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  1. Hook Echo

    Who Is Your Favorite TV Private Investigator ?

    "just one more thing...."
  2. Hook Echo

    rank the Joes

    Joe Pepitone
  3. Pete Maravich in college with a 3 point line
  4. Hook Echo

    I'm going to go ahead and throw a name out there.

    Piggly Wiggly (grocery store chain)
  5. Hook Echo

    George & Tammy

    Can’t forget about this one…. of this one….
  6. Hook Echo

    Any geeks had lithotripsy for stones?

    The 16mm stone that I had the lithotripsy performed on was “floating” in my kidney and I did not have any symptoms. It was found during an Abdominal CT scan for another medical issue. I made an appointment with a Urologist and he said I could leave the stone alone and do nothing and it may never bother me. He also said it was more likely the stone would gravitate to the Ureter and lodge there since the 16mm stone would not be able to pass on its own. Due to other medical issues I was advised it would probably be in my best interest to have the lithotripsy performed to eliminate the risk of having the stone block my Ureter and possibly cause infection, severe pain or other issues. I made the decision to have the lithotripsy performed and the pain inducing stent was installed after the lithotripsy. From my research most stones 5mm and below have about an 80% chance of passing naturally. I had my 1st kidney stone (~6mm) 4th of July weekend in 1997. The intense pain started out of nowhere and I went to the ER in severe pain to investigate and I was diagnosed with a stone. I spent a couple of days in the hospital trying to pass the stone and eventually the Urologist went in thru my with a laser and broke up the stone and removed the fragments which provided me immediate relief. I had another stone (6mm) one Sunday morning about a year and a half ago. I was in moderate pain so I went to the ER for pain relief and a KUB to determine the size and location of stone. It was determined the stone was ~6mm and it would probably pass on it’s own. I was advised to spend the night in the hospital to try to pass the stone. With COVID still an “issue” at the time and myself taking immunosuppressants for a very rare autoimmune disease called Polymyositis I decided “against medical advise” that I was probably safer at my house to try and pass the stone. I was prescribed Hydrocodone, Flomax and given a urine funnel screen to catch the kidney stone when it passed and I went home with moderate pain. I passed the stone two days later still in moderate pain and the pain subsided immediately after passing the stone. The stone was a very dark brown in color and a very irregular shape….I caught the stone in the screen and I still have it. I continue to take the Flomax, I probably drink a gallon of water a day and so far I have been stone and pain free since then. I do have a 7mm stone in my other kidney that so far is not moving and I have decided to leave it alone for now. Good luck!
  7. Hook Echo

    Any geeks had lithotripsy for stones?

    I had lithotripsy for a 16 mm stone in my kidney about three years ago. The lithotripsy was the easy part since I was sedated during the procedure. I had to have a stent installed for two weeks due to the size of the stone remnants to try to pass them. I had stent "colic" after the lithotripsy was performed and I had to stay overnight in the hospital to receive dilaudid for the pain....it was excruciating pain. The two weeks with the stent was very uncomfortable especially during urination. After two weeks I went in for an outpatient procedure to have the stent removed and the urologist also removed some of the stone remnants that did not pass. If you can avoid getting a stent the lithotripsy procedure is not bad.
  8. Hook Echo

    What's your favorite candy bar? or any candy?

    Atkinson’s Peanut Butter Bar https://www.candynation.com/atkinson-peanut-butter-bars?gclid=Cj0KCQjw1bqZBhDXARIsANTjCPKUu9dbFkmdoPad7QChMlUqGnPY-n9fHeGUtxi4-bGGCqEh7Wy7AA0aAvJmEALw_wcB
  9. Hook Echo

    RIP Tom Weiskopf

    He was famous for saying of Nicklaus: “Jack knew he was going to beat you. You knew Jack was going to beat you. And Jack knew you knew he was going to beat you.” RIP “Terrible Tom”
  10. Hook Echo

    Deathpool update : Vin Scully

    You had school on Saturday and Sunday? That game was on a Saturday night.