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  1. avoiding injuries

    License plate I saw in Boston today

    More jokes about colored people. Keep the stereotypes coming!!
  2. avoiding injuries

    I have Cancer :/

    Awesome news. Enjoy the holiday season with less stress.
  3. avoiding injuries

    Tranny rapes girl in HS bathroom - School board covers it up

    After reading the last few pages (regrettably), I’m pretty much aligned with Jerry, and I’ll pay his wife a visit later. HT’s bump was very peculiar to me bc I hadn’t been following the story. Seeing all the old posts that were bumped by different posters presents a better picture and perspective. While HT’s “hypothetical” statement was distasteful, I’ll never side with anyone supporting anything to do with transgenders.
  4. avoiding injuries

    Now that my Dad has passed away ...

    Properties? You’re definitely white and need to consider reparations.
  5. avoiding injuries

    What % of Stereotypes are Correct

  6. avoiding injuries

    What % of Stereotypes are Correct

    Curious to see what you all think. I’m between 50%-75%, but closer to 75% because I think they’re stereotypes for a reason.
  7. I’m really mad at myself for opening this thread.
  8. avoiding injuries

    Trans Kids

    Transgenders make me want to vomit.
  9. avoiding injuries

    Twitter adopts 'poison pill' to prevent Elon Musk takeover

    In a liberal’s mind, if they don’t admit it then it didn’t happen.
  10. avoiding injuries

    FedEx driver kills child

  11. avoiding injuries

    FedEx driver kills child

    Ok. I thought they were just saying he’s a FedEx employee without it being relative, but it does have some merit due to him abducting the girl while delivering a package. Eta: Not saying that FedEx has any responsibility here.
  12. avoiding injuries

    NFC Beast 2022 & Beyond

    NFC East- 34 wins (including yesterday’s tie) AFC East- 30 wins