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  1. Broncol3uster84

    Flex help

    Pick one...non ppr Singletary Chark Slayton D. Washington
  2. Broncol3uster84

    QB help

    Prescott or Winston?
  3. Broncol3uster84

    QB help

    Prescott or Wentz
  4. Broncol3uster84

    Which QB?

    Ryan or Prescott?
  5. Broncol3uster84

    QB help

    My other option was Prescott but he's on bye. Had picked up Cousins by dropping Herndon. Bridgewater, Winston and Rivers available on waivers as well.
  6. Broncol3uster84

    QB help

    Play Cousins tonight or wait and hope Matt Ryan plays this weekend?
  7. Broncol3uster84

    WR help

    Standard scoring. Pick 2 WRs and a Flex A. Cooper Chalk Jeffrey Breida Singletary
  8. Broncol3uster84

    WR help

    Non-ppr Jeffrey, Gordon, or Fuller
  9. Broncol3uster84

    Pick 2 below to fill WR and Flex spot

    Non ppr... Fuller, Josh Gordon, Jeffrey, breida, ekeler
  10. Broncol3uster84

    Which QB?

    Non ppr...Murray or Ryan?
  11. Broncol3uster84

    Flex Help

    Standard scoring..who to Flex? Gronk Drake
  12. Broncol3uster84

    QB help

    Roll with Mahomes or Big Ben for first week of playoffs
  13. Broncol3uster84

    RB Help

    Standard Scoring...pick 2 Drake E. Mcguire Gus Edwards d. martin Collins
  14. Broncol3uster84

    WR help

    Standard Scoring...pick 2 Djax Sutton A. Miller Coutee
  15. Broncol3uster84

    Def Help

    Baltimore vs. Cincy Carolina vs. Detroit