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  1. joneo

    Antonio Brown is a mess!!

    What happens to his agent's cut in the deal???? I hope he got screwed too. I hate agents.
  2. joneo

    Fantasy football: Is it dying?

    Oh...ok...sorry about that commie thing.
  3. joneo

    Fantasy football: Is it dying?

    You're a Commie . You're dead to me.
  4. joneo

    Geek brains unite...need help

    Check with your county and see if Adult Foster Care is available.
  5. joneo

    Phaser vs Gun

    Phaser is Star Trek. TASER is the tool utilized by law enforcement and some private citizens. Hope this helps.
  6. joneo

    11 year old swats burglar in head with machete

  7. joneo

    Draft Buddy 2019 - Projections Updated 9/4

  8. joneo

    Draft Buddy 2019 - Projections Updated 9/4

    Hey Mike, is there a sample report from last year I could view? Just want to see the format if possible. Even a screen shot
  9. joneo

    Anyone watching Boxing?

    Thanks Tubby
  10. joneo

    Anyone watching Boxing?

    Tyson Fury udate....Help a brother out at work that can't get results
  11. Why do women have shorter feet than men? So they can stand closer to the sink to do dishes.
  12. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/report-peter-smith-clinton-emails-dead-by-suicide/?fbclid=IwAR2j65RYuG0_tytvBJztjqHYblPO1dICpXRTzuZO0tALrBoarqxF9hKGuU8 Peter W. Smith, a wealthy Republican operative and businessman who reportedly attempted to recover missing emails from Hillary Clinton's email server committed suicide in May, according to the Chicago Tribune. Smith was found dead in a Rochester, Minnesota, hotel room on May 14. A Rochester Police Department report seen by CBS News refers to Smith's death as an "apparent suicide." The report describes the scene where Smith's body was found. On May 4, Smith had told Wall Street Journal reporter Shane Harris about his efforts to secure emails that were deleted from Clinton's server, which included contact with what he believed were Russian hackers. He had previously helped fund opposition research against President Bill Clinton in the 1990s.