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  1. himmystyles

    Which flex if Mixon plays?

    Would u guys drop gio if u don’t own mixon, and pick up Mattison right now if you own Dalvin cook?
  2. himmystyles

    James White or Devin Singletary

    I would still go white in ppr. Thanks for getting mine.
  3. himmystyles

    Which flex if Mixon plays?

    If mixon is out I’ll flex Gio, but if mixon is in who would u flex in full ppr? Gio hyde robbie Anderson they might limit mixon but that’s speculation. Anderson doesn’t have Sam d. Hyde in a revenge game but doesn’t catch passes. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. himmystyles

    Gio if mixon plays

    Lol. Thanks.
  5. himmystyles

    Gio if mixon plays

    I regret doing this but I used my waiver on gio and don’t own mixon. Ppr. If mixon plays, is he worthless? I own Dalvin cook- would u drop Gio for Mattison if mixon is playing?
  6. himmystyles

    Cooks- ??

    Lol I’m just bitter I lost to the worst team in my league with him and adams crapping the bed. But thanks for making me feel better!
  7. himmystyles

    Cooks- ??

    Brandin Cooks still consistently gets ranked as a top 15 WR on this site. It’s only been one week, but it’s feeling like feast or famine with him. In ppr, is he ok to be used as the wr2 he was drafted to be, or should he be dealt if possible?
  8. himmystyles

    Drop Curtis Samuel for Hardman?

    Reports are that hill will be out 4-6 and possibly longer. My wr are: adams, cooks, r Anderson and Samuel. No one else to drop for hardman other than Bernard who I just claimed. Full ppr 12 team league. Thanks.
  9. himmystyles

    The Official Week 1 FU Thread

    Brandin cooks. Where are u.
  10. himmystyles

    A Wilson or R Anderson?

    Start Albert Wilson or Robbie Anderson today? Both are banged up. Ppr.
  11. Drop Curtis Samuel for Tyrell Williams In ppr, or wait it out? Williams will get scooped any minute. 10 team.
  12. himmystyles

    Darwin Thompson, RB Chiefs

    Drop him to handcuff cook with Mattison? 12 team ppr redraft with short benches.
  13. himmystyles

    LeSean McCoy Released - Signed by KC

    With the Gordon and McCoy news, is Justin Jackson a better flier that Darwin Thompson at this point?
  14. himmystyles

    LeSean McCoy Released - Signed by KC

    Is Darwin Thompson still worth rostering in 12 team redraft leagues with short benches?
  15. himmystyles

    LeSean McCoy Released - Signed by KC

    Old man Gore worth a stash?