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  1. He already cost me a spot in the title game last week, but now playing against a guy who still loves talking trash and deserves a sound beating. can he be expected to take his usual target share and b back to normal, or are u guys benching him for a safer option? I have Anthony Miller on the bench waiting to take his spot, but it could be a bench and he goes off. anyone have any info? What are u doing with him?
  2. himmystyles

    FU semifinals

    Wtffff Edelman. Also Hopkins. And Laird.
  3. himmystyles

    Bench Slayton with the wind?

    Would u guys go mclaurin over mont/ AP?
  4. himmystyles

    Bench Slayton with the wind?

    Sustained 20 mph up to 30 gusts. Ya I’m benching him for scary lol
  5. himmystyles

    Bench Slayton with the wind?

    Wind looks bad In New York. Would u Guys bench slayton for any of: AP, Mclaurin, Conner or Montgomery? Ppr
  6. himmystyles

    Weather NFL 16 - Champ week

    Are u guys still rolling out slayton with the wind issues?
  7. himmystyles

    Who is starting Conner this week?

    Reports are he’s expected to play and rotoworld sees him as a volume based rb2. Currently have laird in instead tho
  8. himmystyles

    Cook or Higbee?

    Who would u roll with knowing cook is playing? going with cook there’s a risk he suddenly feels more symptoms and is pulled (burned by shepherd earlier in the year).
  9. Would go Wentz. Divisional game and he’s picked it up since last game. Banged up wr corps but I think he will make use of what he has. Thanks for getting mine good luck.
  10. himmystyles

    Pick 2 flex- WHIR leave link

    Nope. So no protection if conner doesn’t go.
  11. himmystyles

    Pick 2WR .5 PPR will respond to links

    I might be tempted to go sanders and mclaurin tbh. I think kupps looks are affected quite a bit by higbees emergence. Thanks for getting mine.
  12. himmystyles

    Pick 2 flex- WHIR leave link

    Ppr. Have Conner and Slayton in there now, but worry that Conner plays at 8:20. If he ends up sitting im screwed with no backup plan except Jared cook for Monday night, who himself might not play (have Higbee in at TE). conner vs buff slayton vs Mia mclaurin vs phi laird vs nyg AP vs phi leave a link for yours if u would like. Thanks!
  13. himmystyles

    Any Josh Jacobs news this afternoon?

    Big issue is it’s a 4 o’clock game. In my case my two riskier options in Washington and Conner are both question marks, with the safer options otherwise playing at 1. Can’t risk the goose egg if conner is out and Jacobs plays. The timing sucks. Obviously it’s roster dependent but if u don’t also own Jacobs this situation really sucks from that perspective.
  14. himmystyles

    Keep the handcuff?

    Ya just not deep with injuries and would still want a quality flex, as Ekeler would move to my rb1 but I would have to gamble in other areas. Do u think it’s a better move to drop doyle for Higbee or drop mattison if he in fact is not needed?
  15. himmystyles

    Keep the handcuff?

    Only risk is if Everett plays and it eats into his targets. But I see that move could work.