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  1. Djgb13

    BLM co-founder is doing fairly well

    What kills me is the blacks defending her
  2. Apparently it’s being widespread now. Been seeing multiple businesses closed (in my city at least) due to short staffing. Apparently too many people don’t want to work cause they’re getting money from the government. It’s happening in Myrtle Beach as well
  3. Djgb13

    I bought a Basketball

    Bought one a few months ago cause my old one was way too worn out. Didn’t realize how expensive they are. Spent $40 on it
  4. Djgb13

    [** Official President Joe Biden Thread **]

    Our governor just issued an order that prevents the government from placing children from the border in SC. A lot of other states look like they will be doing it also
  5. Djgb13

    We all Knew it, but now CNN is Saying it Out-loud

    That’s what I find hilarious. “Oh Sh1t I’m caught” SOCIAL DISTANCE! COVID! I DONT FEEL SAFE WITH YOU THIS CLOSE NOW
  6. Djgb13

    We all Knew it, but now CNN is Saying it Out-loud

    Lmfao “you’re too close to me without a mask stand 6 feet away from me” proceeds to put on his mask that he had off talking with the undercover reporter and OKeef until he started exposing him. What a bunch of focking retards. And what makes it worse, the liberals are brushing it aside. “Good job” or “ok now do Fox News”. Like b1tch your network ADMITTED to lying, being biased to another candidate, and trying to influence the election. Isn’t that voter interference like all those liberals POS were claiming Russia did?
  7. Djgb13

    We all Knew it, but now CNN is Saying it Out-loud

    Wow bro. Come on now. Don’t go full retard
  8. Djgb13

    We all Knew it, but now CNN is Saying it Out-loud

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. News outlets don’t report the news anymore. Their goal is to get people scared, to get people pissed, and to divide people. That’s all. That gets their ratings higher than actual news
  9. Djgb13

    Teachers quitting

    I’ve seen videos of kids posting their essays and talking about their teachers. One was a guy who’s family immigrated from somewhere legally. His teacher made then write an essay on the people at the border trying to come in. Most kids wrote how “they need to be let in and given food and shelter”. His essay was about how they need to come in legally like they’re supposed to. He got a C- and his teacher wrote “you’re from Syria (or somewhere along those lines) you should be empathetic towards them and understand the fighting they’ve been doing”. Apparently most kids can’t express their opinion cause the teachers will give them bad grade. And it’s more than just him I saw. HUNDREDS of kids were posting how they’re having to hide their opinions and agree with the teacher for fear of getting a bad grade
  10. Djgb13

    Teachers quitting

    Liberals are equating college to intelligence. Anyone who doesn’t have a degree is uneducated and therefore stupid in their opinion. Yet they can’t figure out which bathroom they want to use
  11. Djgb13

    Teachers quitting

    ALL I’ve heard it from are people who ride Biden and Kamalas d1cks. In person, on tv, and on social media. I’d say it’s more 80%-90% than half
  12. Djgb13

    Teachers quitting

    When people say “I’m scared to go outside or be around people” I automatically am thinking how big of a poosay they are and know immediately that they are liberal pieces of sh1t
  13. Djgb13

    Julian Edelman announces retirement -

    I love the guy. Hell of a player. Straight baller. But I don’t think he’s HOF worthy. Then again, my opinion doesn’t matter cause I’m not the one casting a ballot. Some of the people that have gotten in or we know is getting in then I wouldn’t be surprised if he got in
  14. Ever heard of World Star? Black people would rather see destruction than progress
  15. Djgb13

    why people watch twitch