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  1. yupper

    Wentz or Darnold

    Watch the weather in Philly for Monday night. Looks like rain all day. In a similar situation deciding between Wentz and Winston.
  2. yupper

    Who do I start?

    I'll check the weather for Philly Sunday morning. If it looks lousy like I think it will, then I'll play Winston.
  3. I was looking at the forecast for the Monday night game and it’s forecasted for rain all day in Philly. Wentz has a great matchup against the Giants in a must win. He’s ranked pretty high this week. Does the rain forecast sway your decision making when setting your lineup?
  4. yupper

    Who do I start?

    Playoff time!! Wentz vs. NYG or Winston vs. IND Would you sit either Mike Evans or DJ Moore for D. Parker? .5ppr thanks! QB: Wentz/Winston RB: McCaffrey, Ingram WR: M. Thomas, Evans/Moore/Parker Flex: Evans/Moore/Parker TE: Kittle Def: Ind, NE
  5. Trying to figure out who to play in my RB2 spot and my flex. T. Coleman has a good matchup again this week but has disappointed even with M. Breida out. I think Kittle plays and I think that only helps Coleman and the offense. M. Ingram I've been wrong on the past 3 weeks. He should probably just stay in my RB2 spot but I think his upside gets capped because he only sees under 15 carries, but he's in the best offense in the NFL. I like DJ Moore against NO even though his QB sucks. If Lattimore is out for NO then I'll probably play Moore in the flex for CAR will have to keep up with NO. If Lattimore plays then it makes my decision easier. QB: Winston RB1: McCaffrey RB2: T. Coleman/M. Ingram WR1: M. Thomas WR2: M. Evans TE: Kittle (Dwelley if Kittle is out) Flex: T. Coleman/M. Ingram/DJ Moore K: Prater DEF: NE 10 team .5ppr, bonuses for over 300 pass/100 rush-receive as well as TD over 50 yards. 8-3 Thank you for any input!!
  6. yupper

    Winston or Wentz

    The easy answer is Winston, and a few weeks ago I would’ve circled this game against Atl but they have pulled a 180 and this seems like an exceptionally brutal game more so than his weekly brutal games. Wentz hasn’t looked good either but the Eagles schedule the last 5 weeks was brutal. Things get easier for the Eagles starting this week against Sea. Although I do think Phi wants to rely on there run game cause all of there WR are either hurt or suck. Should I continue to ride Winston or play Wentz? Thanks for any input. 4pt TD -2 Int/ Fumble 5pt bonus for 300yards passing 6pt bonus on TD over 50yards.
  7. Kinda want to play Moore against Atl this week but always like to get others perspective. So... DJ Moore or M. Ingram in the flex? .5ppr. Thanks!! QB: Winston RB: McCaffrey, T. Coleman WR: M. Thomas, M. Evans TE: Witten (if Kittle doesn’t play) Flex: M. Ingram OR DJ Moore K: Prater Def: NE
  8. I guess I forgot to say -2 for fumbles and interceptions. Winston cost me 12 points 2 weeks ago. Can’t complain too much cause I did win.
  9. My current QB’s are Wentz and Winston, but these guys are making me nervous. I’m not looking to drop either because I like both of there playoff schedules. I don’t like Wentz or Winstons schedule this week. Looking to add either Cousins, J. Allen, or Brissett? Would look to drop DJax cause I don’t think he’ll be healthy ROS. 4pt TD (double point on TD’s over 50 yards) 5pt bonus for 300 yards passing/rushing 6-1 10 team .5ppr QB: Wentz, Winston RB: McCaffrey, Ingram, T. Coleman, J. White, R. Penny WR: Evans, Boyd, ARob, DJ Moore, McLaurin, DJax TE: Kelce, Kittle Def: NE, Colts K: Nugent... gonna drop him for M. Prater
  10. Both are available in my league. I've been debating on which of the 2 to pick up and perhaps drop M. Nugent.
  11. yupper

    Wentz or Winston, M. Evans or T. McLaurin

    Thanks for the reply. Currently have Boyd in my WR2 spot. I flex Kittle. Here’s my lineup. 10 team .5ppr QB: Wentz, Winston RB: McCaffrey, Ingram, J. White, T. Coleman, R. Penny WR: Evans, T. Boyd, DJ Moore, ARob, DJax, McLaurin TE: Kelce, Kittle Def: NE, NYG K: M. Nugent
  12. Another crappy matchup for both Wentz vs MINN and Winston vs CAR. Also, with M. Evans bottoming out last week and another tough matchup against Bradberry, should I get cute and bench him and play either DJ Moore, or T. McLaurin? I know you always play your studs, and I hope Evans can bounce back this week. I also really like McLaurin's matchup against Miami. I'm 5-0. Thanks for the input. QB: 4pt TD (double points on TD over 50 yards) 5pt bonus over 300 yards passing -2 interception
  13. yupper

    Trade offer?

    My QB's are Wentz and Winston. I picked up M. Stafford last week based on matchup. I'm trying to trade him now for a little bit of RB depth and offered Stafford for Tevin Coleman. He counters with my Stafford and Browns DEF. for T. Coleman and Giants DEF. We are forced to carry 2 DEF. My other DEF is NE. I'd drop Giants DEF for either the Niners or Bucs DEF for NE bye week. Should I make this trade? I'd rather try and keep it Stafford for Coleman honestly. I feel like I'm losing this trade big time if I go through with it, or do I up the ante and shoot for L. McCoy if he's going after the Browns DEF. FantasyPros trade analyzer has me receiving a 2% increase based on the trade, if that means anything. Thanks for any input. I appreciate it!! 10 team .5ppr 4-0 My Team QB: Wentz, Winston, Stafford RB: McCaffrey, M. Ingram, J. White, R. Penny WR: M. Evans, T. Boyd, A. Robinson, DJ Moore, DJax, T. McLaurin TE: T. Kelce, G. Kittle DEF: NE, CLE K: M. Nugent (IR Gostkowski)
  14. yupper

    Wentz or Winston

    I'm fortunate enough to be 4-0, but I'm ranked dead last at setting my lineup cause I apparently suck at it. So a little help please! Who do you like more this week Wentz vs NYJ or Winston vs NO. The rankings all like Wentz more this week, but my gut wants to play the hot hand with Winston. 4pt per TD (Double points on TD's over 50 yards) 5pt bonus on 300 yards passing -2 for interceptions Thanks!!
  15. yupper

    QB stream week 4

    I dislike my QB matchups this week. Wentz vs GB and Winston vs Rams. Should I stream QB this week with either Stafford vs KC, or Brissett vs Oak, or should I just play either Wentz or Winston? Thanks for the help... I would drop Justice Hill.