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  1. himmystyles

    Last ditch Hail Mary

    If he’s out would you go with Osborn over the other two? The only hesitancy there is that Minnesota takes a big lead and may not need to pass much. On the other hand if Chicago goes down early mooney might be a good play without robinson against a crappy pass d, but crappier qb.
  2. himmystyles

    Last ditch Hail Mary

    Full ppr. Have a microscopic chance at winning my playoff matchup, mostly due to tua and kamaras Duds. still have d montgomery going. Would you bench him for Osborn with news that all Chicago starting dbs are out? Also have mooney but I think out of the Wrs Osborn has more upside due to better qb.
  3. himmystyles

    Hurts owners..

    Same with me. I have Tua rostered as of now, while Jimmy G and Minshew are both out on waivers. Would need to drop Tua to pick one of them up. It’s a very tough call. Like U said if hurts plays will they even ask him to run much? The other backs are healthy why risk it. And he won’t need to throw much.
  4. himmystyles

    Hurts owners..

    Posted about this in the health board as it relates to my current situation personally, but wanted to know what people are doing in general with regards to Hurts this week. If his game is until Tuesday, are you trusting that he’s going to play 100% and going to get his running numbers? His practice fully but there’s always a chance he could have a setback or they end up sitting him. Are you still waiting till Tuesday and starting him or are you starting any other good streaming options? Tua, Jimmy g all good options, or would you even just pick up minshew to cuff hurts and stick with the Philly guys?
  5. himmystyles

    Hurts- what r u guys doing?

    Going to assume at this point that he’s 100% playing and starting? In my situation I also have Tua, And jimmy g is on the wire. Would you start either of these guys and play it safe or leave hurts in? I don’t have room to pick up three quarterbacks so I can’t pick up Minshew right now and it hurts ends up not playing I could see my opponent and picking him up. 6 pp rushing td and 4 for passing with yardage bonuses. Miami running backs are healthy now and I’m not sure how that will influence Tua- may throw much less.
  6. himmystyles

    Please pick 2

    Got a good problem with a lot of options going into first week of the playoffs. Which two would you go with? Ppr with yardage bonuses: mooney vs min- no Allen robinson kj osborn- @ chi with likely no thielen (won’t consider if thielen plays) montgomery vs min- should do well cooks @ jac- trending up vs a crappy pass d
  7. himmystyles

    If Hurts can’t go

    Jimmy G is also on waivers and has Atlanta this week as well as a nice ros (@ ten, hou). Drop tua for jimmy?
  8. himmystyles

    If Hurts can’t go

    If Hurts is out, would you rather play Minshew vs Washington’s bottom of the barrel pass D, or Tua vs the crappy Jets? 4 pp passing td and 6 per rush td with yardage bonuses.
  9. himmystyles

    Which would you flex

    Ppr. Assuming thielen is out and Harris plays: kj Osborn damien Harris * also have rhamondre Stevenson who I will start if Harris sits for sure. I have the luxury of waiting till Monday night if I don’t start Harris, as I also own mooney and can use him in a pinch if thielen is game time call.
  10. himmystyles


    I have him rostered not thielen lol. Just a big lack of information right now but will probably learn more today.
  11. himmystyles


    Any Minnesota homers hear any updates on his chances of playing this week? Tough Bc they go Monday night. I haven’t really seen any updated information in the last few days.
  12. himmystyles

    Brandin Cooks?

    Cooks or mooney in ppr? Robinson is back
  13. himmystyles

    Lost Moore; which guy to grab

    Ended up dropping him for Jeff Wilson. My thinking is that if Wilson does well today and if there is a possibility Mitchell might be still out next week Wilson can be a very nice flex play in the first round. However, I’m still debating dropping Wilson before the game starts and picking up Shepard or. Cole lol. I definitely wanted to hang onto Moore But I have to worry about getting to the championship first, and even after that I would have to hope that they’re still going to play him in a useless game and also at full speed. Just seems like too many factors to hang onto him.
  14. himmystyles

    Lost Moore; which guy to grab

    Full ppr. I think I gotta drop Moore. Would u rather go with: keelan Cole sterling Shepard Amon Ra st brown i have clinched but this week can still help to move up seeding. Looking for week 15 for sure. New York gets Dallas but don’t know how shep will do without Jones. Cole has cheese schedule but who knows how it will go. St Brown meh.
  15. himmystyles

    Elijah Moore on IR

    Do you consider Moore an auto drop? Short benches no IR spot. Would likely grab a depth piece.