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  1. joneo

    5'10" and 165 lbs.

    I hope teams start bull rushing prior to the count. 5 yard penalty and 1st down, but Kelce and crew will pay the price.
  2. joneo

    5'10" and 165 lbs.

    you'd have a chance, but not a good one!
  3. joneo

    5'10" and 165 lbs.

    Houston sends their rookie WR on a suicide mission to block at the goal line. Done for season with a broken leg. Who would've thought? IDIOTS!
  4. Of course media will do it AFTER the questions are asked. I believe it would be a circus to have LIVE commentary putting a spin on EVERY turn. That's why the Biden team wants to change the standard operating procedure...because it will help them.
  5. I never said they would ask questions. The media would be a distraction and that's exactly what Biden wants. So you'll now ask "how will they be a distraction?" They get "experts" interpretating for the steeple and manipulate what they want their public to hear in live time. They will try to discredit the questions and confuse the steeple who are watching. Total propaganda move.
  6. yup, but at least questions can be asked and answered without distraction from the media. They'll distort the truth like they always do. Can't stop that.
  7. ok...but there are no media distractions in private. That's why this part of the process is private. ...and this is why Biden and lawyers want it public ...so they can create chaos, red herrings and distractions.
  8. Here's the question that needs to be asked: WHY would Hunter Biden and his lawyers agree to this? Here's my take on it. They want the full force of media to muddy it up and further assist in the cover-up. The media will change the truth and utilize their mass propaganda machine to tell their sheep what "really" happened.
  9. During the witch trials of Trump, he has asked for many things to be seen by the public and has been denied at every turn.
  10. lol...yes, they definitely are.
  11. Rank them from best chance to worst: C. Ridley @ S.F. Garrett Wilson @ Raiders Davante Adams vs. Jets Nathaniel (tank) Dell @ Cincinnati
  12. joneo

    Need Just One TD!

    Fock off
  13. joneo

    Count on it

    Told ya...never fails. FOCK
  14. joneo

    Count on it

    My opponent needs Josh Jacob's to score a touchdown to win. You may as well bet everything you can on Jacob's scoring. It's going to happen.