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  1. avoiding injuries

    Tonights Dem Debate

    How can the democrats be so dumb as to schedule a debate on the same night as a Trump rally?
  2. avoiding injuries

    Titans @ Ravens: AFC Divisional Round

    I was embarrassed for the city of Baltimore this past week because we had middle aged white people running around saying and wearing shirts that read “Beleedat” and “Big Truss”. How about “Learn how to speak English”?
  3. avoiding injuries

    YOU ( Netflix )

    I’m a few episodes into season 2. I find it enjoyable.
  4. avoiding injuries

    Your favorite chips??

  5. avoiding injuries

    Ever use a Bidet?

    I keep a bottle of hand sanitizer near the toilet and put a squirt on the TP for my final wipe. Game changer.
  6. avoiding injuries

    Pay Pal Question

    PayPal? You mean Venmo... it’s 2020
  7. avoiding injuries

    Jussie Smollett (Empire) claims he was assaulted by MAGA guys.

    I’m sure if you asked nicely she would be apologetic...
  8. avoiding injuries

    So...what about these kids in DC harassing the indigenous folks?

    Ha. Maybe the kid and his lawyer required the NDA to play the other defendants.
  9. avoiding injuries

    So...what about these kids in DC harassing the indigenous folks?

    What does this do with his lawsuits against NBC, Washington Post, MSNBC and others? CNN settles, and I wonder if the others follow. Could be a big payout. Maybe even 10s of millions...
  10. Are you saying kill Bernie and then Antifa with kill each other?
  11. avoiding injuries

    Actors I'm sick of seeing anymore.

    You are becoming insufferable. Why must every post you make be antagonizing?
  12. avoiding injuries

    Official Trump Impeachment Inquiry Thread

    This impeachment is such a farce that it’s not even being discussed in the impeachment thread anymore. Nor on the news and definitely not in anyone’s real life encounters.
  13. avoiding injuries

    Ricky Gervais Opening Monologue

    He just opened the Golden Globes by roasting the audience. Good watch. https://www.mediaite.com/entertainment/ricky-gervais-torches-hollywood-elite-in-scathing-globes-opener-youre-in-no-position-to-lecture-the-public-about-anything/
  14. You want to debate with Sho and Newbie? Do it over at FBG. There’s more than 50 of them and you’ll never run out of people to defend yourself against. This place got exponentially better when they left.