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  1. Ummmm, so now the Democrats are saying they will increase the Supreme Court the next time they're in power to counteract Trump's appointment.?? Anyone else hear this nonsense??
  2. Exactly. Likely scenario is they'll have un-named "reliable" confidential sources accusing Trump of unsubstantiated accusations.... yet again.
  3. I've determined the doll is very realistic. She just lies there.
  4. joneo

    Anybody watching Yellowstone?

    Favorite show. Great cliffhanger. Dallas on steroids
  5. against the BLM anthem the NFL is implementing: 1. Stay seated with arms crossed signifying you're "not going to stand for it" ( not going to stand for the hatred and decisive actions of BLM) 2. Stand with your back to the field signifying your walking away from BLM.
  6. joneo

    What happened to the Libby Hoehler thread

  7. perfectly stated. Your masters in the Democratic party would be proud of your systematic regurgitation of their plantation views.
  8. House Democrats hold a special hearing to declare racism a public health crisis in Minnesota. Unable to provide link, but it's factual. Will work on getting a link soon.
  9. joneo

    Joe Biden said what?

    I have not met 1 person who voted Trump in 2016 that won't vote for him again. Fock the polls, Trump wins with similar electoral votes (likely more)
  10. joneo

    I'm Retiring

    A co-worker is taking me out to breakfast.
  11. He was being "cavalier".
  12. joneo

    I'm Retiring

    My last shift starts at1800 hours tonight. 12 hour shift and outta here.
  13. joneo

    Why BLM is nonsense