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  1. PPR Who do you think is a better waiver wire pick up … T. Chandler or Chase Brown
  2. travelr1

    Kupp or Charbonnet PPR

    Who should I start in my flex spot this week … Kupp or Charbonnet? League is PPR.
  3. I hope I do not need to give you crap next week as well. This is round 1 of the playoffs. Already had Pittman and Cook play so that helped a little. If Davis can get me what his projected points are I will be happy.
  4. @weepawsWould you still pick Davis given the weather forecast? My gut is saying to go with Davis but I am not feeling 100% on this choice.
  5. Good evening everyone, I would appreciate advice on whom I should start this week in my Flex spot. PPR league. Options are: Walker, Chark, Burks, G Davis Right now I have Chark in the flex spot but I am not feeling great about this decision. I feel like Davis could be due for one of his break out games.
  6. I am in a PPR league and our waiver wire will close for the playoffs after the run tonight: Should I drop R Moore for DJ Chark? Here is my team: QB: Fields, Watson RB: Mixon, Perine, Cook, Mattison, K Walker WR: G Davis, A St Brown, Williams (chargers), T Burks, Pittman, R Moore TE: Everett, Dulcich
  7. travelr1

    WR and QB advice

    Thank you! Fields and Mixon got me a touch over 100 points! Right now I sit at 205 points for the week (the most I have ever scored in our league) and I still have Duvernay left to play.
  8. travelr1

    WR and QB advice

    So I think that I am going with Fields and Duvernay. My rationale for choosing fields is as follows: 1) The last time Gino played against Arizona he scored 11 fantasy points (less than 200 yards passing and zero touchdowns). 2) Fields in his last two games played NE and DAL both with decent defenses. In those games he scored 25 and 30 fantasy points ... this week he faces a Miami defense that is ranked lower ... plus he will have a new WR. I agree it will take some time for Claypool to acclimate but Miami will still need to dedicate a resource to him that they might not normally have had to.
  9. travelr1

    WR and QB advice

    League is PPR Who should I start QB - Fields or Gino WR - Pittman or Duvernay thank you
  10. Thank you everyone for your feedback. Someone ahead of me in the waiver wire grabbed him before I could.
  11. Since we can only keep 6 WR’s I am thinking of dropping Wentz for Watson who is still out there. I might be able to get some solid QB play for the last two weeks of the season plus the playoffs.
  12. Our league WR limit is 6 so I need to drop someone if I pick up Anderson. I see Cooks or McKenzie as my options. I feel like Anderson will have more upside than Cooks but not sure how I feel about the productivity going forward from McKenzie.
  13. Would you drop McKenzie for Anderson?
  14. If you had to drop Cooks or McKenzie which player would you choose?
  15. Thank you for sharing that article! Great information / read.