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  1. Mark Davis

    What if we get refugees here?

    That thread is the biggest joke ever. Basically telling you that you're gonna get slapped in the face and you should expect to take it and say thank you for the next one coming. Don't you dare hit back.
  2. Mark Davis

    Baby Trump balloon murdered at Bama-LSU game

    I was at the game today, I told my wife beforehand someone was gonna slice or fire a dart into that balloon.. Trump merchandise was all over the place. Literally vendors were selling Trump flags and such.
  3. Mark Davis

    Florida Coach's wife is pretty handsy

    Well, her husband did bring this along from MSU, who was already banging the baseball coach and cost him his job. She left for Gainesville with Mullen and the baseball coach at MSU stepped down https://twitter.com/leewdavis17?lang=en
  4. Mark Davis

    OK, Warren is done

    I'm sure we could find some people who dreamed she sexually assaulted them
  5. Has been for years, he's always been one of these woke white boys
  6. Mark Davis

    What if we get refugees here?

    Joe's already backed down on closing it. Another look at me moment from Diva Joe.
  7. Mark Davis

    Guess Who Finally Quit Smoking Today?

    Monica Lewinsky
  8. Mark Davis

    Cost of Medicare for all

    So love all the lefties trying to figure out how to spend my money once they seize more of it. I was hoping to pay for more things for other people.
  9. Mark Davis

    Chrissy Snow

    Priscilla Barnes, used to love her
  10. Mark Davis

    What if we get refugees here?

    I pretty much dismissed him as a lunatic/fringe guy quite awhile back. He's the kind of person who if their ideology ever got in charge would be a true danger. He basically doesn't give a crap about anyone but the groups he seeks to protect and wants to redistribute wealth to those classes.
  11. Mark Davis

    Al-Baghdadi (leader of ISIS) catches a bullet in Syria

    Too bad we couldn't capture him and put some good pay television up of him getting the hell beat out of him first.
  12. Mark Davis

    What if we get refugees here?

    Can't we have some limitations? I could do without Tobias and Tim. I don't really care about Henry's condescending tone because without his minions to lick his piss off the floor he is manageable.
  13. Mark Davis

    What if we get refugees here?

    They're gonna go completely off the rails if they become sure Joe is going to shut it down. I'm still not convinced this isn't a vanity play to get attention from drama queen Joe, but we will see.
  14. Mark Davis

    What if we get refugees here?

    Kind of hard for them to fit him in their jaw with Henry Ford already solidly inserted. Those guys think he's a deity or something
  15. Mark Davis

    What if we get refugees here?

    No email. I got perma-banned with never having any warning points. I popped out an old alias the other day and someone reported it b/c it hadn't posted in years and not only did it get zapped but the computer I used to do it can't login under another ID.