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  1. Skinny_Bastard

    Jimmy Garoppolo

    Bad teams don't wheel off 8 in a row though. Let's see what happens this weekend but i think Jimmy got the "it" factor.
  2. Skinny_Bastard

    Jimmy Garoppolo

    What about 2017 when 49ers was 1-9 before he got there and finished the season 6-0 with him.
  3. Skinny_Bastard

    Jimmy Garoppolo

    13-2 as a starter for SF the past 3 seasons. This is the same team that went 3-20 over the past 3 season without him. Incredibly lucky or stole Brady's secret sauce? I vote stole Brady's secret sauce.
  4. Skinny_Bastard

    Chubb/Hunt, this oughtta be good..........................

    Expect 50/50 split. Hunt ain't no scrub.
  5. Skinny_Bastard

    Washington RBs

    I would drop Robinson for Guice in non PPR league.
  6. Skinny_Bastard

    Washington RBs

    ADP is 34 years old and Washington is 1-8. There's nothing to play for except seeing what they got. A 34 year old aging RB don't need to be seen. I expect Guice to eventually win the job or at least get majority of the carries.
  7. Skinny_Bastard

    AJ Green Is it time

    Dude is 32 years old and getting older. Cut the bait.
  8. Skinny_Bastard

    Dynasty Dissly or Hockenson

    Achilles injuries are no joke.
  9. Skinny_Bastard

    Escaped The Jaws of Hell

    Fantasy football is a lot of luck. I have a team in my league that was 50 point (130 vs 80 projection) favorite and lost by 30. Sometime players just don't show up.
  10. Skinny_Bastard

    Adam Gase

    The term "Offensive Genius" gets thrown around way too much. Andy Reid is an "Offensive Genius". Norv Turner is an "Offensive Genius". Billy B is an "Offensive Genius". And then you have these guys that should be working in a circus... Nagy is an "Offensive Clown". Gase is a straight up clown.
  11. Skinny_Bastard

    What's the thoughts on David Montgomery?

    That Eagles run offense is tough. Not sure if it's a good time to trade him with the soft schedule coming up. He's the only real offense on the team.
  12. Skinny_Bastard

    What's the thoughts on David Montgomery?

    This RB dubbed a JAG is having another good week.
  13. Not anymore. Drake was amazing last night.
  14. Skinny_Bastard

    Benching OBJ?

    I would start D. Johnson over OBJ without hesitation.