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  1. Djgb13

    Mila Kunis cake

    Just a little NSFW for you guys https://app.photobucket.com/u/djgb1337/a/8fd12264-758f-40a4-97e2-7bfe90597266/p/56ac0a97-b405-4357-a53a-adb1dfce0fc3
  2. Djgb13

    Favorite non-chocolate candy

    Hell yea
  3. Djgb13

    Favorite non-chocolate candy

    Ever had the sour starburst? Those are awesome
  4. The white male is the most discriminated against in college. For admission, for scholarships, for internships, etc. Even a member of the board (my mom went to school with him) said they have to admit so many females and POC before even thinking about admitting any white males
  5. What’s one candy you like that isn’t chocolate? Hot tamales? Mike and Ike? Bottle caps? Smarties? What you got?
  6. Dang so Clemson won’t be playing in the Ship this year. Feels odd not watching them play for it
  7. I’ve said this for years. Believe I posted something about it here a few years ago. It’s blatantly obvious
  8. https://app.photobucket.com/u/djgb1337/a/8fd12264-758f-40a4-97e2-7bfe90597266/p/34259571-4a37-41de-917b-f245af988762 a few black peoples responses to the child being killed
  9. That’s my confusion. To be sure it doesn’t take more than a handful of people to set that up. But for some reason now they all of a sudden “care about the employees health”? Nah. I don’t believe that. Seems like an excuse to just not do it. Slowly, trying to make things Muslims did to this country ok
  10. Yet thousands of people can attend a funeral of a black man and their health risk is “just fine”
  11. Djgb13

    Camping: now racist

    They don’t realize equality is equal opportunity. Not equal results.
  12. Djgb13


    Problem is the people still demanding we shut down. To hell with peoples businesses. All they care about is being scared and want everyone to listen to them
  13. Djgb13

    Camping: now racist

    Shut up peenie. Go delete another thread
  14. Djgb13

    Camping: now racist

    You’ve gone full retard if you don’t see how dumb this is. Who the fock thinks camping is racist and “privileged”? Only focking idiots. None of us are worked up over it. ALL of us are shaking our heads and laughing at their dumb asses.
  15. Djgb13

    Camping: now racist

    Dam white people and their *shuffles deck* love for the great outdoors