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  1. Djgb13

    Florida school project - kill 9 people

    Would have been easier to google how to build a bomb and obtain that stuff. Amateurs
  2. At this point, what the actual FOCK have the Dems done the past couples of years besides trying to get Trump impeached?
  3. I’m with volty to an extent. I don’t mind using the Mexicans for lawn care or going to a taco truck/Mexican restaurant and eating. Matter of fact, went to one the other day and overheard a cop talking to one of them about either their husband, brother, or dad possibly being deported. Whatever. Don’t care. Let me get 3 al pastor tacos
  4. Djgb13

    An LGBTQ agenda for FFToday geeks

    I remember posting a while back that they added F for “family and friends”
  5. No they don’t. I’m seeing everyone say “Mueller said there was no collusion but that it doesn’t exonerate him”. They are clinging to the “it does not exonerate him”. Even with no collusion or obstruction
  6. Djgb13

    Veterans: Anyone do Space-A vacations?

    Hell yea. A guy I know was telling me about it. Him and his wife are retired army. He said they been using it for a while. Love the fact that you’re paying for the unit and not just per person. Cause some of the units can hold up to 6 people. Gonna try it out sometime this year
  7. Djgb13

    Veterans: Anyone do Space-A vacations?

    Yep. That’s what I’m looking at. And yea veterans can use the Space-A as well.
  8. Djgb13

    Veterans: Anyone do Space-A vacations?

    Oh so it’s only for active and retirees? I remember Space-A back when I was in but I couldn’t remember much. Guy I know turned me on to the AFVClub and they had the Space-A on there so I got to looking last night real quick. Need to look into it more cause the vacations are cheaper than normal on there apparently
  9. Looking at them tonight and seeing week long stays for $349 for the week. That’s per unit not per person. So wife and I could essentially stay in places like Italy, Japan, Fiji, Germany, etc for that price. Wanted to see if anyone else has looked into it or actually done one that could give me some info on how it was, extra expenses, if what I’m reading is correct, etc.
  10. Got it from Costco already cooked. They tend to have a lot of healthy options there already premade. Was pissed I couldn’t find those giant lobster claws there
  11. Got some quinoa salad to pair with chicken breasts. Gonna grill the chicken and just put it in a big lunchbox/small cooler with an ice pack to keep it cool along with the quinoa and some blueberries.
  12. Djgb13

    2021 PGA Championship

    Found out it’s being held at Kiawah Island. Wife and I are down here for the weekend. Haven’t been since I was around 7-8. It’s really nice and you guys would love it. I highly encourage y’all to go and if you do we can link up to go do some things. Beautiful area, quiet, beach is nice, and the country club here is nice from the looks of it. Little village for shopping or grabbing some food and a drink
  13. Yea but that’s not a whole lot of food or nutrients. I’ll need something to get me through the day. Cold, cooked chicken breast is always a staple but I’m just looking for more of a variety. I don’t necessarily HAVE to eat at noon but around that time is usually when I’m hungry.
  14. Time frame is usually around 4-5 hours from when I take it from home. Cause I’m there at 8 and don’t eat til around 12 or a little after. But like FBN said, I’m trying to cut out bread and taking my lunch without having a microwave or fridge is hard. I don’t mind eating stuff cold or room temp. Just trying to find something I can take with me that’s healthy, nutritious, and will keep me going through the day
  15. Something I can take (besides a sandwich) with me that I don’t need to keep in the fridge because it will either melt or go bad. Also something I don’t need to heat up in a microwave to cook it. Just tired of taking a sandwich every day and looking for something that is nutritious and healthy. With my workouts I’m trying to do a little more dieting And slimming back down. Been so busy the past 7-8 months haven’t had much time to do anything