston currently have brown in there in a potential shootout, but if chargers are chasing points Ekeler could get a lot of looks in passing game.
  7. himmystyles

    Week 11 Scoop and Play WR

    Just dropped DeVante Parker for Brown in my 10 team ppr- more upside plus this week should blow up.
  8. himmystyles

    Week 11 Scoop and Play WR

    Would u rather roll with Diontae Johnson vs Cle on Thursday or DT vs wash?
  9. himmystyles

    Cook or Everett ros?

    Which TE would you rather have? Currently own Everett, but cook is a FA coming off a big game and a juicy matchup. I also have Engram, so I can either cut bait with either of those guys for cook or just stick with Everett and wait on word about Engram. In first so thinking what’s smartest for ros/playoffs more than anything.
  10. himmystyles

    WR waiver priority

    In full ppr how would u guys rank the priority level of these 3 wrs? I know Slayton isn’t playing this week, and would like a viable starting option this week, but if his value is sig higher I could still claim and stash him over the others. deebo Samuel- kittle and sanders both may or may not play- if they do it’s probably a wasted claim. Slayton- easy schedule and good rapport with jones and possibly no Shepard ros, but not playing this week and shep May still come back c diontae Thompson- has been reliable in ppr, but seems to have a low ceiling and Washington coming on now. Philip Dorsett- good offense but a lot of competition for targets esp with Harry coming back. Any of: Dem Thomas, Shepard, Conley.
  11. himmystyles

    Samuels ROS

    With Connor slated to come back, and with samuels’ crappy week, do u guys think he still is worth holding onto (for non-Connor owners)? They didn’t seem to target him much in the passing game this week, and with the eventual return of snell/Edmonds, it would seem to just be a crowded backfield behind Connor.
  12. himmystyles

    FU week 10

    Are they not funneling the passing game through samuels today? He’s barely running routes. Ugh.
  13. himmystyles

    FU week 10

    Done giving robbie Anderson chances- matchups obviously don’t matter. What a joke.
  14. himmystyles

    Shepard still out?

    I dropped cooks and shepherd. Only have adams Anderson and pascal rostered. Brutal.
  15. himmystyles

    Brandin Cooks - off to the locker room

    I dunno. They don’t have the greatest ros schedule with pass Ds, and he was doing absolutely nothing before he got hurt. I could see them being cautious with him rather than feeding him, and he’s still fighting for targets on that team. He already got scooped in my league so I’m just justifying my decision lol, but I also don’t think he’s set up for success rest of the way.