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  1. travelr1

    Thank You!

    Just a quick post to thank all of you that provided the great advice this year. I entered the playoffs as the last seed and ended up winning our league. Year after year this site has really helped me out a lot. From draft prep to the end. To all of you playing for the championship this week … I wish you all the best.
  2. travelr1

    Championship Lineup Advice

    Scoring is Full PPR. TD = 6 points. QB, 2RB, 3WR, TE, Flex, K and D. Our waiver wire was shut down at the end of the season so what I have is what I play with. I think my primary questions is: who to start at QB ... Stafford or Herbert. Leaning toward Herbert but he plays Denver. Rest of Team (Bold is who I am currently starting): QB - Herbert and Stafford RB - A Jones, Mixon, D Foreman (starting in flex spot), Mattison, Hubbard (Had CMC but he is out for the season) WR - Kupp, Higgins, Mooney, Sanders, Shepard, Bourne TE - Higbee and Everett K - Gould Def - Patriots and Packers
  3. 10 team PPR. No waiver wire pick ups in playoffs. Question - should I drop Foreman (ten) and pick up Abdullah (car). I had McCaffrey and picked up Hubbard. Current RB’s: Mixon, Mattison, Jones, Hubbard, Foreman
  4. travelr1

    CMC Replacement Options

    10 team PPR league. With CMC Done for the year, who is the best replacement option: - Hubbard - Abdullah - Hilliard - J Williams My other RB’s are: Mixon, Jones, Mattison, Foreman
  5. travelr1

    Michael Thomas expected to miss multiple weeks

    The best worst option.
  6. travelr1

    Do Not Draft List

    Who are the 4 QB’s you like this year? I appreciate your advice.
  7. travelr1

    Do Not Draft List

    Who would you take if you were in the 1spot ?
  8. travelr1

    Do Not Draft List

    Who is on your Do Not Draft list and why are they there?
  9. travelr1

    Lineup Advice - WR and Flex - PPR - Edmonds ?

    The challenge is that Edmonds plays at 4:05 pm. If I put him into the flex spot and Drake plays my only other option would be Higgins. Godwin plays at 1pm as does Hunt. With this consideration should I gamble and put Edmonds into the flex spot and if he does not play start Higgins?
  10. Important game for me. If I win I have a shot at the playoffs. 10 team league. Currently playing for the last playoff spot. Who should I start as my WR 3 (we play 3 WR's) and Flex. PPR. Team listed below. Players in Bold who I am currently starting. QB - Goff, Burrow RB - Jones, Sanders, Hunt (in flex spot), Edmonds (would start in flex if Drake is out), Fournette WR - Woods, McLaurin, Claypool, Godwin, Higgins (would you start Godwin or Higgins above Claypool) Flex - Hunt TE - Goedert, Hurst (on bye) K - Bullock Def - RAMS, Patriots
  11. travelr1

    QB Advice (Bye week)

    Currently on my team: Burrows (on bye) and Cousins (sucks) Who of the following is my best option to start this week: Cousins, Foles, Lock, Bridgewater, Rivers
  12. travelr1

    PPR Flex - Goedert or Ruggs

    Yea. I am going to lose this week. I still have Fournette but i doubt he will get me 40 points.
  13. travelr1

    PPR Flex - Goedert or Ruggs

    Playing Goedert. Thank you all for your advice.
  14. travelr1

    PPR Flex - Goedert or Ruggs

    PPR - With my team in tatters and Hurst already playing should I start Goedert or Ruggs in my Flex Spot. These are the only two players I can play in the flex spot this week.