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  1. What ever happened to your co-worker? I’ve always heard people say there’s some liability by the establishment, but it was also the ever elusive unicorn.
  2. Haven’t heard, so probably really good.
  3. avoiding injuries

    What sport do you miss the most?

    My kids’.
  4. avoiding injuries

    Netflix: Tiger King

    Yeah, he fell 30-50 ft and landed on his legs. He was told to stay off of them after surgery, but didn’t and ended up having to have them amputated. One may have been amputated immediately.
  5. avoiding injuries

    Netflix: Tiger King

    I didn’t hate the guy with no legs
  6. avoiding injuries

    trump approval rating surging higher on coronavirus response

    There is such a sharp contrast in the presentation of news about this pandemic depending on what your watching. If you watch the networks or liberal cable news it’s all doom and gloom, end of the world, panic pieces designed to scare the viewer. They occasionally show something like people cheering for healthcare workers so it’s not ALL bad. Switch to any outlet that leans right and you’ll get news/stories/stats that show a glimmer of hope and a completely different delivery designed to calm people. You’ll also see every news conference in its entirety without cropped quotes. There are two totally different rooting interests on display.
  7. avoiding injuries

    Is it time to get out of the market?

    Someone has to keep this economy going
  8. avoiding injuries

    Strat-O-Matic Baseball simulating 2020 baseball season...

    Just bc it’s the only game they’ve “played” so far.
  9. avoiding injuries

    Strat-O-Matic Baseball simulating 2020 baseball season...

    I think we can all agree that it’s a good day when the Yankees lose on Opening Day.
  10. avoiding injuries

    YAY!!! The US leads all countries in Corona cases!! YAY

    Get rid of the testing!!!
  11. avoiding injuries

    Is it time to get out of the market?

    I bought last week, market went down. I bought more today. If the market goes down significantly again, I’ll buy more. Rinse and repeat.
  12. avoiding injuries

    Netflix: Tiger King

    Carol Baskin is the devil
  13. In a perfect World it would be nice to have 12 and 24 month follow up data to determine any long term side effects with COVID-19 . Thankfully the FDA has fast tracked everything and opened it up to physician’s discretion. We can worry about the dosage later. Safety efficacy for this drug is readily available since it’s been on the market for DECADES. With the world on lockdown, you have to be willing to be more aggressive than normal. I can’t understand how people don’t get that.
  14. avoiding injuries

    Left or Right day 3. No pole

  15. avoiding injuries

    Covid in your state? Up or down?

    580 confirmed (attributed to a LOT of test results coming back) 4 deaths (+1 in last 5 days)