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  1. avoiding injuries

    Karma. BLM edition.

    With all the stuff going on in Seattle, this Facebook post rises to the Sheriff's top priority, as well as finding out if other officers liked it.
  2. avoiding injuries

    Donald Trump's Tweets

    Business man criticizes moves made by an organization that hurt their business. RASSISS
  3. Anybody watch the show “Chicago PD”? I just started watching it on Amazon Prime. Of all the criminals, maybe 5% are black.
  4. avoiding injuries

    BLM mural vandalized

    If they get arrested, someone post the link to the gofundme page so I can contribute to their bail. Fock you, Justin Timberlake
  5. avoiding injuries

    Frederick Douglas statue ripped from base and trashed

    I’m seeing it happen in my own thoughts. Sad
  6. avoiding injuries

    Ghislane suicide watch...

    Trump should move her into federal custody under people he trusts. You want to drain the swamp of washington and hollywood, this would be a giant step forward.
  7. Everyone relax. It’s still way early in the weekend.
  8. avoiding injuries

    Context Matters - Thomas Jefferson and slavery

    And American.
  9. avoiding injuries

    Mt Rushmore "protest"

    I’m beyond tired of this BS. I’m also tired of the “silent majority” remaining silent.
  10. avoiding injuries

    Tucker Carlson Thread

    He already will.
  11. avoiding injuries

    Tucker Carlson Thread

    Trump gave up a billion and the left thinks he’s only in it for the money. Obama on the other hand...
  12. avoiding injuries

    Black National Anthem?

    It was just announced that Drew Brees will be singing it for the Saints home opener.
  13. avoiding injuries

    Defund the police

    If he acts and resolves the city and states inability to govern, the voters won’t learn their lesson and will continue to vote Democrat. We all make choices, and choices have consequences.
  14. avoiding injuries

    Reddit "hate speech" purge.

    Yeah, at Liberty and nowhere else.
  15. avoiding injuries

    Reddit "hate speech" purge.

    I’m on Parlor. I use the app. Flawless signup with the app.