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  1. Or arrests, or prosecutions, or sentencing…
  2. avoiding injuries

    Russia Issues Arrest Warrant For Lindsey Graham

    Send him over on one condition. He brings Adam Schiff with him.
  3. avoiding injuries

    Cancel Bud Light!

    They all are, in one way or another. Liberals just enable the disease and promote it.
  4. Who could have seen it coming? An organization designed to lift up blacks, gets entangled with violence, division, destruction and corruption and eventually collapses. It’s like bringing donuts to an over eaters anonymous meeting.
  5. BLM was the most useless, corrupt organization since the Democratic Party was established. May they RIP.
  6. avoiding injuries

    Washington Commanders trademark denied...

    New owner, new name…? Washington is having the best offseason of any team by far.
  7. avoiding injuries

    Cancel the Dodgers 100%

    Dave Roberts and a few players have been very open about their Christian faith over the years. I wonder how they feel? I also wonder if the Dodgers would do it to any other religion (we all know that answer).
  8. avoiding injuries

    How many white supremacist terrorists can you fit in a UHaul?

    You can’t just go around arresting federal agents.
  9. avoiding injuries

    Sports that could be mixed male and female

  10. avoiding injuries

    Mario movie

    Yeah, but how old is he? Lol
  11. avoiding injuries

    How many white supremacist terrorists can you fit in a UHaul?

    You could find more criminals in a square block of most major democrat run cities than there are white supremacists in this country. Personal experiences only… who here has been affected by or even seen a white supremacist in the last 20 years?
  12. avoiding injuries

    What I picture a room full of GC leftists would sound like

    Guess who…
  13. avoiding injuries

    Best stand Alone Album

    Jagged Little Pill Black
  14. avoiding injuries

    Cancel Target

    Do you view targeting children with gay and trans clothing as political? I’m genuinely curious.