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  1. joneo

    Veritas Sanders Campaign video

    Can I tag along?
  2. joneo

    Coleman or Mostert?

    That's why I'm asking. I think Mostert might be worth the value.
  3. I'd settle for a Chinese spy to drive me around town.
  4. I'll take GB +7.5 and the under 45 I'll take Tenn +7.5 and the over 52.2
  5. joneo

    Coleman or Mostert?

    Who will get the carries and TDs against the Fudgepackers?
  6. joneo

    Dilemma - with self-serving interests

    Message me the douche's name, address and phone number. I got your back.
  7. https://www.checkiday.com/26fc9fa5e2afbd8cc45f8e193e1587a5/feast-of-the-ass
  8. joneo

    Vikings @ 49ers: NFC Divisional Round

    Not accurate: watch this video showing Diggs telling Cousins to not force him the ball. Diggs was being double teammed which caused his frustration.
  9. I was 6/8 last week. not bad
  10. Divisional round NFL odds Minnesota Vikings vs. San Francisco 49ers (-7, 44.5) Tennessee Titans vs. Baltimore Ravens (-9, 47) Houston Texans vs. Kansas City Chiefs (-9.5, 51) Seattle Seahawks vs. Green Bay Packers (-4, 46.5) I'll take Vikes +7 and under 44.5 I'll take Ravens -9 and over 47 I'll take K.C. -9.5 and take over 51 I'll take Seattle +4 and over 46.5
  11. joneo

    Vikings @ 49ers: NFC Divisional Round

    I've been a Viking's fan way too long to say the Vikes will win. However, I am going to say that on paper, the Vikes match up better against S.F. than they do against the Aints. That being said, I also see a low scoring game. I think there will be many FGs. I have said all week the score would be 19-16. Eerily close to your score. I however am not going to pick a winner. Anything can happen in a close game. Go Vikes!