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  1. joneo

    ***Happy Football Day Divisional Round***

    Who?? Epstein?
  2. joneo

    ***Happy Football Day Divisional Round***

    I have video of Tommy Boy getting pegged by Gisele
  3. Good to know that Biden will step out from behind the secret service agents and fight me.... unlike that cowardly Trump guy.
  4. joneo


    When we meet up and after you buy me a beer, I'll show you video.
  5. joneo


    On the Llama, of course!
  6. joneo

    Kirill Kaprizov

    I think the Minnesota Wild will surprise many people. This kid is legit!
  7. joneo


    To your first statement: :puke: To your second statement: #Iwouldfaptothat
  8. joneo


    A psychological condition of euphoria one achieves from simultaneously typing on a football board and fapping to a picture of Nancy Pelosi.
  9. joneo

    Did FBG FFA and Politics Board Shut Down?

    I should join and give them a joneo special.
  10. Regardless, this country needs an enema.
  11. joneo

    Anyone using Duolingo?

    I'm learning Chinese since Beijing Biden has been bought.
  12. joneo

    Evangelicals turning on Trump

    Evangelicals.....you mean those who disguise themselves in the robes of God and support killing babies? Yeah, they're a great bunch of hypocrites to add to the Democrat's sideline.
  13. Let me give you this scenario: You're at a poker table and Flynn is sitting across from you and says "all in" with the same confidence from this interview. Do you believe him?
  14. https://mobile.twitter.com/NotableNo/status/1349138788941848577?s=07