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  1. Broncol3uster84

    WR help

    Non-ppr Jeffrey, Gordon, or Fuller
  2. Broncol3uster84

    Pick 2 below to fill WR and Flex spot

    Non ppr... Fuller, Josh Gordon, Jeffrey, breida, ekeler
  3. Broncol3uster84

    Which QB?

    Non ppr...Murray or Ryan?
  4. Broncol3uster84

    Flex Help

    Standard scoring..who to Flex? Gronk Drake
  5. Broncol3uster84

    QB help

    Roll with Mahomes or Big Ben for first week of playoffs
  6. Broncol3uster84

    RB Help

    Standard Scoring...pick 2 Drake E. Mcguire Gus Edwards d. martin Collins
  7. Broncol3uster84

    WR help

    Standard Scoring...pick 2 Djax Sutton A. Miller Coutee
  8. Broncol3uster84

    Def Help

    Baltimore vs. Cincy Carolina vs. Detroit
  9. Broncol3uster84

    D-Jax asking for a trade?

    Standard scoring... You think Tampa gonna hold him out today or not involve him as much since he's asking for a trade? Roll will Trequan Smith instead?
  10. Broncol3uster84

    QB Help

    Standard scoring... With wind being an issue in KC...should I bench Mahomes for Big ben?
  11. Broncol3uster84

    Who to Flex?

    Standard scoring.. Trequan Smith Doug Martin Yeldon Hyde Olsen
  12. Broncol3uster84

    Who to drop for Trequan Smith?

    Standard scoring...should I drop.. Yeldon Hyde M. Goodwin for Trequan Smith?
  13. Broncol3uster84

    RB Help

    standard scoring...pick 2 yeldon Clement Hyde drake
  14. Broncol3uster84

    QB Help

    oh I'm not dropping either...but have ability to pick up and stream another QB...sorry for the confusion
  15. Broncol3uster84

    Def Help

    have the Jags defense...best streaming def on wire left is SF against Ari...pick them up?