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  1. Skinny_Bastard

    M. Evans - if out Wk 16, then ..

    Amon-Ra been in the slot!!!
  2. Skinny_Bastard

    Ever have a league you just can’t break through and win?

    Lots of luck in fantasy football. I have a guy in my 20+ year league and only been in the championship once and lost. He's consistently made the playoffs during this span. Sometime it is what it is. Luck.
  3. Skinny_Bastard

    Football Team at Cowboys: SNF Discussion

    Washington should stop embarrassing themselves and run the clock out. This is total embarrassment.
  4. Skinny_Bastard

    Best WR in the NFL?

    D. Adams hands down. Kupp is good but just a by product of a good offensive system,.
  5. Skinny_Bastard

    Javonte Williams Owners Are Ecstatic

    Gordon is 29 years old and he's going to be a FA. It makes NO sense for him to risk getting hurt. There's going to be a market for a healthy Gordan but an injured Gordan won't be good. Keep in mind, this guy sat out a year during his LAC days to get what he deserve.
  6. Skinny_Bastard

    Javonte Williams Owners Are Ecstatic

    Dang he looked good out there. Looked impossible to arm tackle. Runs low to the ground with quickness. Potential league winner if Gordon is out for extended period.
  7. Skinny_Bastard

    What's wrong Vikings?

    Kubiak left and handed the keys to his son. Offense just doesn’t look right all year.
  8. Skinny_Bastard

    Stat Correction for the win

    It’s rare but in my 25+ years of playing fantasy football it happened twice.
  9. Skinny_Bastard

    Jeff Wilson Jr was just activated for Sunday

    Perfect timing.
  10. Skinny_Bastard

    pittman jr.

    Anther solid outing. On pace for 1,100 yards and 9 TDs.
  11. Skinny_Bastard


    Bucs win again.
  12. Skinny_Bastard

    Odell Beckham might get cut today

    I agree with you. Only thing that surprised me is how long it took for this thing to blow up.
  13. Skinny_Bastard

    Tannehill, AJ Brown and Julio without Henry

    No more stacking the boxes. AJ will see more double coverage. I think Julio's number will be drastically improved.
  14. Skinny_Bastard

    Calvin Ridley Out for Week 8

    Fire up CP84!!
  15. Skinny_Bastard

    Denver RBs

    Gordon will be gone after this season. We’ve seen this a million times. The young stallion will get the race track to himself in the final few games.