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  1. joneo

    Trump to eliminate taxes on tips

    I like this. Instead of tipping 20%, I would tip 10%.
  2. joneo

    *** Official Hunter Biden Trial Thread ***

    So Biden says he won't pardon his son. The fix is in: Biden has been assured the outcome will be "not guilty" which allows him to say this.
  3. I'm sure Ukraine will send us aid to bail out the banks.
  4. joneo

    *** Official Hunter Biden Trial Thread ***

    Just like how Trump's charges and the sham-show "trial" was easily predictable, Hunters fake trial is also pre-determined. The system and jury are both rigged.
  5. joneo

    JK Rowling.

    Not true. You likely listened to CNN and formed this opinion
  6. joneo

    JK Rowling.

    It appears she is very good at discerning fantasy from REAL life.
  7. joneo

    Do you still support puppy murderers?

    puppies are just a clump of cells. I have no problem with someone aborting one.
  8. joneo

    Which geek is this?

    Well, if you remember, I did lose part of my thumb when my friends slammed a tailgate on it.
  9. joneo

    OJ has Cancer

    The MSM does suck concerning this. They opinionize their reporting with spin and outright lies. However, political motives were only involved in the Rittenhouse case. The left clearly attacked him and the 2nd Amendment on a daily basis. OJ was not based on political leanings.
  10. joneo

    OJ has Cancer

    Poor comparison. Shows lack of knowledge and comprehension about the cases.
  11. joneo

    Maybe something big dropping today

    I'm waiting.......
  12. joneo

    Have we talked about the Epstein Island list?

    You're reading comprehension is pathetic, troll