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  1. Skinny_Bastard

    How good is Chark?

    His movement reminds me of AJ Green. But physically he's far superior. Ran a 4.34 with 40 vertical at the Combine.
  2. Skinny_Bastard

    How good is Chark?

    Watch that catch at 15 second.
  3. Skinny_Bastard

    How good is Chark?

    I had the same questioning heading into last night's game. I'm sold. He looks good. Good speed. Good hand to eye coordination. Awesome body control and the use of body to create separation. I might start him over juju if juju gives me another stinker.
  4. Skinny_Bastard

    AB cut by Patriots. BB has had enough!

    What's 9 million for these guys. It's nothing when they can blow 230+ million a year on players. It's in the budget.
  5. Skinny_Bastard

    AB cut by Patriots. BB has had enough!

    Good. There's no place for a guy like this on a football field. He needs to be put behind bars.
  6. Skinny_Bastard

    Titans at Jaguars: In-Game Discussion

    Mariota looks broken..mentally and physically.
  7. Skinny_Bastard

    Ty Johnson's speed

    Highlight run against the Chargers last week. Hit the hole hard and fast....bounced it to the outside and what a nice finish.
  8. Skinny_Bastard

    ROS: Baker Mayfield, Jameis Winston or Kyler Murray

    Don't sleep on the kid that just threw for 350 yards on the road against Baltimore's defense.
  9. Skinny_Bastard

    Ty Johnson's speed

    Can't teach speed...with CJ gone he might get a few more carries. Going to keep a close eye on him.
  10. Skinny_Bastard

    Ty Johnson's speed

    Is it real? He ran a 4.28 on the 40 in his pro-day. That is fast for a 210 pounder.
  11. Skinny_Bastard

    ROS: Baker Mayfield, Jameis Winston or Kyler Murray

    After week 3 you ride Kyler Murray to the Championship game. He's going to be match-up proof. Just need to fix red zone offense.
  12. Skinny_Bastard

    Gonna bench Cam for Allen

    Cam is done as an elite fantasy producing QB.
  13. Skinny_Bastard

    Overreaction to Brees injury?

    NO would be lying. Yes..sell now before it's too late.
  14. Skinny_Bastard

    Ben Roethlisberger out for the year

    Moncrief sucks. He's sucked everywhere he gone. How does ANY organization bring in a guy like this to be there number 2 is beyond me.
  15. Skinny_Bastard


    No sign of regression. On pace for another 5K passing yards and 50 TDs.