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  1. avoiding injuries

    [** Official President Joe Biden Thread **]

  2. avoiding injuries

    Biden planning executive orders on police reform: report

    I firmly believe that people living in high crime areas do not want to defund the police, but rather the opposite. It’s white liberals who live in safe communities that are driving this so that they “feel” better.
  3. Well, America the country may not survive through the Biden “Presidency”. We may never know.
  4. avoiding injuries

    30 things that should be more socially acceptable

    Also could be titled as 30 ways to further ruin society and make freaks feel normalized.
  5. avoiding injuries

    Child Tax “Credit”

    Literally reading from the letter. You are not required to repay if your MAGI for 2021 was less than: $60,000 for filing jointly $50,000 filing Head of Household $40,000 filing as an Individual
  6. avoiding injuries

    Movie help..bill murray quote..

    Ernie McCracken : $350. That's a landau roof and power steering down the drain. Could be in your pocket right now. Let's go
  7. avoiding injuries

    Child Tax “Credit”

    The IRS letter said families making over $60k have to pay it back. Anyone over but close to that amount, the money was probably helpful for them and a burden to pay it back. Hopefully a lot of middle class democrats.
  8. I find it curious that after it was asked in a hearing “has anyone been charged with insurrection” and the answer was no, the next day you have one guy charged with insurrection and then this garbage. Awfully convenient timing.
  9. avoiding injuries

    Baltimore mayor taking "leave of absence"

    You’re not missing anything. Especially not “award winning journalism”.
  10. avoiding injuries

    Child Tax “Credit”

    Sometime during the summer after a stimulus bill was passed I got a letter saying I would be receiving a few hundred bucks a month as a child tax credit. It was direct deposited every month without me signing up or agreeing. Whatever, I didn’t need the money but I thought it was more government waste that was being sent to me. Nope. Got my notices yesterday from the IRS that I owe back all the money when my taxes are due. I don’t understand the point of this. Luckily, I won’t have a problem paying this back, but what about people who got it, spent it and now don’t have it to pay back? Seems awfully suspicious what the motive was behind this. Anyone else experiencing this?
  11. avoiding injuries

    Spermoff-Best Ghey Drink

    Purple pucker or rumchada
  12. avoiding injuries

    Baltimore mayor taking "leave of absence"

    Oh, I know her and I can assure you she isn’t competent. She had both hands wrapped up in the Freddie Gray debacle and subsequent riots which the city still hasn’t recovered from…and likely never will.
  13. avoiding injuries

    Favorite soup/stews