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  1. Djgb13

    Avengers: End Game

    This article has when you can take a bathroom break and not miss anything. Hope everyone enjoys it this weekend https://www.cbsnews.com/news/avengers-endgame-when-to-take-a-bathroom-break/?ftag=CNM-00-10aab6a&linkId=66534069
  2. Djgb13

    Declaring war on Canada?

    They’re not even a real country anyway
  3. A like for you madam. You earned it
  4. Djgb13

    Facebook bans far right, deemd "hate spreaders".

    I got banned for 7 days for posting a meme that said “let’s not jump to conclu.....and it’s muslims” when they attacked churches on Easter Sunday this weekend. It was deemed “hate speech”. So yea, are flocking biased
  5. Djgb13

    Avengers: End Game

    Baby let’s got me on him as well
  6. Djgb13

    Avengers: End Game

    I liked Deadpool 1 better than 2. The creation (and destruction) of Deadpool’s X-Force was pretty dam funny in my opinion. Other than that, it lacked that little extra something that Deadpool 1 had. That being said, the reviews for this movie are all excellent. Enough for me to say you might want to reconsider watching just to see if it lives up to the hype. everyone who watched it last night are building it up pretty big and had no negatives about it.
  7. Djgb13

    Avengers: End Game

    Anyone going this weekend? Read the reviews from the critics who went to the premier and they are declaring it not only the best marvel movie ever, but also one of the best movies ever. Got tickets for Saturday at 7:15. Also, here’s a little epic video of the cast singing We Didn’t Start the Fire with a tribute to Stan Lee
  8. Djgb13

    AOC: VA system has highest quality care

    I literally just talked to a veteran Friday who told me he’s attempted suicide twice already cause he just can’t handle the VA anymore. He almost broke down in front of me because of it. I feel for these guys cause those were the Vietnam veteran guys who when they got out haven’t gotten quality healthcare for decades. Especially mental health counseling. Some of them are too far gone to counsel and end up taking their life.
  9. And people think Trump says stupid things https://www.theblaze.com/news/aoc-praises-failed-va-system?utm_content=buffer9d102&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=theblaze&fbclid=IwAR2T1RXfxgHR3LF73rcendzg6Z_vglCdH94ud3bz3WWpuSb4-_XHFoZ98RU
  10. Not only did she interfere with a police during a traffic stop but she asks if she’s being detained literally after being told she’s free to go. This is the kind of stupidity the world has come to. The officer is awesome with the way he handled it https://www.leoaffairs.com/sjw-filming-traffic-stop-persists-she-is-being-detained-after-being-told-she-can-record-and-go-free/#utm_source=5 Bravo
  11. Djgb13

    Good Morning

    That’s mostly when I get on here
  12. Djgb13

    Muslims spreading love in sri Lanka

    Start one and see if it gets deleted or they give you a timeout
  13. Djgb13

    Muslims spreading love in sri Lanka

    Ha! I literally got a 7 day ban on fb for posting this except mine said muslims instead of islam. Said it’s “hate speech” https://images.app.goo.gl/Ajrzhx3PgABKh5jH6