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  1. Djgb13

    New Policy

    Also, who the FOCK orders ice cream for delivery? By the time it would get to you it’s either half melted or already melted. But yet, I’ll see ice cream places on the apps available for delivery
  2. Djgb13

    New Policy

    Something like that I can understand. Cause I’ve done that before. Ordered food from a place that would have a round trip be close to an hour with traffic. Fee would be like $7.99 which I’m fine with for that. But I hate how the fees change all the time. One day it’ll be like $2.99 for a place that’s 5 minutes away and the next it’ll be $7.99.
  3. Djgb13

    New Policy

    Thanks for this. I’m gonna look into postmates. Got ubereats, DoorDash, and Grubhub but didn’t know about this one
  4. Djgb13

    New Policy

    In his defense have you seen how much some of those delivery fees are? $6.99,$7.99, and hell I’ve seen some on there $12.99 for something that would be a 10 minute drive tops. If I DO order from one of those apps and the fee is that I’m not tipping. Hell I won’t even order there cause it would be ridiculous. That being said, I do tip based on service. Do a good job? 20%. Sh1tty job? 10%. But I’ve worked as a server when I was younger and the hourly wage is straight garbage. Like $2/hr. Might’ve been raised since then. So I know how a server should be when being waited on. If my glass runs out of drink and they don’t come around for 5 minutes while it’s empty then yea I start deducting the tip.
  5. Djgb13

    New Policy

    What about the barber?
  6. Used to watch this show all the time on night shift at the hospital. Tv channels were limited so while we had our “lunch” we would have this turned on. Also had that guy on there who always bid by yelling out “Yuuuup”
  7. Djgb13

    Trump announces $16B more socialism

    Lmao this is awesome. A like for you good sir
  8. Djgb13

    New Policy

    You go girl!
  9. Djgb13

    Storage Units

    I feel like I should also point out my storage unit is in my old hometown where I was living before I left for the military. Had it since 2008 and have been taking things out and putting things back in due to different moves
  10. Djgb13

    Storage Units

    Thanks for the help there. Been changing sh1t all day from this new phone. And I know it’s that cause I think we did a topic on this exact thing a while back lol
  11. Djgb13

    I killed a girl I used to date recently

  12. Djgb13

    Storage Units

    Well when you’re military and move you tend to keep things in a unit. Don’t see what the problem is. Maybe you guys need to relax more? Cause I couldnt care less if you guys stored your old porn mags or trophies in a unit. But then again, not much tends to bother me unlike what a lot of people here seem to be like
  13. Djgb13

    Storage Units

    That’s your opinion. I only bring it up during appropriate times. Such as this case in which my trophies are stored in my storage unit a long with all the other stuff I described. We had more in there but since we moved we got a lot more space and took a good bit out. That is what’s left. Don’t see an issue with stating what’s in the storage job but apparently it’s “boorish” to say that I still have all my trophies from all the sports I played. Pretty weird thing to say. Would be the equivalent of hanging up the trophy fish you caught or talking about it. Just some thoughts on that. Other than that, I honestly don’t care what a lot of people here say. It’s already been established most do it to troll or honestly are losers (HT) trying to get some form of meaning and hate when other people have succeeded. Noticed quite a trend with it lately. Other than that, I’m having the time of my life right now and enjoying the sh1t out of summer. I’d highly suggest others here try it
  14. Djgb13

    Storage Units

    Sure you do Pierce
  15. Djgb13

    Storage Units

    You poor poor little guy. You want attention so bad you seek it from anywhere don’t you?