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  1. travelr1

    Michael Thomas expected to miss multiple weeks

    The best worst option.
  2. travelr1

    Do Not Draft List

    Who are the 4 QB’s you like this year? I appreciate your advice.
  3. travelr1

    Do Not Draft List

    Who would you take if you were in the 1spot ?
  4. travelr1

    Do Not Draft List

    Who is on your Do Not Draft list and why are they there?
  5. travelr1

    Lineup Advice - WR and Flex - PPR - Edmonds ?

    The challenge is that Edmonds plays at 4:05 pm. If I put him into the flex spot and Drake plays my only other option would be Higgins. Godwin plays at 1pm as does Hunt. With this consideration should I gamble and put Edmonds into the flex spot and if he does not play start Higgins?
  6. Important game for me. If I win I have a shot at the playoffs. 10 team league. Currently playing for the last playoff spot. Who should I start as my WR 3 (we play 3 WR's) and Flex. PPR. Team listed below. Players in Bold who I am currently starting. QB - Goff, Burrow RB - Jones, Sanders, Hunt (in flex spot), Edmonds (would start in flex if Drake is out), Fournette WR - Woods, McLaurin, Claypool, Godwin, Higgins (would you start Godwin or Higgins above Claypool) Flex - Hunt TE - Goedert, Hurst (on bye) K - Bullock Def - RAMS, Patriots
  7. travelr1

    QB Advice (Bye week)

    Currently on my team: Burrows (on bye) and Cousins (sucks) Who of the following is my best option to start this week: Cousins, Foles, Lock, Bridgewater, Rivers
  8. travelr1

    PPR Flex - Goedert or Ruggs

    Yea. I am going to lose this week. I still have Fournette but i doubt he will get me 40 points.
  9. travelr1

    PPR Flex - Goedert or Ruggs

    Playing Goedert. Thank you all for your advice.
  10. travelr1

    PPR Flex - Goedert or Ruggs

    PPR - With my team in tatters and Hurst already playing should I start Goedert or Ruggs in my Flex Spot. These are the only two players I can play in the flex spot this week.
  11. travelr1

    RB Waiver Advice - PPR

    Thank you. Very much appreciate the level of detail in your reply.
  12. travelr1

    WR Advice - Cut Lamb (chops)?

    QB - Burrow, Goff, Cousins (need him for bye week) TE - Hurst, Goedert DEF - Rams / NE K - Blankenship NOTE: can only carry 5 RB and 6 WR ... so would have to drop a WR to pick up a WR
  13. PPR, Play 3 WR's Right now Scotty Miller (TB) is available. Would it be worth me picking up Scotty Miller for this week and dropping Lamb? Current WR's: Woods, Higgins, Claypool, McLaurin (Bye), Godwin (Out) ... and Lamb Current RB's: A Jones, Hunt, Sanders, Edmonds, Hyde
  14. travelr1

    RB Waiver Advice - PPR

    Looking for advice on the best players to pick up this week Rank the following RB's in the order you would try and pick them up. My current RB's are: A Jones, Hunt, Sanders, Dillon and D Johnson (Cleveland). I consider Dillion and Cleveland droppable. Available RB's: Hasty, Edmonds, Hyde, Perine, D Harris, Z Moss, Gus Edwards