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  1. Hook Echo

    Favorite Song - Elton John

  2. Hook Echo

    DK Metcalf or Sterling Shepard

    Any suggestions please?
  3. Hook Echo

    WSIS - Brees or Mahomes?

    Thanks for the replies.....
  4. Hook Echo

    WSIS - Brees or Mahomes?

    I am considering Brees due to Mahomes coming off a knee injury and Brees playing against a turrible defense....however Mahomes is supposedly "healed" from the knee injury and has healthy receivers and it's very difficult to bench him if he's playing...hopefully they will score about the same number of points and it won't matter. This is a money league and I really need this win to have a realistic chance at the playoffs.
  5. Hook Echo

    WSIS - Brees or Mahomes?

    Who should I start? ---Brees at home vs a weak Falcons defense ---Mahomes at Tennessee a decent Titans defense
  6. Drop one of your kickers.......
  7. Hook Echo

    Fave Everyman Actor

    The first actor I thought of was John C. Reilly.....even though I’m not exactly sure what an everyman actor is.
  8. If you ride in a cart in a PGA event you should have to forfeit your right to use a caddy.